About Woodwork Nation

Making sawdust is fun.

The best part about woodworking is the creative aspect of it. A great artist can do amazing things with any tool, but consistency comes from having the best tools at your disposal. Instead of trying to cobble together the stuff you need, Woodwork Nation puts the best tools and accessories at your fingertips.

Trial reports, product reviews, and relevant woodworking advice may be the emphasis of this site, but it comes from a passion for this creative art. We don’t angle our content to meet some specific need we have. Your job is to create the angles.

Woodworking may be one of the more challenging creative skills for the average person, but we’d argue that it is also one of the most rewarding opportunities that exist today. In Woodwork Nation, you can create trim. You can create furniture. You can add amazing details to a plain piece of lumber, turning it into a masterpiece.

The creative process, like any form of art, can feel quite intimidating when you’re first getting started. Whether you’re a beginner who wants to embrace woodworking or you’ve got 50+ years of experience creating fantastic items, there are three facts that are constants in Woodwork Nation.

  • Tools help to create the foundation for a woodworker’s creative expression.
  • Finding the right species of wood and knowing if it is ready to be used can unlock the potential of your creativity.
  • Even the best tools are going to wear out over time when you use them consistently.

That’s why Woodwork Nation exists. To help you begin your journey in this creative skill, continue it with a replacement or upgraded tool, or help you find something new to use so that you can keep learning.

Here’s How Woodwork Nation Works

On today’s internet, anyone can claim to be an expert in anything. We feel that real expertise comes through relevant observations and advice, not some claim that can’t be proven. That’s our approach with every word of advice and every trial report offered here.

We’re not saying that every woodworker is going to agree with every word that has been written. There are certainly best practices that must be followed in Woodwork Nation, but those practices are fueled by an independent creative spirit. Each of us takes our own approach to what we do. That’s why making sawdust is such a beautiful experience.

Our goal is simple: to invite you to come along. We’ve got your passport ready and waiting.

Are You Ready to Experience the Benefits of Woodworking?

Joining Woodwork Nation comes with a number of fantastic benefits. When you’re using the best table saws or shaving down an item with a well-built block plane, you’re creating a satisfying experience that goes beyond making something with your bare hands. You can literally give your health a boost by embracing your creative side.

Woodworking can improve cognitive functions. It can promote better muscle tone and maintain joint flexibility. It can even help to control personal weight and improve the functioning of the heart. Why? Because working with wood is one-part creativity, one-part exercise, and one-part social networking.

If you’re ready to explore the world of woodworking, then we invite you to find the tools that interest you the most. See which ones can best meet your needs. Then grab some lumber from a local source and get to work.

Be sure to read our Beginner’s Guide to Woodworking if you’re just getting started on your journey as well. We also have some small and easy woodworking projects to help get you started.

After all… sawdust doesn’t create itself.