Best Palm Sander Reviews: Our Favorite Handheld Tools

Best Palm Sander

Palm sanders are one of the best tools that you can use to get a tedious woodworking chore completely quickly. Sanding to a woodworker is like asking the average person to go visit the dentist. You’ve got to do it, but there’s a lot of dread experienced at the thought of sanding. With the best palm sanders, you can experience much more anticipation for the often unpleasant task of sanding.

PictureNameOur RatingPrice
DeWalt 2.4-Amp Orbital Quarter Sheet 4.4
WEN 6301 Electric Detailing 4.4
Black and Decker Mouse Detail 4.4
HICO 2-Amp 6-Inch Orbital 4.2
Porter Cable Orbital Finish 4.4
DeWalt Random Orbit Kit 4.8
Skil 2-Amp Quarter Sheet 4.1
Porter Cable 382 5-Inch Orbit 4.4
Genesis GPS080 Corner 4.1
DeWalt Quarter Sheet Kit 4.4
PictureNameOur RatingPrice

Best Palm Sander Reviews

1. DeWalt

This 2.4-amp unit offers a dust cloth bag and consistent movement up to 14,000 OPM, giving you a superior finish every single time. We really appreciated the anti-slip top and the body grip, giving you a lot of comfort and control while you’re paying attention to your working piece. The sander does a good job of collecting dust, which keeps your working surface clean. It also means that you’ll be dumping out the dust bag every few minutes as you work. If your budget is tight, then this is the right one for you.

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2. WEN

This is the unit you’re going to want when there is detailing work that needs to be completed. The motor is a little undersized at 1-amp, but you’ll still receive 13,500 OPM to produce a fine finish. The Velcro-based pad requires some care in order to keep holding the papers. Take advantage of the sanding port to minimize your dust. We appreciated the angled tip to reach those difficult spaces. Considering the final price, this little unit over-performs and is worth the small investment.

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3. Black and Decker

This compact detail model gives you a finger attachment and three-position grip so that you have an ultimate level of control. We’d like more power from the 1.2-amp motor, but the 14,000 OPM does tend to get the job done pretty well. This sander won’t handle rough sanding needs, but it will produce a fine finish if you’re willing to be patient with its performance. The micro-filtration process is somewhat effective in dust collection, though you’ll need to brush off your working surface from time to time. It gets the job done – sometimes that’s the best compliment a tool can receive.

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You’ll get fewer OPM (12,000) with this sander than others, but it also has a 6-inch sanding pad and a 2-amp motor. This maximizes your sanding speed and gives you a consistently smooth finish. The non-slip grip top does get a little slimy when you’re in a dusty environment, but it still provides the support you want to have. There’s a controlled startup process to prevent gouging and the fan-cooled motor can help you keep sanding for an extended period of time. For an entry-level sander, you’ll produce professional results, which is why it’s one of the best palm sanders available today.

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5. Porter Cable

This square model gives you one of the best finishes out of all the sanders we took a look at. It’s dual-plane design, along with counter-balancing, reduces user fatigue and limits problematic vibrations. It’s switches are dust-sealed, even in high debris environments, so you can keep working. The sanding process is also less aggressive than similar models, so you don’t have to worry about over-sanding. We loved how easy it was to consistently sand corners with this particular model.

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The best palm sander reviews will help you find the tool you need to create a great finish on your working piece. It’s an affordable tool that will save you time and money so that you can focus on what you do best: being part of Woodwork Nation.

Our Favorite Palm Sanders

Palm sanders are portable power tools that make it possible to finish any surface or round off any edge. You’ll need the correct sandpaper for the job, of course, but it also helps to have the best palm sander lying around, waiting to be used. These are the top-rated models you’ll want to consider today.

What Is a Palm Sander and Why Do I Need One?

HICOPalm sanders are a great option for smaller jobs that require a more delicate sanding, but would still benefit from power sanding vs hand sanding because of their size. Models generally have a pad that supports a 0.25-inch paper of varying grit sizes, which then rotates in order to provide the sanding function.

The best palm sanders should have a 2-amp motor at minimum. Anything above 3 amps, however, could be a little oversized for the delicate woodworking projects you are trying to complete.

You’ll also want to look for designs that have sealed switches and permanently lubricated ball bearings to minimize the maintenance the tool needs. Dust tends to collect in droves, so you’ll also want to make sure that you’re wearing your personal protective equipment while working.

You might find some units coming with these additional features as well.

  • Dust Collection Bag

Some models will funnel a majority of the sawdust you make into a small collection bag. Others have the option to directly connect to a shop vacuum. If you can afford this feature, then get it because it will make your life a whole lot easier.

  • Palm Support 

This tool tends to vibrate a lot, so the best tools in this category providing padding and support for the palm to reduce user fatigue. Look for textured grips for total control over the sanding experience.

  • Variable Speeds

By controlling the speed, you can take care of rough sanding needs or produce a fine finish.

It is important to remember that a given model isn’t necessarily a random orbit sander. You won’t want to move back and forth with this tool as this will scratch your working piece. Move in one direction only.

Finally, our top pick for best palm sander is the HICO model for its extra-smooth finish and easy operation.

What will it cost me to buy the Best Palm Sanders?

The best palm sanders can typically be found for less than $100 right now. This includes professional-grade models. The most affordable option are the corded designs, as you don’t have the extra expense of the rechargeable battery and accompanying charger to worry about.