100 Beginner Woodworking Projects Anyone Can Make!

Creating something out of nothing is a truly extraordinary feeling, and this is why we believe one of the greatest hobbies out there is woodworking. However, when it comes to do-it-yourself (DIY) projects, some people get too cocky, and they take on projects that are meant for the professionals and end up not completing it. Woodworking does not have to be daunting; it should be fun and exciting. 

Most of these novice-friendly and fun woodworking projects use scrap wood and you only need some simple instructions and basic woodworking tools to get them done. Woodworking can be a little bit intimidating, but the best way to overcome it is by starting small, getting comfortable with your tools and work environment, and working your way up. To help you get started with your journey in this field, we have compiled a list of some great beginner woodworking projects that would help you build confidence with the fundamentals of working with wood. 

100 Woodworking Projects for Beginners

1. Floating Shelves

floating shelves

If you want to try your hands on some basic woodworking projects, you should start with these floating shelves. Check out the tutorial from Shanty 2 Chic. This project is very useful in the kitchen and around the home. It provides you with a storage space without occupying space in your home. Floating Shelves plans from Rogue Engineer. 

2. Sofa Sleeve with Cup Holder

sofa sleeve

Sofa sleeves are great for homes with minimal or small space without a table. With this project, you can sit on the couch with a hot cup of coffee, and the sleeve is there to hold it for you. Learn how to create yours from this tutorial from A Beautiful Mess.

3. Folding Breakfast Tray/Lap Desk

folding lap desk

Here is another basic woodworking project for beginners. You can use this beautiful tray/lap desk to serve your loved one’s breakfast in bed. The project does not require many tools and materials. Jen Woodhouse shows you how to do it.

4. Hardwood Cutting Boards

cutting boards

This is one of the easiest woodworking projects for beginners. You can use cherry and maple scraps to make hardwood cutting boards that will make any home cook happy. Here’s the guide from Instructables.

5. Picnic Table

picnic table

This is a pretty large DIY picnic table that you can construct in your backyard with two by fours. It comprises two benches and a table. You can use it to sit out with your family to have dinner. Here’s another guide from Instructables.

6. Craft with Crates

DIY Coffee table

One of the best ways of getting comfortable with woodworking is by using crates as your major material. With the crates, all you need is just to cut and assemble the work. This can serve as a great coffee table and bookshelf at the same time. Full tutorial

7. Point the Way

wooden arrows wall art

This is a simple wooden arrow design that can change the look of your bedroom or living space. It is a set of arrows that you can make with scrap wood and a few woodwork tools. Instructions by Cherished Bliss..

8. Pet Bed

pet bed

If you have a dog or cat at home, this is one of the best projects to try your hands on. You can convert your foray into making furniture by creating a nice, cozy sport for your pet. The project requires just a few tools and materials. See full tutorial by Shanty 2 Chic. 

9. Wood Doormat

wood doormat

You can give your guests a warm welcome at the entrance of your home with this wooden doormat. It also comes in handy in scraping dirt and mud off shoes and boots. It is a basic woodworking project that you can make in a few hours. See full project over at The Merry Thought.

10. Wooden Beer Caddy

beer caddy


This project is great for both beginners and intermediates. You can use it to carry bottles of beers as well as an opener by the side. It also makes the perfect gift. Full instructions at DIY Candy.

11. Wall Shelf


This is one of the best projects that you can do, and it is something you can complete quickly. You can use it to store smaller items that tend to occupy space on the table. See Pallet University’s full tutorial

12. Candle Holder

horseshoe candle holder

This is a great candle holder that you can use to add a little southern charm to your home. You can showcase your level of creativity by using a horseshoe and piece of wood to create something very useful. See the tutorial from Simply Country Life.

13. Address Number Wall Planter

house number wall planter

If you want to add a boost to the appeal of your home, you can create this address number wall planter. It is stylish and very easy to make. Another tutorial from the ladies of Shabby 2 Chic. 

14. Wooden IPad Dock/Stand

gadget dock

This is one of the most amazing beginner woodwork projects you can embark on. It can hold your IPad or tablet while watching videos or during Zoom meetings. See Instructables’s tutorial

15. Tree Swing for Kids and Adults


You can also build a tree swing for yourself and your family. You can use this project to have fun with your kids or just sit out in the evenings receiving cool breeze. See the full tutorial by Momtastic.

16. Modern Wine Rack

wine rack

Many wine lovers fancy this one project. You can create a lovely, yet simple wine rack with framing nails and a single wood. You can also take it up a notch by building a solid base for it. Full tutorial at Kendall-Jackson

17. Desk Organizer

desk organizer

You can do this project and take it to your office to keep your desk organized. It is a very simple project that you can do in a few hours. See The Kim Six Fix for the full tutorial.

18. Wooden Magazine Holder

diy magazine holder

This project would save you the stress of always looking for your magazine. It would help organize your magazine and always keep them within reach. This Home Edit post has all the instructions. 

19. Wine Box

wine box

This has been a growing trend lately, and it is one simple project you can embark on. You can use this box to store wine and present it to your loved one in a romantic way. Read more at Rogue Engineer.

20. Bathtub Tray

diy bathtub tray

Do you want to have some good time while in the tub? You can create this bathtub tray to hold some valuables such as a glass of wine, your IPad, and more. Check out this post in Love and Renovations for the instructions.

21. Simple Serving Tray

diy serving tray

This is another great concept for serving breakfast in bed. You can make a wooden tray to serve your loved one food in bed. It is a very easy project to start with. See Fox Hollow Cottage’s full guide.

22. Mid Century Nightstand

night stand

If you have hairpin legs and some wood at home, you can convert it to a hairpin mid century nightstand. You can use this stand as a shelf and a table to hold things. See this post from Burkatron for more details.

23. Earring Stand

earring stand

This is one project that the ladies would appreciate. Rather than keeping your earrings in a container, like most ladies, this stand would provide a better way of storing your earrings. It also allows you to display your earrings on the wall. See Houseful of Handmade’s post.

24. Rustic X-Bench

diy x bench

This project is a bit large, but it is a lot easier to complete. It comes in handy for outdoor relaxations and more. You can also decide to be a little creative with the finishing. See guide by DIY Huntress.

25. Farmhouse Style Shiplap Wall Key Holder

wall key holder

If you are tired of misplacing keys in or around the home, you can create this Farmhouse Style shiplap wall key holder to hang in your entryway for a key storage solution. See Sawdust Sisters’ instructions.

26. Mobile Lumber Rack for Scrap Wood

lumber rack

Having a lumber rack that you can move from one place to another can be pretty helpful, as it provides you with more freedom while working. See full guide by Addicted to DIY.

27. Wooden Picture Holders

picture holder

You can use a wooden picture holder to hold and display your favorite pictures. They are simple, small, and very easy to design. You would not even spend much on this project. See full guide py Passion Shake.


28. Wine Bottle and Stemware Rack

diy wine and stemware rack

This is a highly versatile wine rack that has space for a few glasses and wine bottles. The rack goes on the wall, which means it would not occupy space in your kitchen or wherever you want to place it. See Jen Woodhouse’s full guide.

29. Oversized Tic Tac Toe Game


This is another fund and easy woodworking project for beginners. You can do this project with your kids, bringing this classic game of tic tac toe to real life. See full guide from Her Tool Belt.

30. Bed for Pets

bed for pet

This is one of the most useful beginner woodworking projects to embark on. You can create a comfortable sleeping place for your cat or dog. You would just need to add a pillow after creating it. See full guide by prodical pieces.

31. Wooden Pencil Holder

diy pencil holder

This is a very easy and quick project that you can do for your kids. You can also use this project in your office, especially if you are a teacher. It can hold pencils and pens. Cherished Bliss has the full guide. 

32. Circle Wood Shelf

round wood shelf

This project is a bit technical, but it is great for beginners. This shelf would have a unique touch to your wall, and its content would even make it more unique. New Blooming teaches how to make it.

33. Large Wood Sign 

wood frame sign

If you are looking for simple woodworking projects, you can tackle this simple project. This decorative wooden sign can enhance the look of any space and you can customize it to your taste. See this post at Christina Maria for the full guide. 

34. Countertop Wine Rack

tabletop wine rack

This is a modern-looking wine rack that can blend into any kitchen design. You can use it to store wine of any size and height. You can complete the project in just a few steps. See full guide at Lowes’.

35. Wooden Herringbone Coffee Table

herringbone coffee table

Unassembled hairpin legs are no longer difficult to find, and you can get a few pieces to make this coffee table. You can use this coffee table to hold more than coffee, and it enhances the look of any space. Remodelaholic has the full gist.

36. DIY Bicycle Stand

bike and wooden bike stand

With the right wood and materials, you can create a bike stand from scratch. This project is very useful, as it would help to keep your bike in good shape when you park it. Instructables has the full guide.

37. Modern Plant Hanger

plant hanger

You can take on this project with limited supplies. It is also pretty easy to do. You can use it to hang your favorite plant in your home to beautify your space. See this post from Bigger Than the Three of Us for instructions.

38. Pallet Wine Rack

wine rack

A pallet wine rack is also on our list of easy woodworking projects. You can make this wine rack with the end section of a pallet. It can serve as both a wine holder and glass holder at the same time. Instructables has the full guide

39. Mountain Wall Hooks

As one of the easy projects to start with, you can make your own range wall hooks. You can use these hooks to hang your coat, umbrella, and more. It also beautifies the wall. Jamie Costiglio gives you the full guide. 

40. Truss End Table

truss end table

This piece of furniture is inspired by Pottery Barn and you can save a whole lot of money by doing it yourself. You can use this table to study or hold things. See this page at Shanty 2 Chic for the full guide.

41. Modern Outdoor Chair

outdoor chair

This is one great project that would be very useful as summer approaches. It is very easy to make and you use it to sit out without your family and friends. See the full guide at Cherished Bliss.

42. Stylish Bar Stools

bar stools

These are highly stylish and very easy bar stools. You can use these stools outside to receive cool breeze or have a sit at the bar to enjoy a glass of wine. See Rogue Engineer’s full guide.

43. Reclaimed Wood Crate

reclaimed wooden crate

As a beginner, you can make your own wood crate in a fun, cheap, and easy way. It is a vintage crate that you can use to store things, such as tools. See the full tutorial from Funky Junk Interiors

44. Wood Frame for Photos and Printables

Purchasing a frame for artwork would really cost you a lot. Fortunately, you can take on this project as one of your first woodworking projects. It is very easy to make and it would cost you less. It’s Always Autumn has the full tutorial.

45. Pallet Coffee Table 

pallet coffee table

You can also convert your old pallet into a coffee table. This table is great for the outdoors, and you can also store things in between. See Southern Revivals’ post for the full tutorial.

46. Reclaimed Oak Cow Urine Serving Tray

oak tray

With a piece of heavy oak wood, you can make an amazing tray for your family. This is a beautiful serving tray that you can serve food or coffee. See Beyond the Picket Fence’s tutorial

47. Mudroom Bench with Shoe Storage

mudroom bench and shoe storage

This is a 2-in1 project that you can nail with ease. You can use this bench to store shoes and other items can go at the top. See instructions at Build Something

48. Wooden Wall Planter

wall planter

You can turn your wall to a little garden with this project. It can hold your favorite plants and other valuables you want to hang in there. It also requires a very few steps to complete. See full tutorial by Sarah Joy

49. A-Frame Wooden Garment Rack

garment rack

This is another great project for beginners. You can finish this project in a few hours. It’s so stylish you can actually use it as a way to display your favorite closet pieces. See Emily Henderson’s full tutorial.

50. Floating Wine Bottle Holder

floating wine rack

This is one amazing project you would love to take on. This floating wine bottle holder works like magic, and you have to create one for yourself to learn its secrets. See Instructables’ full tutorial.

51. Simple Boxes

wooden boxes

This is a simple box that is very easy to make. It is a multipurpose box that you can use for a variety of things. You can use it to store smaller items or use it as a crate in the kitchen. This is another project from Instructables

52. Wooden Birdhouse


You can decide to create a home for the birdies in your environment. The project does not require much, and you can complete it in just a few steps. See Skip to My Lou’s tutorial

53. Wood Plank Wine Rack

wood plank wine rack

There are many wine rack ideas out there, and this is another one you might want to try your hands on. This rack goes on the wall and it can hold bottles of different sizes and shapes. Learn all about it from Camille Styles

54. Simple X Side Table 

x side table

This simple X side table is very easy to make. It can serve as a side stool in your house or as a mini table when you are chilling outside. It can come in handy in almost any area in your house. You can also take your creativity up a notch by making it blend with the aesthetic of your house. See instructions from Man Made DIY.

55. Make Your Own Lazy Susan

lazy susan

You can also decide to make your own Lazy Susan with wood. This invention has been around for a very long time, and you can make one for yourself from scratch. See Remodelaholic’s tutorial.

56. Hanging Basket Wood Stand


hanging pot stand

If you want to have the freedom of moving your favorite plants anywhere around your home, this is a great project to consider. It is very easy to make, and it allows you to position a hanging basket anywhere in or around your home. Shanty 2 Chic has the full guide

57. Baseball Cap Rack

cap rack

IF you are a fan of baseball, this is one fine and easy project for you. You can use this rack to hang baseball caps or coats. This is a very creative design that would also look perfect for the children’s room. See instructions from Min Wax.

58. Clamp Racks 

This is one of the most creative simple woodworking projects you can take on. You can make these capacious and compact racks to keep your clamps organized. You can make two racks from one sheet of plywood, and each rack can hold more than 40 clamps. See full tutorial from Woodworker’s Journal.

59. Modern Cookbook or Tablet Stand

tablet stand

If you love trying out new recipes from your tablet or a cookbook, then this is one very useful project to consider. You can use this stand to hold your cookbook or tablet while trying out new things in the kitchen. See full tutorial from HGTV

60. Wine Rack for One Bottle and Two Glasses

wall wine rack

You can also build a wine rack for a single bottle. This rack can also hold two glasses. The bottle hands upside down, in a flowing position, just like the glasses. See full tutorial

61. Wooden Squat Rack


DIY squat rack

As a beginner, this is one tough project you can handle. If you are into bodybuilding, you can build this squat rack for yourself. It would not cost you much and you can complete the project in one day. See instructions by All Things Gym

62. Jelly Bean Dispenser

jelly bean dispenser

This is a great idea that would have you building and enjoying a delicious snack. You can also work this project with your kids, as it is something they would love. See full tutorial by Instructables. 

63. Scrap Wood Candle Holder

wood candle holder

This is one of the easiest projects on our list basic woodworking projects. It is a single candle holder that allows you to showcase your creativity. See full tutorial by Instructables. 

64. Wooden Bookends


A set of simple bookends is a great beginner woodworking project. This can also make an excellent gift. You can use it as bookshelves, free-hung shelves, or on the table. See Home Steady’s full tutorial

65. Wooden Spoon

wooden spoon

You can also make a wooden, which is safe to use with nonstick pans and pots. This is a simple but technical craft. See full tutorial.

66. Scrap Wood End Grain End Table

scrap wood ebd tabke

This is a great project that requires a blend of pure creativity and woodworking skills. This table would change the looking of any space, and it does not cost much to make. See full tutorial by Instructables

67. Modern End Table / Side Table

modern end table

This end table / side table will add a pop to any room in your home. The table can serve different purposes, and you would need some basic and advanced woodworking tools to complete it. See full tutorial by Fix This Build That

68. Bluebird House

bluebird house

If you want to reduce insect pests in your garden, one of the cost-effective ways of doing that is by building a bluebird house. See Joybilee Farm for details.

69. Pipe Leg Table

pipe leg table

Many woodworking and furniture projects now incorporate the use of iron pipes and connections. You too can also make a table with these materials. See full tutorial from DIY projects

70. Tea Light Candle Holder

plywood candle holder

These tealight candleholders make a great addition to the table. In addition to providing you with light, they beautify the space. See Jen Woodhouse’s tutorial

71. A French Cleat Storage

cleat storage

This is a highly versatile project that you can use to store and hang many things. It can hold tools in the garage or kitchen utensils in the kitchen. See Acme Tools’ full tutorial

72. Building a French Cleat Organizing System

cleat organizing system

You can use a French cleat system to organize any wall. It allows you to store things and make them easy to reach as well. See the full tutorial at Instructables.

73. Office Supply Tray

office drawer organizer

This tray comes in handy in the office, as it helps you to keep your basic supplies organized. See the full tutorial at Build Basic

74. Bottle Vase

flower vase
This project helps to hold bottles that serve as flower vases. You can complete a very simple project in less than an hour. See the instructions in Nur-Noch’s post.

75. Curvy Side Table

curvy side table

This is a side table that you can make for decorative purposes or as a placeholder for some items. This is a project by Her Tool Belt

76. Simple Napkin Holder

napkin holder

This one of the simplest projects to handle. It comes in handy in holding down napkins and hand towels. See full tutorial from Wilderness.

77. Mug Rack with Shelf

mug rack

You can use your old pellets for this project. This mug rack can hold many mugs and it has a base that serves as a shelf. See this tutorial by Prodigal Pieces

78. Stackable and Simple Sawhorse


You can use Jay’s Custom Creation’s tutorial to build many sawhorses for your shop. The sawhorse is stackable and very easy to build. 

79. Upholstered X-Bench

x bench

To add a perfect finishing touch to your bedroom, you can build this upholstered X-bench. See Anika’s DIY Life’s tutorial

80. Scrap Wood Photo Display Gifts

photo clip display frame

With Christmas fast approaching, this is one great project that would come in handy. You can use it to hang pictures or cards. See Ana White’s full tutorial.

81. Gift Caddy

gift caddy

If you want to make a last-minute birthday gift, you can make this easy gift caddy from scrap. See Jaime Costiglio’s full tutorial.

82. Weekly Meal Planning Menu Board

weekly menu board

Your menu planning would get much easier when you complete this project. This project is easy and fun, and it only takes minimal woodworking skills. See instructions in Reality Daydream’s post

83. Easy Kid Bench

kiddie bench

You can make this bench for your kids in a few simple steps. Children can haul this bench around with ease, and it has a book storage at the bottom. See this project by Ana White. 

84. His and Hers Key Rack

key rack

You can create a custom key rack for your whole family. This project is pretty creative and it is fun as well. See Reality Daydream’s full tutorial

85. Stackable Vegetable and Fruit Crate

veg and fruit crate

You can use this crate to stack up fruits, veggies, and other groceries in the house. You can increase the number of steps, depending on your need. See full tutorial

86. Accessory Holder/Charging Station

accessory holder

This stand can serve as a charging station for your mobile device while holding other basic accessories such as your headset, wristwatch, and more. See this tutorial on Made by Carli

87. Brown Dog Vintage

decorative crate

This wooden crate has a vintage look and feel. You can use it to organize your flower and plant vase. See full tutorial by Brown Dog Vintage

88. Rustic V Wall Décor

rustic v wall decor

You can create this Rustic V Wall Décor to enhance the look of your bedroom or living room wall. See this tutorial by Handmade Haven.

89. Adjustable Desktop Organizer

desktop organizer

This can serve as a study table for you or your kids. You can adjust the width of the table for more space. See full instructions on The Handyman’s Daughter

90. Wall-Mounted Desk

wall mounted desk

This is a study desk that you can mount on the wall to create more space. It can also serve as a working table. See this post by Pretty Handy Girl

91. Butterfly Silhouette Clock

butterfly cutout clock

This is a unique that can fit in your living room, bed room, office, or inspiration board. See full tutorial by Reality Daydream. 

92. Flower Box Centerpiece

flower box centerpiece

This project is fun and pretty easy. It is very useful in keeping your flower vast organized and safe. See full tutorial by Hazel and Gold

93. Stair Handrail with Industrial Pipes and Wood


This project would help you gain more confidence in your woodworking skills. It would be a great addition to the staircase in your home (if any). See Home Edit’s full tutorial

94. Rustic Wood Cupcake Stand

rustic cake stand

This rustic cake stand can significantly enhance the look and ambiance of your home. This is another project by Home Edit.

95. Scrap Wood Modern Mountain Art

mountain art

If you want to improve your living space with one of your personal-made projects, then you should take on this project. Learn how to make it from Home Edit

96. Modern Wood Christmas Tree

table top flat christmas tree

Christmas is just by the corner, and taking on a little wood Christmas tree project would not be a bad idea. See Home Edit’s full tutorial here.

97. Wood Slice Wreath for Fall

wood slice wreath

This is a nice wood project that you can use to enhance the ambience of your home this festive period. See full tutorial

98. Wooden Magazine Storage

magazine filing box

This project can help you keep all your magazines and books organized. It would also make them easy to reach. SThis is another tutorial by Home Edit

99. Wooden Display Shelf

blue wooden shelf

You use this shelf to display some of your awards and achievements. Your kids could also hand their medals in there. See full tutorial

100. Wood Mirror Frame

wood frame mirror

You can customize your mirror frame and style it the way you want. This project would save you a whole lot of money in buying a fancy mirror. See full tutorial here.