SuperMax 16-32 Drum Sander Review — A Solid Pick

Are you looking for the best drum sander? The SuperMax 16-32 drum sander is the answer. The sander comes with features not seen in other drum sanders, from the Patented Quick Adjust Lever to Dust Hood, this sander has no equal. Here, we are talking from experience.

After trying different sanders for some time with little to no positive results, we finally discovered the SuperMax 16-32 drum sander and our operations suddenly improved – clients keep coming back.

For seasoned woodworkers and cabinet makers who use large boards, this sander will be Godsend. Well, it can do things that you would think were impossible.

To help you make the right decision, join me in this discovery ride of SuperMax 16-32 drum sander review to discover its features and answer the question: “Is it the best option on the market?”

Our Supermax 16-32 Drum Sander Review

This SuperMax 16-32 drum sander is designed with features that make sanding easy, fast, and the results professional in every sense. We’ll describe each one and give you our opinion of it.

The SuperMax 16-32 Drum Sander Stand and Frame

This sander comes fully assembled and ready for use, except for the stand. It took us about 15 minutes to put together and start working. Well, as we expected, the sander is heavy, and you will not just be able to handle it alone-make sure to have a helping hand.

The moment you lift the SuperMax 16-32 drum sanders for installation, you will realize that its frame is very rigid. We found it pretty easy to fix the sander on the frame and get a firm power tool ready to start sanding in just under 20 minutes.

The stand further comes with leveling feet that allow you to adjust for uneven floors. In our case, we chose to install two swiveling wheels that made the sander easy to move. We could quickly move the sander from one part of the workshop to another or take it outdoor for some projects.

Two Motor Design

The SuperMax 16-32 drum sander is a powerhouse, powered by two motors; no sanding task is too much. The 1-1/2 HP, 14 amp motor is used for driving the drum while the 1/20 HP, 45 amp motor runs the conveyor. The dual-motor model helps to increase the efficiency of the sander and make control easy.

In the manual, the manufacturer recommends that you should use a 20 AMP circuit. However, it works pretty well if you have a 15 AMP circuit, especially when working on light sanding tasks. But when you have to deal with heavy-duty sanding, it is essential to connect to a 20 AMP circuit.

Advanced Controls

Another feature that helps to place the SuperMax 16-32 drum sander ahead of others is its advanced controls. They not only help to make sanding easy but also protect the machine and make it durable.

The control panel of the sander, for both motors, is positioned at the front section for easy reach. It is so simplified that even a new user will find it easy to start sanding like a pro. Simply press the red or yellow button to turn the sander on or off, respectively.

Another great control feature is the dial knob used for controlling the conveyor belt speed. The knob works with an enrichment feature referred to as Intellisand for greater efficiency. In many sanders, you are required to adjust the speed of the conveyor manually, depending on the different loads.

But this sander’s Intellisand takes over that role. It monitors the current being drawn by the sander (main motor) and automatically adjusts the conveyor speed. This means that you will never have to worry about overloading.

Height Adjustment Knob

Another crucial control that you will find in most drum sanders is the height adjustment knob. The SuperMax 16-32 drum sander also has the knob. Now comes the sweet part. When you are working on stocks with varying thicknesses, the process of turning the knob can be herculean.

The SuperMax 16-32 gets the hassle out of the process by introducing a clever lever that allows you to disengage height adjustment knob promptly. So, hit the lever and promptly lower the drum to the preferred sanding thickness — see no time lost. For professionals or people with a lot of sanding tasks, this feature is very useful.

Built-in Digital Read-Out

When working on different sanding projects, the first thing is setting the sizes, both width, and thickness. If a sander requires you to do this manually, it can be challenging.

But the 16-32 comes with a built-in digital read-out that allows you to set the machine starting from 1/32″ to 1/128″. You can also set it in millimeters. This makes setting the machine easy, fast, and accurate.

Using the digital readout, you also have the opportunity to select either ABS (absolute mode) that shows the real thickness of the workpiece the sander is working on or INC (incremental) mode that shows the amount of material being shaved off.

But we must say that using these controls will require some practice. At first, it was also a challenge for us too. So we would simply place the workpiece, lower the drum, and start sanding when it comes into contact.

Turbo Vented Vacuum Port

Every sander produces a lot of dust as the workpieces are shaved off progressively. If this dust is not removed promptly, it not only messes your workshop but can also damage the machine and reduce its lifespan. SuperMax 16-32 uses a Turbo Vented vacuum port that helps to clear almost all the dust created by the sander.

The port is designed with internal fans that amplify airflow by about 15% to suck most of the dust from the machine. To clear this dust completely, SuperMax recommends that you use it together with a minimum of 600 CFM.

The Instruction Manual

Notably, unlike many sander manuals that I have read in the past, SuperMax did a great job of simplifying the guide for this sander — so easy to understand, so easy to follow. Even if you have not used a sander before, this manual will be all that you need.

Review Summary


  • All metal construction makes the sander heavy and firm
  • Long warranty of two years
  • Designed to last
  • Perfect for sanding diverse projects
  • Can sand very wide boards
  • Easy to assemble and start using
  • Installing sanding belts is very easy
  • Belt alignment is simple


  • Expensive
  • Not suitable for light DIY tasks at home
  • Some controls are difficult to use for beginners


About Supermax Tools

There are only two words that can be used to describe the SuperMax Tool: Elegance and innovation. This brand has become the new term in every woodworker’s mind because its products are outstanding in every sense.

That testimony is evident in the 16-32 that we have just reviewed. So, how do SuperMax Tools manage to pull such a punch and stand taller than more established giants?

A Brief History of SuperMax Tools

Although SuperMax was started in 2005, it packs a rich history because the founders, Bill and Warren, had been in the industry for decades. Bill Shroeder had shifted to JET (another power tools company) in Washington and later returned to Nashville while Warren Weber, had commenced with Porfomax around 1988, but stayed in Minnesota.

In 2005, the two men combined their efforts to create SuperMax Tools. They knew the industry well, its anticipated growth, and aligned the new company in the same trajectory to put it into the currently highly revered position.

We saw the need for quality, drum and brush sander for small cabinet shops,” explained Weber “and felt that JET had more or less ignored that market segment —” That was the defining moment, an opportunity that the two experts never wasted any moment to exploit.

Why SuperMax Brush and Drum Sanders Stand Out

When SuperMax Tools was established, the founders indicated that they knew the market was under the control of the major brands. So they hatched a secret of beating the competitors in their own game: focusing on a narrow range of products and offering high-quality.

In line with this, the company only specializes in a few products including drum and brush sanding machines for metal and woodwork industries. They also do the following to stand out:
  • Working directly with clients to get solutions for their production bottlenecks
  • Investing in innovation to enhance the productivity of their products
  • Quality customer care that guarantees all clients prompt help and value from their sanders

SuperMax Acquired by Laguna Tools in 2017

To offer its customers greater value and a wider range of high-quality products, SuperMax joined forces with Laguna Tools in 2017. The latter acquired SuperMax in a deal that greatly boosted its operational design.

Schroeder indicated that this partnership injected a new force and experience that helped enhance the company’s innovativeness.

It is after the acquisition that SuperMax released the SuperMax 16-32 drum sander that has taken the market by a storm. Well, this company is destined for greater heights!

SuperMax Tools is located at 5250 West 74th St. Suite 12 Edina, MN 55439. Contact, (949) 474-1200.


How do you make the SuperMax 16-32 more effective?

While SuperMax 16-32 is designed to deliver good results when operating fast, resist the urge to speed things by hogging a lot of stock. This could overwork the motor and accelerate the wear and tear.

When using the SuperMax 16-32, does passing stock at an angle have any impact?

When you pass stock through the SuperMax 16-32 at an angle, it creates what we refer to as a shearing effect that helps reduce the building of heat. However, the final pass should be straight.

How do you use SuperMax 16-32 with wood like cherry that tends to burn easily?

With such stock, you should increase the speed of the conveyor belt to move the wood along quicker. This keeps prevents heat buildup from the friction.

Final Thoughts

The SuperMax 16-32 is the new darling for the market, and it is easy to see why – awesome features. SuperMax Tools, in line with its mission, added intelligent features that make the 16-32 stronger, powerful, easy to use, and durable.

We found the sander irresistible because you can use it for sanding large boards of up to 32 inches in width and 3 inches in thickness. This is ample for most medium to heavy-duty sanding tasks. Further, the sander is super quiet.

Whether you are new to woodworking or have been a woodworker for some time, the SuperMax 16-32 is one sander that will never disappoint. It has no equal in the market and will be an invaluable addition to your workshop!