Review: Bosch Cabinet Style Router Table

Woodworkers make sawdust. It’s a natural side effect of the creative process. The Bosch cabinet-style router table helps to keep the dust down because it incorporates two standard 2.5-inch dust ports instead of just one. When combined with the cabinet-style base that this router table provides, you’ll have access to a clean, stable, and flat working surface whenever you have a project to complete.

Here’s What We Liked About the Bosch Cabinet Style Router Table

The assembly of this router table is remarkably simple. The instructions are thorough and everything lined up as it should. We did find it necessary to avoid tightening the fasteners all of the way until most of the assembly work was done.

The mounting plate was also quite easy to level out.

The dust port can be somewhat difficult to work with because it can interfere with the guard adjustment. It should be noted that there are two different configurations that are available to the user. One does interfere with the guard adjustment, but the other does not.

The mounting plate, which is made from aluminum, is quite rigid. It also comes pre-drilled to work with several different brands of router, giving most users the opportunity to create with precision and accuracy. If you have an off-brand router, however, you may wish to double-check the compatibility list that Bosch offers before purchase.

Bosch has made it so that the featherboards attach to the fence and the table, making them rather easy to use. They are fully adjustable, offer the right amount of control, and allow you to feed stock across the table with fluid motions.

Here’s What Could Be Improved with the Bosch Cabinet Style Router Table

It would be nice to have a little extra room on the working surface of this table, which is 14.5 inches by 15 7/8 inches. The aluminum fence is appropriately tall and the MDF face plates are 4 7/8 by 25 1/8 inches, so there is some space. Everything is just relatively compact and that can be somewhat bothersome for some woodworking projects.

We also found that the aluminum router plate was a little rough for our taste. We could finish it on our own in a few minutes to improve it, but was an unexpected outcome when taking a look at a new product. Make sure that you take the time to thoroughly inspect the router plate before completing the assembly process.

It would also be nice if there was an insert for guide bushings with this table. Bosch has not made this available as an option at all.

If you’re looking for an enclosed table that will dramatically reduce the dust in your working area, then the Bosch cabinet-style router table is definitely one to consider. Although there are some improvements that could be made with this particular table, on the whole, it will get the job done pretty consistently. That’s why it earns our recommendation today.

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