Review: Craftsman Router and Router Table Combination

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The chances are good that if you’re just joining Woodwork Nation, you probably don’t have a router right now. What good is owning the best router table without the tool you need to use it properly? This is why we took a look at the Craftsman router and router table combination. It includes the router, a 0.25-inch collet, fence, dust guard, featherboards, and miter gauge.

The router itself is an entry-level model. It is suitable for skill building, training, and basic cuts. The tool operates at 9.5 amps with a 1.75 HP motor, giving you up to 27,000 RPM of cutting power.

As for the table, you receive over 300 square inches of working space. The top of the table has also been given a laminate surface to improve its durability. You’ll also find a standard dust extraction port and a double outlet strip equipped to this combination product.

Here’s What We Liked About the Craftsman Router and Table Combo

We appreciated the fact that the router in this combo kit has been permanently lubricated with sealed ball bearings. Athough the router is somewhat underpowered compared to other models that are available right now, the construction of the tool makes it possible for it to provide several years of cutting power when used for light-to-medium tasks.

The fence of the table also adjusts so that you have the proper but clearance. Both the infeed and the outfeed are able to extend for up to 2 inches to support your working piece. The jointing fence also offsets by up to 9/16 of an inch.

You can also adjust the miter gauge for up to 60 degrees in both locations. We also appreciated the fact that you can swap out the collet on this router for a larger one if you wish without much difficulty.

Here’s What Could Be Improved with This Craftsman Router and Table Combo

Our primary concern with this product is that the fence is made from a high-grade plastic instead of a metal component. This cuts the cost of the combo, of course, but it also means that there is a high risk of warpage occurring when using this router and table on a regular basis. Obtaining a precision edge can be difficult because when you put pressure against the fence, unless it has been well-braced, it will flex.

You’ll also find that the table inserts and tabs are also made from plastic. We also discovered that you will need to own Craftsman bits for this router so that it will operate properly.

Once you receive this router table, you’ll want to mark more measurements on your fence before using the router. The measurements are only marked at the ends of the fence, so if you’re doing edge joining work, you either add the measurements or you eyeball the project – and the latter is not what you want to be doing.

If you’re looking for the best router table with a router that can help you learn this woodworking skill, then we highly recommend the Craftsman router combination found here. If you’re a serious woodworker, however, you may find this product to be under-powered to meet your needs.