Best Wood Chisel Reviews (2020): Our Favorite Hand Tools

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Best Wood Chisel Reviews

The versatility of the best wood chisels for woodworking should not be underestimated. The amount of money that you can spend on the wrong wood chisels is also something that must be considered. Many chisels seem like a great deal at the time of purchase, only to fail after a few months of use. The best tools will produce consistent results over a long period of time, allowing you to embrace your creative side instead of needing to shop for new chisels every year.

Best Wood Chisels 2020 Reviews

1. VonHaus


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This 8-piece chisel set is perfect for the beginning woodworker or for those who need to replace or upgrade their current equipment. The steel alloy blades keep their edge quite well and the ergonomic handles allow you to maintain your grip with ease. You’ll also receive a sharpening stone and honing guide to maintain your set with ease. The chisels can handle a blow from your hammer, yet have the versatility for hand-chiseling when needed. You won’t be disappointed by this affordable set.

2. Narex Republic

Narex 863010

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These chisels are surprisingly versatile and strong. Made from a fine-grained chrome and manganese steel alloy, they’ve been hardened to RC59 so you receive a strong tool. Sizes range from 6-26 millimeters and each features a bevel that has been ground at 25 degrees. The handles are what really stand out with this set, as each has been handcrafted from European Beechwood. The natural grip and the overall size of each chisel gives you the leverage you need to create consistently and successfully.

3. DeWalt


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It’s difficult to discuss the best wood chisels on the market today without bring up at least one set by this manufacturer. This 4-piece set gives you the hardened and tempered chrome carbon-steel blades that give you a superior edge. The strike cap has been hardened so that you have extra durability and protection of the tool there as well. Each blade has been lacquered for extra protection against chrome, while the grip gives you a superior level of comfort. Pick up this affordable set and you won’t be disappointed.

4. Irwin


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These long blade chisels make quick work of your woodworking chores. Although the polypropylene handle can get a little slick with continued use, the forged steel blades do provide consistent results. The edge is retained quite well with these chisels and they withstand mallet work remarkably well. Each tool is backed by a full lifetime guarantee in defects from materials or craftsmanship. The longest chisel is 11 inches in length, while the shortest is 9.5 inches, so you’ll have plenty of leverage to get your work done with this set.

5. Stanley

Stanley 16-401

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This micro-precision ground set of chisels gives you one of the best edges out of the box in the industry today. They are lacquered to prevent corrosion, with the hardwood handle providing the user with a solid grip that remains comfortable without fatigue. The impact resistance thanks to the end cap is solid as well, so the carbon-chrome steel blades can continue to work consistently whenever there is a project to complete. A leather storage pouch comes with this set to further protect the product.

Our Favorite Wood Chisels

Wood chisels are usually sold as sets. You’ll receive several different sizes within that set, as well as different types of chisels in premium sets. You can also purchase individual chisels if you need to replace one for some reason. These are the top-rated options you are going to want to consider today.

PictureProductOur RatingPrice
Narex Republic4.5$$

What Are the Different Types of Wood Chisels?

If you’re new to Woodwork Nation, then you’ll notice that chisels can come in different shapes. There are three different types of wood chisels that you’ll want to consider owning.

  • Bench Chisels.This is a general-purpose chisel. It has a medium-length blade and beveled edges, creating a cutting edge of 30 degrees or less.
  • Mortise Chisels.These chisels have thick blades and are designed for prying work. You’ll use them to cut mortise joints, but they have additional uses as well. They have a cutting edge of up to 40 degrees.
  • Pairing Chisels.This chisel features a blade that is long and thin. These chisels are more for finishing work. You do not want to strike this chisel. It typically has a cutting edge of 20-25 degrees.

Different Types of Wood Chisels

Each chisel is designed with either a socket-style or tang-style grip. Socket chisels tend to provide more stability because the handle goes into the base of the chisel. Tang-style chisels can also be useful, but they have more weakness at the grip point because the chisel is fitting into the handle.

Chisels also come with a variety of handle materials that you’ll need to consider. The cheapest chisels tend to come with a high quality plastic handle, which can sometimes make them a little top-heavy. Wood chisels tend to have a better balance to them, but they also succumb to wear-and-tear more quickly than synthetic alternatives.

This is where the best wood chisel reviews give you the shopping advantage. By seeing which options provide consistent balance and strength, you can know that you’re purchasing a tool that will help your projects for years to come.

We’ve weighed up the pros and cons and decided that of all the best wood chisels on the market, our top choice is the Dewalt set for its affordability and excellent design.

What will it cost me to buy the Best Wood Chisels for Woodworking?

Man carving a woodHigh quality individual chisels can be priced at $20-$50 per tool. Since that may be out of the price range of some woodworkers, there are sets that can be purchased in the same price range. In general terms, the more you pay for a chisel, then the longer it will last for you. Complete professional sets may be $100 or more.


The best wood chisels will help you to finish your work without delay and to the highest quality possible. Find your preferred chisel or pick up a set today and then the only limit you’ll face in the Woodwork Nation is that of your imagination.