Other Great Online Resources for Woodworking

Woodworking is both a talent and a skill. If you’re looking to develop your talents and skills in a meaningful way, then you may wish to take advantage of these additional online resources.

#1. Woodworker’s Resource

This site has a number of instructional videos and PDF downloads which can show you practical ways to approach your woodworking projects. There’s also a wonderful project guide that can help you bring woodworking to kids.

#2. Wood Magazine

This publication takes you through project plans, gives you tool reviews to consider, and offers simple woodworking projects you can do at home. You have the opportunity to look at tool templates and will receive a tip of the day. There are many DIY plans that you can download as well, along with plenty of woodworking how-to articles to read. It’s an amazing online resource for woodworking that you’ll want to bookmark.

#3. Fundamentals of Woodworking

This blog-style website gives you access to numerous woodworking resources. From wood carving to woodturning and everything in-between, you’ll be able to take advantage of the experiences of the site authors to begin working on your own projects. It’s also an opportunity to verify the information found in the best woodworking tool reviews that you’ll find on your site if you wish to get a second opinion.

#4. Nick Engler’s Workshop Companion

This site is a nice resource for information about wood, woodworking, and the skills that are needed in order to be successful. You’ll be able to access showcases of craftsmanship on this site, gain access to the various woodworking forums that are available online, and even be able to learn how to get in touch with local college programs or woodworking schools that might be in your area.

#5. American Foundation for the Blind

Woodworking can be a rewarding hobby or profession for anyone. Even if you’re starting to lose your vision, woodworking can still be a component of your life. You can take up this skill as a hobby even if your eyesight has been classified as a disability. AFB has a number of helpful resources and links that can help you locate resources that will help you be able to make the most of your current and future abilities.

#6. Popular Woodworking

One of the best aspects of this publication is that you are given periodic opportunities to sign up for online shop classes. There are more than 400 videos on the site that are accessible, along with numerous free articles, that will help you enhance your techniques so that every project can turn out the way you want it to be. You’ll also find access to numerous woodworking blogs, tablesaw reviews, and advice on how to improve specific techniques, such as finishing.

The online resources for woodworking will help you embrace this wonderful skill in your own unique way. Take a look at all of them, add their information to ours, and you’ll be able to create something fantastic in no time at all.