Unique Uses for Sawhorses in Woodworking

You’re going to grab one of the best sawhorses so that you can cut some wood… right? Sawhorses are very versatile items. They can go virtually anywhere and be supportive in numerous ways. You could just use a sawhorse for cutting wood, but check out these additional ideas that can help you to maximize your investment.

#1. Workbench

If you need to have a portable workbench, then all you need are a couple of sawhorses and a plank of wood. Clamp the wood to the sawhorses and you’ll have a stable working surface. You can even create a more permanent option by screwing your wood plank to the top of the sawhorse platform.

#2. Scaffolding

Sawhorses can also be effective scaffolding supports. Just make sure that you set your sawhorses on a level surface. You need to make sure the legs of the sawhorse aren’t going to sink into the ground or rock back and forth. Then run a scaffolding plank across the top of the sawhorses, affixing the plank with clamps or screws. You’ll also want to use end blocks to make sure the scaffold doesn’t slide or fold up on you while you’re working.

#3. Drying Rack

This unique use for a sawhorse is pretty simple. Just setup a couple of sawhorses in a warm area. Lay a couple thin boards or metal strips across the sawhorses. Then you can set items on top of those boards or strips so they can dry. From cabinet doors to pieces of trim for your finish carpentry, you can even work on your pieces while they sit on your sawhorse drying rack if you prefer.

#4. Jobsite Table

Don’t need to have a workbench at your job site? Then maybe your sawhorses could make for a useful table. With the right design, you can minimize the clutter of your woodworking activities. Consider adding a plywood plank along the braces of your sawhorses so that you can have even more storage space.

#5. Space Buffer

Sometimes you need to be woodworking in solitude. You need to rope off the job site to let people know to stay out. Sawhorses make it really easy to do this. Just set up a few sawhorses around your work area and then use caution tape to show people that they need to stay out. You don’t need any tools to create this space buffer either. Just wrap the tape around the braces and people will see it.

#6. Cutting Grid

Remember that drying rack you built? With a little extra effort, you can turn that sawhorse project into a cutting grid. Set your lumber across a pair of sawhorses. Then use smaller boards underneath the lumber so that you create what looks like a ladder. This will allow you to cut in the square spaces that are created, which is very effective for small or flimsy items.

Sawhorses can help you cut wood. They can also do a whole lot more with a little creativity.

What are the unique ways you’ve put your sawhorses to good work?