Best Router Bit Sets (2020): Reviews Of Our Top Picks For The Money

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So you have a new router. Before you can actually use it to the fullest, you need to have the right router bits to go with it. Think of router bits as the bullet to your gun. But with so many choices out there, you might find yourself having a difficult time choosing. Don’t worry because this article will help steer you in the right direction.

We checked out the different router bits out there and chose those that come in complete kits that include the bits you will normally use with your router. Find out more about the products we recommend.

Common Router Bits Used by Professionals

Whether you are a professional carpenter or contractor or a hobbyist, you will find the following router bits indispensable to your line-up of tools:

1. Straight Bits

Your bits kit will never be complete with the straight variety. Because it cuts directly and straightly into the material you are working, you can create “dado”. This is a groove that settles across the grain of the wood. If you are doing inlays or mortise work, you can also hollow it out with the help of straight bits. Straight bits are available in different lengths and diameters.

2. Flush-trim bits

You should look for these bits if you are trimming the edges of a certain material into another material’s edge. You can also use this if you plan on making pieces that are identical. With the help of a pilot bearing, you can get this job done.

3. Rabbeting bits

This should be another staple in your arsenal. With the help of a spinning pilot, you should be able to cut a shoulder, also known as a rabbet, on a material’s edge. With this, you can create grooves to join wood pieces. Usually, this is already included in router bits set.

4. Chamber bits

If you need to cut a specific angle or you make a lot of decorative edges, you should have chamber bits. You can also use this for the creation of beveled edges that are useful when it comes to making multi-sided projects. This is useful when it comes to creating baskets, planters, boxes and many more decorative pieces.

5. Edge forming bits

Here is another bit that you can use to create decorative edges. You can get round-over bits to create rounded edges, Ogee bits to create S-shaped cuts, Cove bits to create quarter circle shapes and Edge beading bits to form half circle shapes.

There are also specialized bits you can get. These specialized bits are there if there are special shapes you need to create. Molding bits, for instance, allows you to create multiple edges. If you need special shapes for creating cabinet doors and raised panels, look for specialized bits.

Best Router Bits 2020 Reviews

After checking the various router bits out there, here are the ones we found the most ideal:

Now here are the things you should know about these router bits:

1. Yonico 17702 70 Bits Professional Quality Router Bit Set

Yonico 17702 70 Bits Professional Quality Router Bit Set

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These industrial-grade router bits are made from high-quality materials. It features carbide tips with C3 micro grain. All the essential router bits you need are included in this kit. This set also features longer shanks. If you are using a router table with a handheld router, you should have no issues with the shanks of these bits. The bodies are made from solid hardened steel for extended durability. It also features an anti-kickback design for safety. The Teflon coating is resistant to heat and prevents build-up from occurring.


  • Packaging is secure for hassle-free transport.
  • There is a nice molded blister inside it that prevents the router bits from moving around when in transit.
  • This kit is backed by a limited lifetime warranty. If there are manufacturer defects you can find, get the manufacturer to replace the product.
  • The bits hold up well against constant use.
  • This is a good starter set.


  • Some said the wooden kit is a bit flimsy.

2. ABN Tungsten Carbide Router Bit Set

ABN Tungsten Carbide Router Bit Set

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This router bit set comes with 24 pieces of shank bits that have a ¼-inch diameter. The cutting edge is made from Tungsten carbide that delivers on sharpness and precision. You can use this even when you have a router with a higher RPM speed. The wooden storage case it comes with keeps all your bits organized. All the bits are secured, so they don’t get lost.


  • This kit as 24 pieces of router bits. That includes the most useful ones such as combination bevel, mortising bit, dovetail bits, grooving bit, round nose bits, trimming it, panel pilot bit, straight bits, flush trim bit, round over bits, cove bits, roman ogee bit and many more.
  • You can always get the most precise cuts because these bits stay sharp, thanks to their Tungsten carbide cutting edge.
  • You can use it for highly-powered routers. They can withstand the speed from routers with higher RPM speeds.
  • Anyone, even beginners, can use this router bit set.
  • The storage case is durable and can keep your bits organized.
  • This is quite an inexpensive option.
  • You can actually swap the arbors. If you have a slot cutter but no arbors, you can use the ones in this set instead.
  • It delivers clean cuts all the time.


  • Some said it dulled out easily but could be just an isolated case.

3. Stalwart Router Bit Set

Stalwart Router Bit Set

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These carbide-tipped routers will guarantee endless usage with their durable functions. Using high-quality materials, the manufacturer assures users that it will not succumb easily to damages. All the bits are encased in a wooden box that has labels for easier organization.

This kit comes with 24 pieces of bits. You get all the bits you need for your construction work such as bits for trimming, designing, grooving, edging and veining.


  • Get this kit if you want all the basic router bits for getting a variety of wood work done.
  • This kit comes with dovetail bits, round nose bits, mortising bits, panel pilot bit, straight bit, flush trim bit, radius round over bit and cove bit, to name a few.
  • It is an inexpensive kit, good for novice woodworkers or hobbyists out there.
  • Many users said they had no issues using these bits to cut through different kinds of hardwood.


  • Some said they had issues with longevity with this kit.

4. Hiltex 10100 Tungsten Carbide Router Bits

Hiltex 10100 Tungsten Carbide Router Bits

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Precision is key when it comes to woodwork and this can be achieved with the help of this router bit kit. All the 15 pieces included in this set has YG8 tungsten carbide blade that ensures the most precise results. This material also resists heat, so you can use it even with high amperage routers. There is a powder coating on its solid alloy steel construction, ensuring that all the bits will last for a long time.


  • This is another inexpensive router bits kit that is compatible with various routers.
  • Get precise and accurate cutting results all the time.
  • The material used is not just durable but also resistant to damages brought about by heat.
  • The wooden index storage keeps all the bis organized.
  • There is a bearing roller that encloses the bits. This ensures smooth operations all the time.
  • Fits securely in most routers.
  • Great for beginner woodworkers.


  • Some said these aren’t the sharpest bits around.

Which One Should You Get?

Now which of these products should you buy?

Affordable Industrial Quality Set of Bits: Yonico 17702 70 Bits Professional Quality Router Bit Set. While this router bit set is more affordable compared to others, it still has good quality and features that can give the more expensive ones a run for their money. It has a quality more fitting for industrial and professional uses.

Durable Bits: ABN Tungsten Carbide Router Bit Set. These bits should last you a long time because of how durable the materials used are. The good part is that these bits are inexpensive and won’t break the bank. It can even rival the durability of the more expensive router bit sets out there.

Great for Hobbyists: Stalwart Router Bit Set. If you don’t need a superior bits kit for more rigorous woodworking jobs, get this instead. It is a good basic set that has all the right features and functions that should work in cutting wood. Don’t expect it to do major industrial woodwork done though but for its price, it is a fairly good set.

Precise Results: Hiltex 10100 Tungsten Carbide Router Bits. This set does the job done. With more precise results, you can be assured that those woodworking projects will end up looking the way you envisioned them to look like.

4 Questions to Ask When Buying Router Bits

If you have more money to spare, you can always get all the bits you can afford. You never know when you might need them. You can always get a complete set of bits that includes all the important bits that you can use for different kinds of wood works. But if you only need to choose from a number of bits, here are the questions you should ask yourself, so you can find the right one that is suitable for your needs:

1. Is there a specific project you need the router bits for?

If you are assembling a kit of router bits, that should narrow down your options to the ones mentioned earlier. Those are the router bits that should be included in your kit, to ensure that you have everything you need for different projects. However, if you have a specific project you have in mind, consider the style and shape you need, to find one the bits you should buy for that project.

2. How often will you use that router bit?

Some router bits have similar functions but there are those that might have multiple uses. If you do a lot of woodworking projects, you need those multi-purpose router bits that have a variety of uses. If you will only use that bit occasionally, you might have to think twice before spending money on it.

3. How much is a comfortable budget for you?

While router bit kits are usually more affordable, it’s still a good idea to set a reasonable budget for it. Generally, the more you will spend on it, the more router bits you can get.

4. How are you going to use your router?

Are you going to manually use it, or will you mount it on your router? Some bits might not be compatible with table-mounted routers. The variable-speed routers might accommodate more types of bits. If there are specific projects you have in mind such as cabinets that utilize frame and panel construction, you might still need to get a table for your router before you can use bits such as the stile and rail kind.

Above all these, make sure you are getting high-quality bits. You can tell you are buying a good one if they have carbide cutters. Check the thickness as well. Make sure they are thick enough that they can still undergo some grinding.

In general, you get what you pay for with these router bits. The cheaper they are, the less likely they are to last for a long time. If you are a more serious hobbyist or you run a woodwork shop, go for those more expensive ones, so you can be assured of quality.

What’s Next?

Make sure you click the links of the router bits you think will provide you with the benefits you are looking for. If you don’t have a wood router yet, check out our article that details the best routers out in the market and how to buy them. Also check out our homepage to learn more tools that can help you get started in your woodworking job.