Bosch Random Orbital Sander ROS20VSC Review

Sanding really is a pain in the neck – and the arm. Even when you’re using a power sander, the amount of vibration that is produced can have painful side effects. The Bosch random orbit sander is a very different experience. With a variable speed output of 7,500-12,000 OPM, this corded sander will work quickly to make sure you have the finish that you want.

Here are the key points that we found to be important when taking a look at particular tool.

  • The variable speed dial is conveniently placed so that you can quickly change speeds based on the tasks you need to complete. It is possible to accidentally bump the dial, however, so hand placement is critical when using this random orbit sander.
  • It features a hook and loop disc attachment system, which is similar to Velcro, to hold your preferred sanding materials in place. We found that some sawdust powder can get underneath the papers and into the hook and loops. If you don’t blow it out, the caked powder can make it difficult for those papers to stay on while working.
  • The dust collection system features microfiltration technologies to make sure that particles get trapped into the attached container. It can capture particles that are as small as one-half micron in size. The canister is durable and compact, but you must take caution when pulling off the lid to prevent dust and powder from going everywhere.
  • The hand grip on this Bosch sander is ergonomically comfortable. It’s also large enough to handle a two-handed grip for those moments when you may have a rough sanding project to complete.

One of the most common complaints about the use of a random orbit sander is that the tool leaves rounded swirl marks in the wood. We did not have this issue at all thanks to the pad dampening system that Bosch has included with this tool.

Dust Collection: The Downfall of the Bosch Random Orbit Sander?

If you don’t like the idea of a hard container for dust collection, Bosch has included an option that allows for a soft bag to collect the filtered dust instead. We found the soft bag made it less likely to make a mess, but the process is still somewhat imperfect.

Once you start using this sander, not all of the dust is processed and put into the disposal container. A certain amount of dust from the sanding spreads outward with the motion of the sander and the exhaust from the motor, which means you’ve got to be careful about how and when you start sanding.

To counter this, Bosch has also offered a separate adaptor that allows you to affix one of the best shop vacs to the sander. This was the best solution, in our opinion, to limiting the mess.

The Bosch random orbit sander may not do a great job with dust collection, but it provides a superior performance in almost every other way when compared to similar tools. It could easily be the best power sander to meet your needs today.

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