Review: Skil Router Table RAS900

A good router table needs to at least get the basics right. Without the essentials, it becomes impossible for a woodworker to create with the accuracy and precision that is required of their project. This Skil router table does more than get the basics right. It has also included numerous features that can help woodworkers of any skill level get their work done quickly and effectively.

Here are the features of note that come with the RAS900 router table.

  • It provides two accessory storage containers so that you can keep everything you need right at the table for easy access.
  • A quick clamp system has been incorporated into the table’s design to improve functionality.
  • Guiding a work piece is smooth and simple thanks to the two featherboards, creating the opportunity to provide accurate routing.
  • A bit height gauge has been included with this router table as well, making it easier to setup and implement each cut a woodworker may need to make.
  • A starter pin and guard help to support each working piece, including items that may have curved edges.
  • The router is mounted in such a way that changing out bits is easy.

No leveling is required when assembling this router table. We found the entire setup process to be thorough and simple.

Here’s What We Liked About the Skil Router Table

We appreciated the fact that the fences are independently adjustable with this router table. It also includes the necessary shims that are required to offset the fence on one side if you want to use it as a jointer.

The design also includes a quick-release router mount. Switching between bits is a fast and simple process, since you can attach or detach the router in literally seconds.

We found the table to be quite functional, especially at this price point. The fence guard is clearly the key feature, but there are various measuring devices included that allow you to get to work pretty quickly. The cuts are accurate, but your router does need to have a height adjustment feature to maximize the use of this table.

Here’s What Could Be Improved with the Skil Router Table

We found that the mounting screws for the router may be too long for certain brands. DeWalt routers were the most difficult. You may need to hunt down the screws that came with your router to make sure you get the right fit with this router table.

To keep costs down, the tabletop is made from a laminate. There are only a few steel parts, but the T-slots are made from aluminum. This gives the table just a little flex, but nothing that will stop a project from being completely successfully.

The Skil router table is not built to be a commercial-grade product. For the hobbyist or those with a woodworking side hustle, you’ll find that this table has enough strength to work on your trim, furniture pieces, or help you to build some cabinets. It’s also one of the cheapest options that includes T-slots, which works together to earn our recommendation today.

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