Review: DeWalt Variable Speed Random Orbit Sander DWE6423K

Have you ever stopped using a random orbit sander because it made your hands, wrist, and forearm ache? The vibrations that these power tools can produce may help to create a smooth finish, but they also create high levels of user fatigue. The DeWalt variable speed random orbit sander counters this fatigue by using rubber over-mold “padding” in critical grip areas, reducing the amount vibration that the user experiences.

This is just one of many advantages that this DeWalt corded power sander is able to provide. Here are the additional benefits we saw in using this sander when we recently took a look at it.

#1. It offers a dust bag that really does collect dust. All power sanders struggle to collect dust. Let’s just get that straight right now. Where some models might spray dust everywhere and hope a little bit is collected, DeWalt has created a sander that attempts to deposit the mess into a soft collection bag. It’s not perfect, but it is better than any other model we looked at, so it earns a recommendation here. The dust bag also features a one-hand locking system.

#2. The minimum speed of this random orbit sander is 8,000 OPM. This is a little faster than we’d like it to be for a variable-speed sander. It still gets the job done pretty well, but rough-grit papers are not going to perform as well with this machine when compared to the fine-grit numbers. We found the best results typically came with a grit of 180 or greater.

#3. This 5-inch sander is surprisingly short. DeWalt says the height of this power sander makes it possible for the user to be closer to their working piece. This does allow you to catch mistakes easier so you can correct them with the sander. It also means that you’ll want to don your personal protective equipment when using this sander. If you’re leaning over the sander to look at something, you’re going to have debris sprayed up into your face.

#4. It has a 3-amp motor. This sander is strong enough to complete most sanding tasks that you would ask of it. We found that it was even useful in sanding plastics or metal items when needed.

#5. Sheet loading and changing is super simple. Like most sanders, DeWalt has given this model a hook and latch system that keeps the paper in place reasonably well. You’ve got to be careful with how you put pressure onto the sander, however, because premature wear that is consistent on one of the papers causes it to “disintegrate” into the hook and latch system. Once that happens, the papers are really tough to remove.

#6. It has the standard 8-hole design. This is designed to encourage dust collection. You can use alternative papers if you wish of a different design, but the 5-inch sanding head tends to work best with the 8-hole design papers.

If you’re looking for a value purchase, it’s worth considering the DeWalt variable speed random orbit sander. It has plenty of potential, especially for home woodworking projects.

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