Types of Nozzles for Pressure Washers

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Types of Nozzles for Pressure Washers

Do you want to purchase the best types of nozzles for pressure washers? Pressure washers are tools that you use in your home or business premises cleaning jobs. They are powerful as they release water in high-pressure streams. That enables you to clean most surfaces. However, it’s a challenge as these powerful streams of water can damage your home or business surfaces such as windows. That means you need attachments to these pressure washers to control their flow of water.

These attachments are what we call nozzles, spray heads or tips. Depending on your needs and budget, you should buy nozzles that suit your cleaning needs. Fortunately, finding the right nozzles for your pressure washers should not be a challenge. That’s because there are five universal color-coded types of nozzles for pressure washers. They enable you to control their water spray pattern and water pressure. That’s depending on the surface you are cleaning.

They Are:

Red Nozzle

  • The red nozzle allows your pressure washer to produce a very powerful and concentrated spray. It uses 0 degrees spray pattern. You should use this tip to clean metallic and concrete surfaces.
  • You should be careful when using this type of nozzle as it can damage fragile or sensitive surfaces. You should also avoid using this tip too close to surfaces such as cars or grills. The red nozzle is ideal as it’s even powerful on budget-friendly commercial pressure washers.

Yellow Nozzle

  • The yellow nozzle uses 15 degrees spraying pattern. You should use this nozzle for heavy-duty types of cleaning. For example, garage floors, concrete, drains, and roofs.
  • The downside of the yellow nozzle is that it’s not ideal if you are using cleaning methods that are chemical or detergent-based. That’s because it can cause these chemicals to get into the cleaning surface’s cracks and crevices.

Green Nozzle

  • The green nozzle uses a 25-degree spraying pattern. You should use it when cleaning surfaces such as walkways, furniture, decks, and brick patios.
  • If you want to clean your ship or boat with chemicals, or your car with detergents, you should consider using this nozzle. That’s because it produces just the right amount of water pressure.

White Nozzle

  • White nozzle delivers 40 degrees of spray patterns. That makes it commonly known as the 40-degree nozzle. You should use it for cleaning delicate surfaces such as windows, glass walls, and home sidings.
  • That’s because it produces water pressure that cannot damage these surfaces. You can also use any pressure washer with the white nozzle.

Black Nozzle

  • Blacktips produce spray patterns of 65 degrees. You should consider using them as they provide gentle streams of water that enable you to wet surfaces with chemicals or detergents.
  • That means that it’s not ideal for cleaning as it produces weak amounts of water pressure.

What to Consider

Pivoting Nozzle

  • Pivoting nozzles enable you to clean surfaces such as gutters and under decks. That’s because these surfaces are hard to reach.
  • The pivoting nozzle is ideal as you can bend it to reach and clean these places. It makes use of all the above universal nozzles. That’s because it can turn 90 degrees to reach spaces in either direction.
  • However, the pivoting nozzle is purchased separately from a pressure washer package.


Buying the right types of nozzles for pressure washers should be an easy task using the above guide. The key point to remember is buying those that suit your cleaning needs and budget estimates.

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