Review: Ryobi Table Saw with Steel Stand

Last Updated: by Peter Lynn

Many table saws can support ripping operations, but it requires a heavy duty stand and features to support a large-scale piece. Once you add extra weight to the saw, it becomes more difficult to use for other cuts. The Ryobi table saw with steel stand is an exception to the rule. On its own, the saw functions quite well, giving you a stable and smooth cutting surface.

When you add-in the heavy duty steel stand, you suddenly acquire the ability to use the full 5,000 RPMs this saw can produce to create a variety of rip cuts and cross-cuts.

Here are some of the additional features to expect when using this particular table saw.

  • It has the ability to accept dado blades. The only caveat here is that you need the width of the dado blades to fit within the throat plate opening, which is just half-an-inch in size. We found it possible to modify this width with an additional throat plate, which gives this tool a little extra durability.
  • It comes with all of the basics that you need in a table saw, including a miter gauge, and blade guards.
  • It allows for multiple blade options to be installed, allowing you to cut thin materials with a fine edge or thicker materials without burning the cut.

What We Liked About the Ryobi Table Saw

The heavy duty steel stand is the star of the show here. You need to put it together, but it only takes a few minutes to do. This allows you to create a wide cut of up to 9.75 inches on the left side of the saw with the fence. On the right with the fence, you can create a cut of 13.75 inches.

There is no minimum thickness of wood that is required with this table saw either. We even made a cut using 1/8-inch Formica with a standard blade and did so successfully. Add in a blade with a high tooth count and you’d receive a fine edge on virtually anything, especially with a help of good saw fences.

The actual surface of the table was nice and smooth. Working with this table saw, even though it was refurbished, was simple and easy. It’s one of the few tools that does exactly what it looks like it can do.

We count this Ryobi table saw among the best. View the rest of our picks here.

What Could Be Improved with the Ryobi Table Saw?

We really only found one point of contention with this particular product. The bevel lock and the elevator are made with plastic components. In our experience, the plastic tends to strip out when used over time, requiring the user to replace the items in order for the saw to continue functioning as intended.

The bevel adjustment may also need to be looked at. Some might consider it to be a little loose for their taste.


We found the Ryobi table saw with steel stand to be an effective tool that will give you the smooth and accurate cuts you’d expect to receive from this tool. There is no kick back at all and you can easily align the blade to create the accuracy you need.

That’s why we feel like this is the table saw that all woodworkers will be able to appreciate.