Husqvarna 435 Review: What You Need to Know

We understand how cumbersome it is to search for a new chainsaw, mainly because there are many varieties available in the market.

It’s challenging to find a tool that fits one’s requirements; thus, people turn to online reviews about the product that they want to buy.

What do you have to consider when you want to purchase a chainsaw? Is the Husqvarna 435 a good tool for you? Let’s help you decide through this Husqvarna 435 chainsaw review.

Our Husqvarna 435 Chainsaw Review

The Husqvarna 435 is portable, lightweight, and versatile, but slightly underpowered if you use it on large hardwood trees. However, if you plan to clean your yard of debris after a hurricane, you can rely on this chainsaw.

You also may prefer it if you have to manage numerous big trees, but your workload mustn’t be too heavy because it’s not for commercial use.

The manufacturer has an excellent reputation when it comes to chainsaws because it has decades of experience and strives to provide new and impressive features for safety and better performance.

The chainsaw also boasts of asymmetric and ergonomic design, and vibration control technology to make your experience luxurious because it reduces maintenance time and fatigue.

Its centrifugal air system implies that you don’t have to wash and replenish the air filter frequently because it catches large debris.

You can extend the warranty of this product from the standard two years to up to five years by purchasing some Husqvarna premixed fuel with your power tool. Moreover, you also have to register your chainsaw online.

Let’s discuss some of the Husqvarna 435 features, so you’ll know what you’ll be getting if you buy one.


Technical Features


In terms of energy, this chainsaw has a robust motor, so you can have some heavy-duty cutting activities. It has a 40.9cc engine with a 2.2HP power output and performs at a 9000 rpm maximum speed.

You have a guarantee that you’ll have the smoothest cuts that look professional and clean. If you’re using it for minor jobs, the cruise speed is at 2900 RPM, so it’s power efficient. Moreover, it uses X-Torq technology for economical fuel consumption and non-toxic fumes emission.

Cutting Equipment

Moreover, you’ll find it pleasurable to use the guide bar because it’s a heavy-duty metal that won’t break or bend. It offers a solid foundation for the rapidly moving chains at 9000 RPM. You can detach and replace it with your custom guide bar.

It can accommodate between 13 and 18 inches in length, but the most ideal is the 16-inch size if you want optimal performance. It has a narrow tip and a sprocket nose for a minimum kickback.

Chain Oil System

The chainsaw releases oil through an automatic, fixed flow oiler. It means that you don’t have to release the oil as you work. You can concentrate on your cutting task, but some models have a mechanism for oil flow rate adjustment, which is useful if you have to work under harsh temperatures.

The reservoir can accommodate 240 ml with a rate of oil flow of 13 ml per minute. You might have to replenish the oil after 15-18 minutes, but refilling it every ten minutes is ideal.

Construction and Design

You’ll notice that the Husqvarna 435 chainsaw has a traditional design. It has the usual features like the snap locks that hold the cylinder cover in place. You have effortless access to the air filter and spark plug.

Moreover, the saw has a three-piece crankshaft that can withstand the worst conditions. It also has a chain catcher, a visible fuel window, and a clutch cover. You can perform chain tensioning through a screw on the right side of the chainsaw.

User Friendliness

This user-friendly model doesn’t require many pulls to start because its combined stop and choke control hamper engine flooding. Moreover, the large handle has a soft rubbery covering, so you can be comfortable in using it for extended periods.

It’s also anti-slip that’s especially helpful in wet conditions. It has an anti-vibration mechanism for a less tiring cutting experience, even for long hours.


Kickback is a grave issue among chainsaws, but all Husqvarna 435 chainsaw reviews report that it’s not a problem because this model has inertia activated chain brakes.

Sometimes the power tool goes in an upward direction, so the chains will immediately stop moving to prevent any injury. This feature is useful during kickbacks. Moreover, the handguard always protects your hands from the spinning chains.

Other Features

The Husqvarna 435 has an integrated air purge feature that easily and quickly removes air from the fuel and carburetor instantly with a push of a button.

General User Impressions

The Internet offers a wealth of information, so it’s easy to discover many user opinions in a Husqvarna 435 chainsaw review. Let’s find out what the others are saying about this model.

Many users report difficulty in starting the chainsaw. Some of them expected that it’s easy to use after unboxing; however, they weren’t able to get it to start.

Some users didn’t have any issue about the start-up because they followed the instructions in the user manual. Using the appropriate fuel and oil also helped the saw to gain its peak performance.

Several users said that once it’s running, the Husqvarna 435 is efficient in that they spend a short time cutting small dead trees and turning them to firewood.

The X-Torq engine helps the users feel comfortable and feel less fatigue because the chainsaw runs for a decent period without a need to refuel.

A few users notice that the chainsaw can’t cut through large oak trees. You may opt to use a larger blade to provide the tool with more power if you wish to remove fallen trees easily.

Our Opinion

We liked writing this Husqvarna 435 review because we do like this product. It handles well, although it’s more weighty than the other models.

We appreciate its quick start function — which other Husqvarna models have too. It provides plenty of power for many tasks in your yard. It can cut firewood, large logs, and even mid-size trees.

We also like that we can efficiently replenish the bar oil and gas, and the maintenance process is also a breeze to do. Changing or adjusting the chain and air filter is also very straightforward.

However, we also have a few complaints. We had to adjust the carburetor before our initial usage, so we don’t encounter any grave problems in the future.

The chain overheats, so we had to make adjustments on the tension when we have tedious cutting tasks.

Husqvarna 435 Review Summary


  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Versatile guide bar
  • Ergonomic and large handle with anti-slip felling marks
  • Air purge button that allows starting the saw with one pull
  • Low vibration
  • Value for money
  • With extended warranty
  • Easy to remove cylinder cover


  • Expensive
  • Tricky to start on warm weather


Things To Consider In Buying A Chainsaw

If you have some trees in your farm or backyard, you may need a chainsaw to cut them down due to old age or after a hurricane. Branches and trunks may fall on paths, roads, and driveways, so you need a power tool to clear the debris.

Moreover, you may need it for your DIY projects or for cutting firewood. Chainsaws come in several sizes and features; therefore, you may find it confusing or tricky to select the most suitable for your needs.

We list some of the considerations you have to think about when buying an appropriate mode:

Length Of Guide Bar

A bar serves as a guide to the chain when cutting, and if you’re buying a chainsaw, you must consider its length. If you plan to cut giant trees, you need an extended guide bar. However, you must realize that there’s a tradeoff.

Your chainsaw will be heavy and cumbersome to handle. Moreover, you have to consider the weight because you don’t want the activity to be tiresome and cause an accident.

Chainsaw Type

You may opt for a gas-powered or electric saw. If you prefer the latter, you can select a corded or battery-powered. It’s lighter than its gas-powered counterparts and doesn’t emit exhaust and burn fuel.

Moreover, it doesn’t require much maintenance, but it isn’t as powerful. If you choose a battery-powered chainsaw, you may only use it for cutting through the smallest tree trunks.

Safety Features

You also have to consider the safety features because using incorrect use of the chainsaw can be dangerous.

It’s essential that you carefully handle the power tool to avoid issues, and the following characteristics are nice to have in any saw:

  • At least two throttle trigger to prevent you from an accidental start-up of the chainsaw
  • Anti-vibration design to make handling the tool safer and easier to use for extended periods
  • A thin guide bar tip to lessen the occurrence of a dangerous kickback
  • Low-kickback chains to prevent deadly chainsaw problems
  • Chain brake to stop the power tool from running if it kicks back

Husqvarna 435 FAQs

Does The Manufacturer Offer A Warranty For Husqvarna 435?

Yes, Husqvarna provides a typical warranty for two years for occasional use. You may prefer to extend it to up to five years upon purchase.

Does This Husqvarna Model Have An Adjustable Flow Oil Pump?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t have, but it has a 13ml per minute fixed flow pump.

Does The Weight Include All The Attachments?

The listed weight is for the powerhead only, and the increase in load will depend on the blade size you use.

Is This Chainsaw Compliant With CARB?

The air quality regulations of California are very tight for two-stroke engines; thus, even if the X-Torq engine is fuel-efficient, the Husqvarna 435 isn’t CARB compliant.

Final Thoughts

We recommend the Husqvarna 435 for wise shoppers like you, who don’t want to waste their hard-earned money when buying an expensive power tool. It is an efficient chainsaw that will trim and fell trees with ease.

Moreover, it has many safety features helpful in preventing accidents and injuries while in use. It’s fuel-efficient and has a compact design for easy maneuvering.

If you think that the 435 is the chainsaw that fits your requirements, why don’t you check it out today?

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