Best Pressure Washers for Commercial Kitchen Cleaning – Step-by-Step Buying Guide

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Choosing the right commercial pressure washer for use in commercial kitchen cleaning means analyzing your needs first. The size of the kitchen; any noxious or harmful gunk that must be removed; the types of tile, flooring, and other surfaces; must all be taken into account. Too much water pressure can damage the kitchen, and too little can mean a dirty kitchen remains. The goal of commercial cleaning is to create a safe and clean environment for the health and welfare of customers, especially in the food industry.

Choosing Commerical Pressure Washer

Types of Commercial Pressure Washers for Cleaning a Kitchen

Finding the correct pressure washer can mean the difference between wasting your time on a dirty kitchen or significantly reducing cleaning time in your restaurant and increasing efficiency. There are a plethora of different models and options available, detailed below.

Gas Powered

Gas-powered pressure washers produce carbon monoxide gas, which is not the ideal choice for your commercial kitchen cleaning needs. Carbon Monoxide is a contaminant and is deadly indoors and in poorly ventilated buildings. While it is the more powerful of pressure washers, it is recommended that you only use gas-powered pressure washers outdoors and never in your commercial kitchen.


Electric power washers, while not as powerful as the gas counterparts, produce more than enough power to get the job done and clean your commercial kitchen. The best part is the only fuel needed is electricity — just plug them in and begin power washing, without any of the gasses or fumes.


Commercial kitchens are nearly always limited in space. For smaller commercial spaces, a wall-mounted pressure washer is a great option. These are installed directly in the kitchen and are electric, so they are quick and easy to power and use. They stay out of the way when not needed and are typically connected to your power supply for ease of use. The convenience also motivates a lot of restaurateurs to clean their kitchens more often, which is best for efficiency and health.

Note that you should check to see if the pressure washer is compatible with the restaurant’s electricity before buying.

Since wall mounted pressure units are stationary, you will need an extension high-pressure hose in order to reach every crevice of the kitchen.

Warm Water Units

Warm water pressure washers are ideal for commercial kitchen use. These units feature a professional-grade pump, which can withstand heat — these pressure washers contain heaters that raise the water temperature up to 180 degrees.

This is ideal for restaurant use because commercial kitchens are full of cooking materials such as grease and fryers containing oil. When grease and oil cool, they become gunky and difficult to remove. Warm water pressure washers melt away solidified grease in the kitchen and provide a deep clean that every commercial kitchen deserves.

In addition to warm water units, you can also use a pressure washer degreaser, which is a perfect addition to warm water pressure washers. These degreasers are created in order to cut through grease and gunk and remove kitchen messes.


For the best clean for your commercial kitchen, electric pressure washers are great, especially wall mounted units, however, the best choice would be a wall-mounted warm water electric pressure washer. This will ensure that not only do you have the best professional equipment for commercial cleaning use but with the addition of a warm water washer to melt away kitchen gunk and grease, the electric wall mount option is also more convenient and requires only electricity to use.

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