Laguna Fusion Table Saw Review

The Laguna Fusion table saws are high-end table saws that are built with premium features but are affordably priced to give you great value. Laguna Tools has introduced 3 Fusion table saws that are extraordinary in the choice of features that they’ve included out of the box.

The Fusion table saws come with precision ground cast iron table surfaces, a highly efficient above and below dust collection system and, a high-quality European style rip fence that gives you a wide range of use. Each table saw is easy to set up and comes precisely aligned out of the box.

Each table saw is also uniquely designed for different users and affordable to offer much better value than the competition. In this article, we have comprehensively reviewed the Laguna Fusion table saws to help you figure out which one is the best for your needs.

Our top choice is the Laguna Fusion F2 Table Saw that is comfortably in-between the entry-level F1 and the industrial-grade F3 table saws. It is an excellent hybrid saw with premium features that you’ll not find on any other table saw in this class.

Our Top Laguna Fusion Table Saws Are…

1. Laguna Fusion F2 Table Saw

  • 1.75HP TEFC, 110V, 12 Amp Single Phase Motor
  • 36" Rip Capacity
  • Blade: 10"
  • Arbor Speed: 3750RPM
  • Weight: 363 lbs
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2. Laguna Fusion F1 Table Saw

  • 1.5HP TEFC, 110V, 12 Amp Single Phase Motor
  • 30" Rip Capacity
  • Blade: 10"
  • Arbor Speed: 4500RPM
  • Weight: 280 lbs
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3. Laguna Fusion F3 Table Saw

  • 3 HP TEFC, 220V, Single Phase Motor
  • 36"/ 52" Rip Capacity
  • Blade: 10"
  • Arbor Speed: 4500RPM
  • Weight: 385 lbs
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1. Laguna Fusion F2 Table Saw — Our Recommendation

We start off our Laguna table saw review with our top pick, the F2, which sits right in the middle of the F1 and the industrial-grade F3 table saws of the Laguna Fusion series. It is also a hybrid saw and has similar features with the F1 as well as some upgraded features. These include a more power full motor, cast iron extension wings, single cabinet design.

One of the most outstanding features of the F2 table saw is that unlike most hybrid saws such as the F1 where the trunnion assembly is mounted underneath the table, on the F2 it is mounted directly on the cabinet frame.

This is because the cast aluminum trunnion assembly has more capacity and a cabinet mounting gives the table saw more stability and vibration damping. This arrangement also gives you better quality cuts because it is easier to align the blade and the miter gauge for precision.

The F2 comes with a 1.75HP TEFC motor that delivers 3450 rpm. A lower motor speed enables the blade to cut heavy stock materials without stalling the motor. It uses standard electrical outlets such as the ones found in your residence.

TEFC motors are designed for heavy-duty work and can withstand hot and dusty environments without getting overheated thus giving you good service over a long period. The F2 also comes with an efficient dust collection system that includes an above the table dust collection hose and a blade shroud that completely encloses the blade to suck all the dust generated while cutting.

This means that your work surface will always be clean and it will minimize maintenance in the enclosed cabinet. Another upgraded feature is the blade tilt gear arm that quickly and smoothly tilts the blade on a 2:1 gear ratio. That means you can tilt the blade from 0 to 45 degrees in 7.5 turns on the wheel.

The table is made of cast iron and comes with cast iron extension wings both of which add mass for vibration damping. It has a heavy high/low European-style 36-inch steel rip fence with low friction Teflon sliders that enable it to move smoothly across the table.

The cam locking is firm to keep the fence rigid while cutting. The cast aluminum face panel of the fence is adjustable which gives you a wide range of applications. You can see some of these applications demonstrated in the video below.

Unlike the F1 where the mobility wheels are bought separately, on the F2 they come integrated into the base of the cabinet. Other features include independent side panels on the blade guard and anti-kickback pawls to prevent kickback.


  • 75HP TEFC, 110V, 12 Amp Single Phase Motor
  • 36″ Rip Capacity
  • Blade: 10″
  • Arbor Speed: 3750RPM
  • Weight: 363 lbs


  • Easy and quick assembly
  • Sturdy with low vibration
  • An efficient dust collection system
  • Accurately aligned out of the box
  • Adequate power for some heavy-duty work
  • Integrated wheels allow for smooth portability


  • The riving knife doesn’t work with a thin kerf blade

The F2 table saw provides the option to upgrade your power to 240v. The Euro-style fence provides a wider range of applications than a regular fence and is safer to use.

Overall Rating – 4.0/5


2. Laguna Fusion F1 Table Saw

The Laguna F1 table saw is a hybrid table saw designed with superior quality features and comes at an affordable price. It is the smallest table saw in the new Laguna Fusion series which features three compact and innovatively designed table saws.

The F1 table saws come with a 1.5HP TEFC motor that delivers 4500 rpm. The 110V motor allows you to power the saw using a standard residential socket which means you can have this saw in your garage workshop without having to modify the electrical outlets. The motor is enclosed inside a cabinet with the trunnions and the mechanical parts being bolted onto the base of the cast iron table.

This particular feature is outstanding because most table saws, the weight of the motor assembly will eventually make the table to sag and lose its flatness. But the Laguna F1 table saw has incorporated heavy webbing into the casting of the table and aluminum trunnion assembly to support the weight.

This also ensures that the table saw will have less vibration and noise while working because the trunnion assembly is firmly fixed. The cast iron table, along with the stamped steel extension wings and aluminum trunnion assembly gives this table saw stability to enable you to make precise and accurate cuts. 

The F1 comes with an integrated dust collection system that also includes a blade shroud and a 4-inch vacuum outlet for efficient dust collection. It greatly reduces the amount of dust on the table and also keeps the cabinet relatively dust-free. For most table saws in this class, this feature comes as an upgrade, but in the F1 it comes as a standard feature.

The F1 has a 30-inch precision rip fence which is great for cutting sheet materials. It is a heavy and rigid fence with a machined aluminum face that is reinforced with a steel frame to be straight and precise. The rail design allows it to slide smoothly without friction and it locks in place firmly.

The F1 table saws come with onboard storage for the wrench, miter gauge, and fence. It provides easy access to the motor for maintenance and it also comes with handwheels for raising and tilting the blades. The mobile wheels and thin kerf riving knife, and dado inserts come as options with this table saw.


  • 5HP TEFC, 110V, 12 Amp Single Phase Motor
  • 30″ Rip Capacity
  • Blade: 10″
  • Arbor Speed: 4500RPM
  • Weight: 280 lbs


  • Premium quality saw at a great price
  • Has a highly efficient dust collection system
  • Has a very easy setup process
  • Performs precise rips and crosscuts
  • Accurate out of the box with minor adjustments
  • Low vibration and noise


  • Manual is not user friendly with the small font
  • Stamped steel scratches easily

The Laguna F1 has more superior quality features than most saws in its class and is also reasonably priced. The dust collection system is a huge plus and most user reviewers appreciate that it is one of the most optimized and efficient systems in the market. The accurate rip fence and the TEFC motor are also premium features that have made the F1 table saw top in its class.

Overall Rating – 4.6/5

3. Laguna Fusion F3 Table Saw

The F3 is an industrial-grade cabinet saw with a heavy 14-gauge steel cabinet, more power, and heavier features that will stand extended use in a busy production workshop. It comes with some of the same features as the F2 as well as some new upgrades.

One of the new upgrades is that this table saw is a cabinet saw. The F1 and F2 table saws are hybrid saws designed for home workshops that are not as busy as professional workshops. The F3 is designed for heavy-duty use and hence the heavy-duty upgrades. It comes with a single piece 14-gauge cabinet base and an integrated wheel system for mobility.

Inside the cabinet, the cast iron trunnion assembly is mounted onto the cabinet base for rigidity and vibration damping. As we saw on the F2, this type of mounting makes it easier to align the blade to the table and it ensures that the table surface remains flat, unstressed by the weight of the motor.

The F3 motor is more powerful at 3 HP to handle cutting and ripping thick stock. It allows for more productivity because you’re able to feed the machine at a constant pace without it bogging down.

Like the F1 and the F2, the F3 table saw comes with a lot of features out of the box that you would normally buy with other table saws. A good example is the dust collection system that includes an above and below the table blade enclosures with a dustless cabinet design. This feature is normally an expensive upgrade for most industrial cabinet saws but it comes as a standard feature with the Laguna F3.

Other examples include the outfeed table with dual miter slots and support legs, a right side rip table both of which support large panels, as well as the integrated mobility kit that helps you move the table saw around in the workshop. It also includes the same unique drive gear for tilting the blade as the F2. It is designed in such a way that it allows you to tilt the blade quickly and smoothly in only 7.5 turns.

The F3 comes with a precision ground cast iron table and extension wings. The outfeed and rip table come in high-quality laminate tops so that you have your entire work surface smooth with no friction. The table saw comes with a zero clearance, high-quality throatplate that is easily removable for blade changes. It is made with a phenolic resin material that dampens the vibration and chatter produced by the motor.

The miter gauge locks down firmly and comes with a comfortable handle and an easy to read gauge. It is a high-end feature that includes an adjustable extension face panel with T-slots to provide extra support for your workpiece and allows you to use it with jigs. The miter gauge uses a rack and pinion adjustment slider to rotate the gauge smoothly and accurately to the desired angle.

Another premium feature is the fence and rail system that is designed for heavy-duty use. It is made in heavy steel that extends out to either 36 inches or 52 inches depending on the F3 model that you choose to get. The fence is similar to the F2 fence with a high/low European style face panel which gives you a wide range of applications and is held rigidly by a heavy steel frame.


  • 3 HP TEFC, 220V, Single Phase Motor
  • 36″/ 52″ Rip Capacity
  • Blade: 10″
  • Arbor Speed: 4500RPM
  • Weight: 385 lbs


  • Premium quality features for heavy-duty use
  • Low volume and zero vibrations when operating
  • Comes with an integrated mobility kit
  • Has a superior dust collection system
  • Euro-style fence offers versatile use
  • Convenient spindle lock for blade changing


  • The product manual is not user friendly

Their manuals are not updated as quickly as they update the table saw features and a lot of the inexperienced users regularly have problems with assembling these table saws.

This has been a recurring complaint when you review the Fusion table saws. We hope they will rectify their manuals and provide the level of excellent quality in the after-sales service as you get from their table saws.

Overall Rating – 4.0/5


Who Is Laguna Tools?

Laguna Tools is a California based tool company that manufactures high-end woodworking tools and equipment that bring European standards and quality to American woodworkers.

Founded in 1983, the company is a leading brand in the industry with woodworking innovations that help its customers improve the way they work and do business.

The company was founded by Torben Helshoj, a Danish native who settled in America to establish the company. Torben is a woodworker and he had his apprenticeship with a very exclusive furniture shop in Denmark.

His experience in working in Europe and America inspired the creation of Laguna Tools, a company dedicated to bringing superior quality woodworking machines to the American Market.

Combination Tools

In one Laguna Fusion Table Saw review in Woodworkers Journal, Torben says that the stripped-down quality of American machinery compared to the European ones is what led Laguna Tools to start importing superior quality woodworking machines that would improve the efficiency and quality of work.

These tools incorporate a combination of components and accessories to make each machine multipurpose.

This concept is evident on the Laguna Fusion table saws that incorporate high-end features on affordably priced table saws. It has reduced the need for accessories to improve the range of applications as well as the extra cost woodworkers incur with upgrades.

Superior Features

One prominent example is the superior dust collection system that comes as a standard feature on the Fusion table saws. Most of the competition saws have this feature as an upgrade option which is an expensive extra cost on a feature that should be standard on a table saw.

“We sell solutions”, is the tag line of Laguna Tools. As a market leader in the woodworking industry, Laguna Tools offers a wide range of woodworking machinery that are innovative and improve the customers’ productivity while giving the best value and durability.


The Laguna Fusion table saws are extraordinary and unlike other table saws in the market, they come with extra features out of the box. This makes them high-end table saws at an affordable price point.

Our Laguna Fusion Table Saw review covers three table saws built for different levels of use. The Fusion F1 has the smallest capacity designed for entry-level users, while the Fusion F3 is the heavy-duty industrial machine for professional workshops.

The Laguna Fusion F2 is our favorite table saw in this series. Like the other table saws in the Fusion series, it comes with superior quality features that are above its class. It is a medium-duty saw that delivers excellent performance in cutting and ripping a wide variety of materials.

Hopefully, you’ve found this article useful and do let us know which is your favorite Laguna Fusion table saw in the comments below.