3 Advantages of Owning a Pressure Washer

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Pressure washing has many benefits. It can make a home a home look cleaner. It can get rid of stubborn dirt that ordinarily would not come off, and a good wash will usually last months before it’s time for another. Common question homeowners ask is whether they should buy a pressure washer themselves, or should they just hire a professional to do it instead. The answer is to buy one for themselves.

Here’s why:

1) It saves money in the long run. The average homeowner spends just over $300 to hire professionals to pressure wash their house. Be mindful that this is just an average. The money a homeowner will spend depends on the size of their home. Bigger homes will have to pay more. This number doesn’t even include decks. Most professionals also charge extra to wash railings and banisters. Pressure washers start at a price of $70. Buying a pressure washer can save a homeowner hundreds of dollars a year; maybe even thousands if they get their home washed multiple times a year.

2) It saves work. For a person that has a multiple story home it can be a pretty difficult task to do projects on the exterior; not to mention dangerous. Pressure washing a home regularly can extend the life of external materials. This means certain projects can be put off. Paint lasts longer, roofing, gutters, shutters, and other hardware lasts a lot longer when it is cleaned often because it keeps it from rusting, corroding, and splintering. Pressure washing often also removes excess dirt, dust, pollen, and other allergens. This can help reduce a person’s level of irritation from allergies. This can also reduce the risk of other health risks that are caused by dust and allergens.

3) It’s a convenient way to wash a car. A quick pressure wash is a great alternative to a full car wash. It’s quicker and it still leaves cars looking good. Using a pressure washer to wash a car can extend the life of a car as well. It gets all the dirt off, unlike a traditional hose that leaves some behind. It also is a good means of removing stuck leaves and twigs that otherwise would remain in the car. A pressure washer can get bird feces off of a car without question. A normal hose isn’t always reliable. People who use pressure washers on their car should be careful because it’s easy to damage a car’s exterior if it isn’t being used properly. It can also cause injury, so everyone should make sure to learn how to operate it correctly before using it.

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