Review: Bench Dog 40-001 ProTop Contractor Benchtop Router Table

If you take your woodworking seriously, then you need a router table that can match your skill level. It should have ample space to work, give you all of the necessary hardware you need to create something special, and be able to perform consistently. That’s exactly what you’re going to receive with the Bench Dog ProTop contractor benchtop router table.

It features an extruded aluminum fence with T-slots, a 16×22-inch operating surface, and is supported by a limited 2-year warranty.

Here’s What We Liked About the ProTop Router Table

One of the best things about this particular router table is that the dual fence design is actually useful. You can flip the fence around so that the table can accept larger panels. Twin steel rails support the router for added strength at the same time, giving you a consistent surface with the laminate flattop that will let each piece track and cut with precision.

This table also supports a full range of router applications. There are slots to help you craft a precision joint. You can be cutting dadoes with relative ease. With the T-slots on the table, you can also mount your featherboards, risers, switches, or stops without much difficulty.

It also comes with the standard dust port and fits most router models that are manufactured by today’s top brands in the industry today. There is a bit guard and subfences that are pretty easy to adjust included with the router table as well. It’s a good combination of stability, versatility, and performance.

Here’s What Could Be Improved with the ProTop Router Table

We found it to be somewhat difficult to level the router plate. Far from a deal-breaker, but make sure that you check how true the acrylic router plate happens to be. If the plate isn’t true, the rest of the router table will not be able to perform to its maximum levels.

The instructions made available to put this table together were not the easiest to follow. Plan on having a couple of hours available to make sure the assembly gets done correctly.

We also found that the table was a little lower in height when compared to similar models. This isn’t really that big of a deal, but there is a good 3 or 4 inches of disparity that could be bothersome to taller woodworkers especially.

Certain routers may not be supported by this table either. Although the list of supports is extensive, we found that it was rather difficult to get this table to accept a Triton router. Even with the correct router in place, the mounting and adjustment plate does tend to sag with extended use, creating a discrepancy of up to 1/8 of an inch on some of our work.

Larger shops and advanced woodworkers may see this table as being a little underpowered for their needs. We see the Bench Dog ProTop router table being a mid-range table that can support beginners and some intermediate woodworkers with their projects, which is where it earns our recommendation.

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