Best Hacksaw Reviews: Our Top High-Tension Recommendations

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Best Hacksaw Reviews

The small and compact size of a hacksaw makes this indispensable for all sorts of small to medium woodworking projects. It is important to look for the good ones out there as they will help you accomplish your tasks with ease and with precision. We can help you find the best hacksaw that will perform well no matter what you inflict on it and no matter what its intended application is.

Best Hacksaw Reviews

We think you should use your money to buy these particular brands of hacksaws:

Now take a look at what these hacksaws have to offer:

1. Stanley STHT20138 Solid Frame High Tension Hacksaw

Stanley STHT20138

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You can’t go wrong with a hacksaw that has a solid metal frame just like this one from Stanley. With its powerful frame, you can use this for sawing materials with up to 225 lbs. of tension. It can go as deep as 4.375 inch and can accommodate a variety of cutting needs. The 12-inch fixed blade easily accommodates more demanding jobs. The blade angles can also be adjusted to 90 degrees or 180 degrees angles, which allows you to make flush cuts with ease. With this in tow, you should be able to cut through most materials without inflicting damage to your hands. The full-grip handle is ergonomic and easy on the hands.


For its price, this has a lot of nice feature. Although the price is more for entry-level users, professionals or hobbyists on a tight budget can also get this.

This thing is sharp. It cuts through anything, even materials other than wood with ease. It doesn’t even require too much time or effort to cut through materials like tube.

It makes clean cuts all the time. There were those who used it on thicker aluminum panels and did not have issues with how well it cuts. It produces clean results, so you can get a straight edge

for your projects.

Since it has a steel frame, this has a good build that can withstand impact and a good amount of damage. It still provides comfort with the plastic mold that is wrapped around the handle for better grip. You can grip it with ease without experiencing hand strain.

The blade has adjustable tension. You can use the adjustable features to correspond to your specific needs. If you need it to have more tension for heavy-duty work, that can be arranged as well.

If you need to replace the blade, that can be done easily. This tool can take even take standard sizes of blades out there.

It comes with information on how you can replace the blade.


The replacement blade may cost more than the actual hacksaw.

2. Dewalt DWHT20547L 5-in-1 Hacksaw

Dewalt DWHT20547L 5-in-1

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We don’t know about you but when we find a tool that does the work of 5 other tools, we grab it right away. We are talking about this multi-purpose tool from Dewalt. It has 12 inches of blade length and 8 teeth per inch. The innovative design allows you to use this as a low profile saw, high tension saw, pistol grip jab saw, 45 degree angle hacksaw and a long reach hacksaw. It’s not a pure gimmick either. It does its work well and provides the quality of results you are looking for.

It does have a lot of useful features including its pivoting blade that allows you to make cuts with angles from 45 degrees to 90 degrees. Without needing to switch to another tool, this one allows you to make flush cuts. You can increase its tension to up to 330 pounds, higher than the previous ones, as well without worrying that the blade with snap.


The frame of this hacksaw has a low profile. Because of that, it easily reaches those tight spaces. You can use it for heavy-duty work. The blade can be attached directly at the frame’s front, allowing you to reach small spaces with ease.

It is lightweight. With only 2 ½ lbs. of weight, this is something that you should not have trouble bringing with you anywhere you go. And since it can be configured to replace 5 other saws, you don’t need to carry with you many tools. This one will suffice.

The build and construction are commendable. It accommodates a higher tension, so you should be able to use for more rigorous job without it buckling from the pressure. Design-wise, it is quite resistant to damages. It can withstand some rough handling, so even when used for professional use, it can hold its own.

This product comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

So many multi-purpose tools are difficult to use because the transition to the other functions is difficult. This one, however, has seamless switching from one tool to another. You can make the configurations with ease.

Your purchase includes a metal blade as well as a wood, allowing you to get started in practicing how to use this tool.

The blade has a good flex but doesn’t bend significantly. You can maneuver it in the direction you want as it has a better give to it but it doesn’t bend or snap easily.

It has fairly good ergonomics. The weight is substantial, and the handle feels good in the hands. You can use this for extended periods of time and not feel excessive hand strain.


The fact that it is made in China might put off some people.

3. Lenox Tools High Tension Hacksaw

Lenox Tools High Tension

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Not your average hacksaw, this one from Lenox already sets itself apart with its unique design. It uses the l-beam construction that enables it to accommodate tensions as high as 50,000 psi. If you want more accuracy and you want to accomplish more rigorous projects, you definitely need this one.

It offers more than just good looks and accuracy though. It also has excellent handling made possible by its rubberized handles. With this type of material for the handle, you can use this whether you are dealing with cold or wet environments. Use a reciprocating saw blade from the same manufacturer and this tool can double as a jab saw.


If there is a project where you need a high tension blade, spring for this one. With its ability to accommodate tensions as high as 50,000 psi, there is no shortage of things that can be done with it. it offers you more flexibility.

It has a pocket where you can store 5 other blades with 12 inches of length. It’s a nice and handy feature because it keeps you organized.

The handle is big enough for a more comfortable grip. It also has a rubber molding that ensures excellent grip even when working out in the rain or when you have slippery hands.

We like how this can be converted into a jab saw. The blade used to turn your hacksaw into a jab saw is sold separately but buying the blade only as opposed to a separate jab saw is much more convenient and a lot cheaper.

It has a good weight. With its 1.85 pounds of weight, this feels just right in the hands. The weight gives this tool a quality feel to it. It doesn’t feel flimsy at all.

It doesn’t hurt that it looks nice. You will be the envy of your friends with this tool. You can display it in your garage.

A lot of users commended its excellent balance. Even when you store more blades in it, it still doesn’t lose that excellent balance.


Changing the blades can be a little cumbersome as you might need to take the thing apart and then put it back together again.

4. Milwaukee 48-22-0012 Compact Hand Operated Hack Saw

Milwaukee 48-22-0012

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Some people prefer a hack saw that is smaller and more compact, so they can easily use it for smaller projects or for DIY purposes at home. if you are one of those people, this hack saw is for you. With just 5 inches of length, this is one of the smallest hack saws you can find in the market. But don’t let its size fool you into thinking you are going to be shortchanged on features because this one actually delivers a lot.

One of its best features is its tool-less blade change. It has a clever mechanism that allows you to flip down a lever found at the top of the hacksaw to release the blade. Replacing the blade takes just a few seconds. The blade length can be adjusted to up to 10 inches, so if you also want to switch to a longer blade for a different need, this should accommodate you. This is a small hack saw but if you need something more portable and travel-worthy then try a folding saw


This tool is compact and lightweight. You will not have a hard time taking it with you. It stores well because of its small and compact design.

You can actually extend its length limit to 10 inches of blade. Although it is normally a 5-inch hacksaw, you can place a blade 2x longer than its original size. You can use the longer blade to cut through various materials like brass and steel.

Changing blade is a walk in the park with this one. With its nice lever system, you can release the blade up to 10 times faster than a regular hacksaw.

It has a good feel to it. The handle is thick enough and has a rubber overmold that can cushion your hands and prevent your hands from slipping when working in wet conditions.

You are getting a lifetime limited warranty with this tool.


There were those who said this hacksaw tends to rattle a bit.

Which One Should You Get?

Now, which of the above-mentioned products suit you well?

Great as an Entry-Level Hacksaw Tool: Stanley STHT20138 Solid Frame High Tension Hacksaw. We recommend this to first time woodworkers, occasional DIY-ers or the average homeowner because of its affordable price range. Although it is affordable, it still gives a lot of benefits and has a sharpness that can cut through anything with ease. All in all, this has a good quality that beginners will love but professionals may also find useful.

Multi-Purpose Tool: Dewalt DWHT20547L 5-in-1 Hacksaw. Save yourself some time, money and effort and get this one instead. It can be converted to function as 5 different tools, so there is no need to buy these tools separately and bring all of them with you wherever you go. This alone already works to cover most of your cutting needs. At a reasonable price, you can get this hacksaw that is flexible enough to accommodate various cutting jobs.

Excellent Accuracy: Lenox Tools High Tension Hacksaw. Because it can hold higher tensions, this is the hacksaw that offers the best accuracy. It also has a lot of useful features such as the storage at the backbone that allows you to store up to 5 blades with the same size as this one. It also has a good build and an excellent ergonomics that will allow you to use this tool for an extended period of time without experiencing hand issues.

Most Compact: Milwaukee 48-22-0012 Compact Hand Operated Hack Saw. You will find this a great choice because of how compact it is. It is small enough to place in your toolbox. It does offer some flexibility as well. It can accommodate longer blades, so you can still use this for heavy-duty applications. Even with its compact size, you can cut through anything with this tool, even unforgiving ones like steel.  It has a good handle for easier grip.

You’re going to love the tactile quality of working with non-mechanical, completely manual tools. Pair your hacksaw with a great Japanese hand saw to start your wood working hand tool collection.


There are other hand and mechanically-operated saws out there. Allow us to help you find the best ones that suit your needs. Do check out our reviews and buying tips, so you can decide better which products to get. If you looking for something similar to hack saw then check these best bow saws