Best Drill Press Reviews (2020): Our Top Tools For The Money Compared

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You could drill by hand. Portable drills are more powerful today than ever before. Yet when there is a need for power and accuracy in woodworking projects that require drilling, the capabilities of a drill press cannot be ignored. The best drill press reviews can show you that models can drill through metal in addition to wood, offer you floor-based or bench-based models, and give you the finish that you need.

Our Favorite Drill Presses

Drill presses may all look pretty much the same, but this doesn’t mean they’ve been built to the same quality standards. You might be investing several hundred dollars into this tool. You deserve the highest possible quality. These are the top-rated options that make the grade.

PictureNameOur RatingMax RPMPrice
WEN 4208 8-Inch 5 Speed Drill Press 4.2
DEWALT DWE1622K 2-Speed Magnetic Drill Press, 2-Inch 4.4
Skil 3320-01 3.2 Amp 10-Inch Drill Press 4.2
JET 15-Inch 115v Bench Model Drill Press 4.9
Genesis GDP805P 8-Inch 5-Speed Drill Press 4.9
WEN 4210 Drill Press with Crosshair Laser 4.2
Dremel 220-01 Rotary Tool Work Station 4.4
WEN 4225 8.6-Amp Variable Speed Floor Standing Drill Press 4.3
JET JDP-17 0.75 HP Drill Press 4.5
WEN 4214 12-Inch Variable Speed Drill Press 4.3
PictureNameOur RatingMax RPMPrice

Why Every Woodworker Deserves a Drill Press

Drill presses are accurate. There is no better reason to own this tool than to improve the accuracy of your work. You can create precision-drilled holes of consistent depth with ease thanks to this tool.

You can also experience these additional benefits when you own one of the best drill presses on the market today.

#1. Added Speed. A drill press allows you to quickly set specific angles and depths, allowing you to move through your work with added speed. You still need to exercise caution, but the tool will help to automate some of the processes that woodworking often requires.

#2. Added Power. You can work longer thanks to a drill press. It will literally do all of the drilling work for you. All you need to do is engage the mechanism.

#3. Versatility. Many of the best drill presses today can be equipped with sanders, grinders, and other discs in addition to the drill bits that are used to create holes. You can also equip a mortiser to some drill presses, giving woodworkers the opportunity to bore rectangles or squares.

They are functional. They are safe to use. In return, your creative work can go to the next level. That’s why every woodworker deserves a drill press today.

How to Find the Best Drill Press for Me

The modern drill press has three primary parts that must be addressed: the table and head, the column, and the base.

When looking at the base of a drill press, it must be designed in such a way that the weight of the machine and your working piece are properly supported. The base of a drill press also has pre-drilled holes that allow you to mount it to the floor or your workbench.

The column of the drill press is what connects the base to the table and head. Most drill presses have a steel column, though magnesium and aluminum are options on higher-end models. The column is typically hollow and the best drill press reviews will let you know the actual height of this feature. Workbench models may be up to 48 inches in length, while floor-based models can be up to 75 inches in length.

The table will then be clamped to the column. Woodworkers can move the table between the head and the base based on the working piece they have at any given moment. The table for a drill press will usually have drilling holes in it, but some models do allow the user to create their own holes instead. Look for models that allow you to tilt the table in different angles for the most versatility for your woodworking needs.

Then the head of the mechanism is the component that you use to drill. Most drill presses have gearing that must be moved downward to engage the mechanism. Then, when the gearing is released, the head returns to its starting position.

What Are the Features of the Best Drill Presses?

There are several features that are worth looking at through the best drill press reviews. Each additional feature may add more to the final cost of the tool, but it is an investment that many woodworkers feel is worth the price.

  • Variable Spindle Speeds. Having several speeds available to you with your drill press will increase the number of tasks that you can complete with it. Metal components require slower speeds, while various types of wood may require medium or high speeds for a clean hole to be created.
  • Horsepower. You will want to purchase a drill press that comes equipped with a ¾ HP motor at minimum. Anything less than this will limit the number of woodworking projects that you’ll be able to complete.
  • Depth Stop. How far the quill is able to descend is another feature to think about. If you have repetitive drilling for your project, this feature will help you make sure that your work is consistent.

Many drill presses also come with a number of different attachments or accessories that are worth looking at. One of the must-have accessories you’ll want is a drill press clamp. This will allow you to keep your working piece in place as you are using the tool. The best clamps for woodworking are not always a substitute for a drill press clamp, so keep this in mind as you shop for your drill press today.

What will it cost me to buy the Best Drill Presses?

The best drill press is going to set your budget back a little bit. Workbench drill presses tend to be the most affordable, with most models being priced at $250 or less. You can sometimes find entry-level bench drill presses for less than $150. Your features and options may be somewhat limited with this type of drill press, but they can also be used in virtually any working space.

Floor-based drill presses are typically priced above $500, although there are some entry-level models priced below this. For this tool to work properly, it is often necessary to bolt the drill press to the floor. It is the wiser investment for the woodworker who is creating something every day or requires ultra-consistent boring for their projects.

We’ve decided that overall, the best drill press is the WEN 5-SPEED for its ease of use and low price.

What Do Our Reviews Have to Say?

DEWALT DWE1622K 2-Speed Magnetic Drill Press, 2-Inch

There is nothing flimsy about this magnetic drill press – not with its 10-amp motor power and 300/450 RPM speed. Great for heavy-duty applications, you can rely on its 4-3/8-inch of drill to get your most rigorous jobs done. It also has all the right safety features in place including an overload protection to prolong the life of the motor. Changing chucks is a breeze with its Quick Change system that dispenses the need for extra tools. It isn’t cheap but if you are looking for something with power and quality, this is a good choice.

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SKIL 10-Inch

The up and down range of the table is somewhat limiting when it comes to certain woodworking needs. Longer bits for deeper holes can be quite difficult to work with when using this particular bench press. This drill press also tends to produce a lot of torque. Even if you’ve bolted the drill press to the workbench, we found that it tends to shift weight toward the left, causing your working piece to move along with it. We needed to put a counterweight on the other side of the workbench to offset this issue. Overall, however, there is no denying the consistent performance of this drill press.

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JET 15-Inch

This drill press is a 16-speed tool that features a 115v single-phase motor. Speed range from a minimum of 200 RPM to a maximum of 3,630 RPM, complimented by the 15-inch swing. The 5/8-inch chuck size gives you more options when it comes to drilling, while the head swivels a full 360 degrees for maximum woodworking versatility. We found the 3 1/8-inch vertical stroke to be accurate, as was the ¾ HP peak performance rating for the motor. Operations were smooth and simple, though the drill press is not designed to be operated in reverse. You can also lock the quill down into position if need be.

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WEN 5-Speed

We tested the five variable speeds that are offered by this tool and found the RPM ratings to be accurate. You’ll receive RPM speeds of 740, 1,100, 1,530, 2,100, and 3,140. The spindle travels up to 2 inches as well, complimented by locking linear depth stops that are very easy to read. The end result? Users receive drilling operations that are accurate, consistent, and repeatable. It also features a worktable that is 6.5 by 6.5 inches in size. The worktable is also height-adjustable and gave bevel up to 45 degrees in both directions.

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The spindle travel is 2 inches, with a swing of 8 inches, and this is supported by a table that’s a little undersized at 6.25 by 6.25 inches. This all lends to a performance that is quiet and relatively smooth, though the lightweight design does tend to move just a bit when pulling down on the machine. Even if you’ve bolted it to your workbench, there is drift that must be accounted for if you are taking a hard pull on the drill press.

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WEN 4210

This drill press includes a laser, 0.5-inch keyed chuck and key, and the tools that you’ll need for assembly. Once installed, you’ll be able to adjust between 5 different speeds, ranging from 600-3100 RPM. The spindle travel is 2.5 inches and offers easy to read locking linear depth stops for accurate drilling operations that you can repeated. The 3.2-amp motor gives you the right amount of torque and power, while the cast iron work table can bevel up to 45 degress in either direction. If you’re ready to step up your game, give this drill press a try.

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This rotary tool station gives you the benefit of a drill press, but on a miniature scale. You’ll need to have a Dremel tool in order for this press to work. Then you’ll be able to create angled holes in 15-degree increments, up to 90 degrees horizontal. This makes it a lot easier to polish metal objects, sand different shapes, or grind metal with your Dremel tool. There is also storage for your bits, wrenches, and other accessories that you may need. With telescoping adjustments from 16-29 inches, you will love what this little press can do for your creative needs.

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WEN 4225

This drill press features a 4-inch stroke, giving you an easy way to drill through a 4×4 board with virtually no effort. The variable speeds allow for no-load options of 280-3300 RPM. You also get to take advantage of a built-in work light, precision laser guide, and a 5/8-inch chuck for added versatility. The cast iron work table, which is 12×12 inches in size, will pivot up to 45 degrees in either direction so you can customize your piece. It’s a 15-inch model, powered by an 8.6-amp motor, and will let you affordably upgrade to a floor standing model.

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As one of the largest drill presses we got to take a look at, we found that the spindle travels a full 5 inches with one revolution of the handle. The table is also larger, at 14×19 inches, and you have twin T-slot grooves with 4 slots so that you can work on virtually any project with this floor standing model. One-handed belt tensioning is possible, creating rapid speed changes that you’re going to love. The integrated depth stop also makes repetitive drilling fast and easier than ever before. If you want something that can handle anything, then this is the best drill press for you.

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WEN 4214

This variable speed drill press offers users a table roller extension, fence, and laser guide for a consistent performance. The speed range is infinitely variable between 580-3200 RPM, giving you another level of customization. The mechanical speeds also deliver an equal amount of torque within that range, ensuring that you receive a consistent result. The LED display lets you know what your current speed happens to be as you take advantage of the 3 1/8-inch spindle travel.

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The best drill press reviews will help you find the floor or bench model that best meets your needs. Life is much easier in Woodwork Nation when you own a drill press. Make sure to pick up yours today.