Wen Track Saw Review

Track saws, unlike their less amazing circular saw companions, are those handy power tools you can attach to a track or guided metal rail system to make cuts at top speed and emerge splinter-free.

For optimum performance, it goes without saying that you need skill, but most of all you need a good tool. This is where Wen track saws come in. Wen track saws are the handyman’s portable, relatively affordable, and significantly more effective alternatives when it comes to woodwork.

Not only are these tools suitable for professional artisans, but they also serve as a worthy and easy-to-use supplement for DIY projects.

Our Wen Track Saw Review

To give you proper insight into this amazing brand, we will be presenting our top saw in this wen track saw review:

WEN CT1065 10-Amp 6.5-Inch Plunge Cut Sidewinder Circular Track Saw

Say goodbye to conventional table saws with this wonder for long, aligned, and seamless cutting. This tool can take a good beating any day, tearing through the thickest of wood materials, trimming doors, constructing furniture, and making full plunge cuts that result in finishing as precise as it is chip-free.

Housed in a portable design that is easy to carry about and convenient to use, this track saw will prove to be a worthy companion.

Also, it cuts at a whopping speed of 5500 RPM powered by a 10-amp motor around its 6-1/2″ blade. When it comes to capacity, if you set the depth gauge to 2-1/3”, you can monitor the intensity of the saw’s plunge because with a 45˚ bevel, this track saw creates slanted cuts in wood with thickness up to 1-5/8″.

Do you see where we are going with this? This wen track saw covers all the factors to consider when buying a track saw as mentioned earlier and more, complete with a 6.5” 24-tooth blade topped with carbide as well as a 20 mm arbor.

Features & Benefits

In highlighting the key features and benefits of this product, we carefully considered our three core factors in purchasing a wen track saw yet again: Ease of use, speed, and capacity.

Analyzing the wen track saw so far, we can say that it diligently imbibes all these many qualities and does a good job of keeping it together for the user in a way that ensures the results stay timely, neat, and a much-needed partner for all kinds of building/furniture making projects.


  • Weight: 13.55 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 14.06 x 11.61 x 10.63 inches
  • Motor: 10 amps; RPM: 5.500
  • Includes 6.5” diameter blade and 20mm arbor
  • Capacity: 0-45˚ Bevel and 1.625” capacity
  • Base: 12 x 6.625”
  • Cutting power: Creates cuts up to 3 inches thick in hardwood
  • Suitable for WEN CT9502 100-Inch Track and WEN CT992F Track Saw Clamps

Our Opinion

If we did not think Wen track saws were your best bet, we would not have written this Wen track saw review.

As a result of its bevel capacity, it allows the user get creative with making angled cuts while keeping the lines in proper alignment.

It has a superior cutting capacity that can rip through the thickest wood and give you an overall splinter-free experience, ideal for tearing through boards and making the deepest plunge cuts.

Unlike table saws, this is more convenient because it is portable and practical. It is versatile because it also is used independently as a plunge saw, leaning on the strength and precision of its flat base.

Flexibility is top-notch as you can choose from three different blade settings which include: for complete plunge cuts, to simplify blade changes, and for creating up to 1/8” deep cuts


  • Its base (measuring 12 x 6-5/8”) comprises precision grooves which allow the saw to move smoothly along the track for as long as possible
  • Works at breathtaking speed
  • Its flat base has slip resistant cams, reducing the risk of a kickback in performance
  • Compatible with any dust collection system to prevent excessive sawdust chippings from getting in the way of your masterpiece
  • Comes with a two-year warranty


  • You may not be too thrilled with its anti-kickback cams feature
  • The cords are not flexible and may prove difficult to use


Tips On Using The Wen CT9502

Remember Wen” table saws were the first best thing? Suffice it to say that we are grateful for Wen’s timely and effective inventions, a breakthrough in the world of power tools, if you may, ideal for home or industrial use.

However, no matter how good the track saw, it is not foolproof when it comes to accidents. To be on the safe side, kindly adhere to the following:

  • Do not use on non-wood materials
  • Only use the saw blade and arbor in the exact measurements as the ones included in the package you purchased initially. Then, adjust the cutting depth accordingly as you go
  • Always use a rail track

While the manufacturers say that it is compatible with the WEN CT9502 100-Inch Track Saw, we have found that Powertec tracks make the experience much smoother, quicker, and easier.

Also, should you ever suffer resistance due to the tension in the anti-kickback cams, simply take them off and you will feel much better for it!

  • Once you set the saw in motion, pause to let it kick into full speed before you plunge in
  • Trying to make a straight and a plunge cut at the same time? One cannot override the other. Press both the plunge release and the power trigger simultaneously
  • Kickbacks are bound to occur, so stay ahead of it by always holding the saw firmly while working
  • Before making a plunge cut, check that there are no obstacles in your path as this can cause major hazards
  • Lastly, wear protective gear

General User Impressions

What are users saying about this brand of track saws that has proven time and time again its effectiveness in ensuring you “stay on track?” we will tell you!

The majority of Amazon buyers are raving about this product, predictably. You will find glowing reviews ranging from the powerful properties of the saw itself to the fact that it is a great deal for its money and will likely perform almost as good or similarly as good as its more expensive counterparts.

Also, Users can’t get enough of how convenient the dust collection system is! Less impressive to them, however, is the anti-kickback cam which does not usually allow for an easy slide-through.

To walk around this, simply remove the cam and it will be smooth sailing henceforth.

About The Wen Brand

With such a predictable yet catchy tagline as “Remember Wen?” this brand makes absolutely sure that you never forget it.

Founded in 1951 by Nick Anton in Elgin, Illinois, Wen has breezed through decades and decades as a leader in a niche comprising the best selections of power tools, with emphasis on the word, “Power.”

From creating everyday tools like the chainsaw, electric engravers, and wet wheel sharpeners to spearheading the sort of orbital inventions that are instrumental to the smear-free shine you see on cars everywhere today thanks to buffers and waxers.

The Wen brand has carved its way into history and will always be associated with creativity, reliability, and power.

It is a brand that exists to make the work of the average artisan/craftsman relatively easier and so much better, as you will discover in its vast collection of product categories.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Track Saw

As there are a lot of options for track saws in various designs, it is important to first take a look at the following factors before you make that purchase.

Ease of Use

Resist the urge to buy a fancy-looking model by opting for a simpler, user-friendly design. Generally, track saws are the most convenient tools in the market, so figuring out the best fit for you shouldn’t be difficult.

However, the simplicity of the tool should never compromise on quality.

Maximum Speed

The speed of a wen saw blade is measured in RPMs (Rotations per minute). It is advisable to work with range, opting for an RPM of 2,000 or as high as 5,000 RPM depending on the quality, scope, and desired speed of your work. Range gives you the flexibility to cut in measured lines or fast lines but make clean lines either way.


This can be gauged by the bevel and cutting capacity. The bevel capacity is what allows you to cut different angles alongside straight lines while cutting capacity is your saw’s power to cut into all types of the required material, no matter the width.

The first rule in checking for capacity is to go for one that is practical, feasible, and flexible.

Product FAQs

Q: Can This Saw Fit On A Makita Track?

A: Yes, they are very compatible.

Q: Does The Saw Come With A Track Too?

A: No, this has to be purchased independently. We recommend you buy Powertec tracks as these are a great fit. Also, do well to research as it is not compatible with every track.

Q: Say, I Want To Cut Into Wood To Make Furniture For My Living Room. Will This Do The Job?

A: Definitely. Wen track saws are built to plunge into the thickest of wood materials.

Q: How Can I Regulate The Cutting Speed Of The Saw?

A: This saw has three blade settings: for complete plunge cuts, to simplify blade changes, and for creating up to 1/8” deep cuts. You can easily navigate these options to find what’s most suitable at every point.

Q: Does It Come With A Dust Collection System?

A: No, but it has a dust port mounted at the back where you can attach a dust collection system to help you clean up.

Q: What Is The Risk Policy On This Product?

A: Wen is always willing to attend to unsatisfied customers. Not only does it come with a two-year warranty, it has a generous return policy for products with defects, and a global base of proficient technical solutions and customer support to guide you on any setbacks.

Final Thoughts

Now that we have covered most (if not all) of it in this Wen track saw review, why don’t you make that “plunge” today and purchase a wen track saw? Nothing like a great power tool to keep the adrenalin up on workdays, right?

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