Best Band Saw Reviews: The Top Tools For The Money

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Band saws are one of those essential tools every woodworker needs to have in their arsenal. The best band saws for woodworking allow you to use your materials to their full potential. Because of its size and cost, many see this tool as something that only professionals or large shops can use, but with a little shopping savvy and a few informative reviews, you can grab one today for a great price.

The Best Band Saws Are:

Band saws are made with a looping saw that keeps moving at all times, giving you a straight and clean cut that no other tool can duplicate consistently. These top-rated models provide the capacity and quality that you need with the proven output you want.

PictureNameOur RatingPrice
PictureNameOur RatingPrice
Skil 2.5-Amp 9-Inch Band Saw
Rikon 10-305 Bandsaw with Fence 4.3
WEN 2.8-Amp 9-Inch Benchtop Band Saw 4.1
Grizzly 2HP Bandsaw Anniversay Edition 4.3
Jet JWBS-14DXPro Deluxe Band Saw Kit 4.2
Rockwell BladeRunner X2 4.0
DeWalt 20v Lithium Ion Band Saw 4.7
DeWalt Deep Cut Band Saw 20v Rechargeable 4.8
Milwaukee 6232-21 Deep Cut Band Saw 4.9
Laguna Tools Bandsaw 4.2

Let’s look at some reviews…


This band saw offers a 2.5-amp motor to power a 9-inch band that provides an effective cutting surface. The rip fence that comes with this model gives you reliably accurate cuts. We appreciated the 1.5-inch dust port that helps to keep your cutting surface clean. Working in combination with a rack-and-pinion table, adjustments are fast and clean when you need to make an angle cut. There’s also an LED work light that allows for a better view of each working piece. It’s a 1-speed motor, but it gets the job done for wood or metal.

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This 10-inch band saw provides a solid steel design that gives you the strength needed to tackle the toughest woodworking project. The rip fence is a useful addition for the manufacturer, but we also like how easily you can take it off for some freehand work as well. The cast iron table is remarkably stable and smooth, giving you one of the best working surfaces in this category. You have plenty of power with this band saw, plus you have the ability to raise or lower your post height easily. All in all, this is the one band saw that tackles everything, which is why any woodworker would love it.

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Equipped with a 2.8-amp motor, this is one of the strongest band saws and it comes with one of the best prices in the industry today. Use it to create cuts that are up to 9 inches wide or 3 5/8 inches deep. The work table is a full 12×12 inch surface, comparable to models that are much more expensive, and you receive a bevel up to 45 degrees so you can make a precision cut. It also includes a fence, a miter gauge, and a dust port to support the quick-release blade adjustments you can make. Grab it before it disappears or upgrade to the 10-inch or 14-inch model for even greater versatility. WEN manufactures one of the affordable and cheap bandsaws.

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This band saw pleasantly surprised us with how versatile it happens to be. It’s large at 17 inches, but this also means you’re able to get a lot more done. The 2 HP motor feels like it can power through almost anything. Take advantage of the deluxe extruded-aluminum fence to create consistently accurate cuts in all species of wood. There’s a blade tension indicator that accompanies the quick-change blade release, making sure that this tool will work for you whenever it is called upon for action. Install this with the best bandsaw blades and you got a powerful machine.

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Why is this model one of the best band saws for woodworking? For starters, it features a two speed Poly-V belt drive system that produces consistent results. It offers a 12-inch resaw capacity to tackle larger working pieces. There’s a cast iron upper and lower frame for greater rigidity, which causes less potential drift while working. The blade tracking window allows you to proceed with an accurate cut time and time again. Give it a try and we know you’ll love this band saw as much as we did. Jet also has some of the best cordless band saw.

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The best band saws for woodworking will make quick work out of your cutting needs, but still provide you with consistently high-quality results. Grab your preferred model today before it goes out of stock so you can get your next project finished.

What Are the Advantages of Owning a Band Saw?

When you own one of the best band saws for woodworking, you’ll be bringing these specific advantages into your shop.

  • You have multiple blade options so that you can create several different types of cuts on different materials with this one tool. Most band saws can accommodate blades that go from 1 tooth per inch to 20 teeth per inch.
  • You can cut thicker boards with a band saw. Many of the best models can accommodate working pieces that are 12 inches in depth.
  • You gain the ability to create cleaner cuts on a curve. This allows you to create decorative scroll cuts for various woodworking projects with relative ease once you get the skill down.
  • Using fences makes it simple work to make repetitive cuts with this tool.
  • Band saws tend to have a narrow cut, which means you waste less wood with each cutting pass. Although this reduction is somewhat minimal, it does provide an enhanced level of accuracy so that you spend less time perfecting the cut.

One of the distinct advantages that a band saw provides is better safety. Compared to table saws or circular saws, you’re better able to stop the cutting process with a band saw without worrying about damage to your working piece or the tool itself. There are fewer jumps that occur with a band saw as well, which is something that your fingers will appreciate as well.

Craftsy offers 6 creative uses for your new band saw that are worth looking at as well. For more detailed and more delicate work, a scroll saw has a smaller thinner blade that can create intricate cuts. A hand saw, on the other hand, would give your work that subtle hand-made feel.

We’ve taken all the points into account and decided that we think the best band saw for woodworking is the Rikon, for its versatility and sheer power.

What Will It Cost Me to Buy the Best Band Saws?

Band saws might seem like a luxury investment for hobbyist woodworkers, but the modern tool is surprisingly competitive in price to similar tools. There are entry-level band saws that can be found today for under $150, giving you the opportunity to explore this skill with a minimum impact to your budget.

On the other end of the scale, a professional high-capacity band saw can cost more than $1,000. For beginners, we recommend the bench top band saws as the best solution between pricing and the skill required to use the tool.