Best Hybrid Table Saw Reviews: Get The Top Table For The Money

One of the best investments you can make if you are into woodworking or your job involves working with wood is a hybrid table saw. This kind of table saw is a cross between the cabinet saw and the more affordable contractor sew. It sits somewhere in between, hence the name.

Having its motor inside is a unique trait of the hybrid table saw. These days, they are becoming even more compact and portable. With a vast selection of hybrid table saws today, you should have an easy time finding one that fits your needs. We will help you out even further by suggesting some hybrid table saws with the best features. Find out which ones we highly recommend getting.

Best Hybrid Table Saw Reviews

1. Laguna Tools Fusion 36 in RIP Table Saw

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You can get substantial power from this 1 ¾ HP TEFC table saw that features a blade diameter of 10 inches and an arbor of 5/8 inch. It features a rip capacity of 36 inches and a maximum cut capacity of 90 degrees. This ensures you get those intricate cuts done properly. A riving knife is integrated with a quick release function for easier usage. What makes this different from all other hybrids is that the trunnion isn’t attached to the unit’s tabletop. Instead, it is mounted just like in a cabinet saw. With this feature, you can be assured that the tabletop remains sturdy and flat.


  • This is a solidly-built table saw. It doesn’t just feel sturdy, the design is functional as well. The rails extend nicely, so you can fit all those attachments without issues.
  • The trunnion is directly mounted on the tabletop’s frame, which allows it to stay as flat as possible.
  • It comes with a fence storage.
  • There are actually wheels built in this unit for portability and easy transport.
  • It doesn’t require professional installation. Customers said because it has a lower power output, they did not have to call an electrician to install it.
  • Adjustments are easier.


  • Some said it does create a bit of dust but nothing that the dust collector can’t rectify. It is also a bit more expensive.

2. Shop Fox W1837 10-inch 2 HP Open Stand Hybrid Table Saw

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2HP and 240V of power, this single-phase motor table saw is just what you need to get those woodworks done. You can work with thicker wood. The bottom is a cabinet type of enclosure that has a built-in dust port. The table itself is made from cast iron for durability and the wings are made from steel. You can rely on its rip capacity of 15 inches when going to the left and 30 inches when going to the right.


  • You get the benefits of cabinet saw minus the weight and price. This is a more affordable choice with a weight that makes this easy to transport.
  • It has a dust control feature.
  • The anti-kickback pawls ensure your safety when using this table saw.
  • It also features quick replacement of blade guard.
  • You can get more seamless and smooth operations with this one, thanks to its trunnions made from cast iron material that effectively absorbs excess vibrations.
  • Keep your work area debris-free with this hybrid table saw.
  • The blade tilt feature comes handy when taking on those more difficult angles.
  • There is a clear guard for the blade. A riving knife is also in place to prevent the workpiece from getting in contact with the back area of the blade.
  • It doesn’t require a lot of adjustments, according to users.
  • The price is not that bad for one that has all these good features.


  • Some said the top is not completely flat.

3. Dewalt DWE7491RS 10-inch Jobsite Table Saw

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One of the features that make this unit unique is its rack and pinion fence system. This feature allows faster and easier adjustment of the fence. You can actually get more accurate woodwork results with this one. It also boasts of a rip capacity of 32 ½ inches. You can quickly cut through hardwood, thanks to its 15 Amps of the motor. Since it also has a flip over ripping fence, you can achieve those difficult narrow rip cuts.


  • This is unlike other hybrid tables out there because of its rolling stand design. You can set it up with ease and break it down when not in use.
  • It comes with a dust port collection to prevent dust from getting everywhere in your workroom.
  • With just 90 lbs. of weight, this should be a good portable unit to bring with you anywhere. It sets up easily and doesn’t require professional installation.
  • It has a good power that allows it to cut through thicker wood.
  • It is an inexpensive choice but still has a durable build.
  • It comes with a 3-year limited warranty.


  • Some said the rack and pinion rail feature can dig into the unit’s rail.

4. Shop Fox W1819 3 HP 10-inch Table Saw

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With a table made from cast iron, this table saw will see through many years of action. The big trunnions are also made from cast iron for extra durability. The riving knife has a quick release function. Safety features include a blade guard and a splitter. What is unique about this is its T-fence system that glides easily and has a wider span compared to others.


  • It comes with a t-slot miter gauge that you can adjust with ease.
  • The fence extension is anodized
  • It protects you from thermal overloading with its magnetized switch and protection system.
  • The riving knife has a quick release feature.
  • The cast iron assembly is durable.


  • It is the most expensive choice in this list.

The Benefits of a Hybrid Table Saw

A hybrid table saw essentially has the features of a more expensive cabinet table saw sans the price. Cabinet saws perform better because of their power, efficiency and accuracy. They also have internal moving parts that tend to last longer. But the downside to them is that they are more expensive. With the hybrid table saw, that problem is solved.

These new table saws boast of lightweight capabilities, making them a lot more portable and easier to use in job sites. They are also more capable, with many of them sporting motors with somewhere between 1-1/2 and 1-3/4 of horsepower. You can also use 110 volts to run these saws.

While they are typically not in the same class as their bigger cabinet saws counterpart, they are certainly equipped with more advanced features. With more durable arbor bearings and having drive belt systems that are more advanced, you can get many of your woodworking needs done in here.

Which One Should You Get?

Now which of these products should you get?

Laguna Tools Fusion 36 in RIPBest Features: Laguna Tools Fusion 36 in RIP Table Saw. Everything about this unit is exemplary. From its build to its integrated safety and performance features, you won’t be disappointed. It does come with a high price tag. So, if the price isn’t an issue, use this one instead.

Good Price and Good Features: Shop Fox W1837 10-inch 2 HP Open Stand Hybrid Table Saw. If you want something that isn’t as expensive as the previous one but can still offer a lot of good features, try this one from Shop Fox. It still has superior cutting prowess and integrated with a lot of safety features.

Portable and Inexpensive: Dewalt DWE7491RS 10-inch Jobsite Table Saw. This is the most portable choice in this list. It is also an inexpensive choice that will not compromise on quality output.

Shop Fox W1819 3 HP 10-inchBuilt to Last: Shop Fox W1819 3 HP 10-inch Table Saw. If you are looking for something a bit more heavy-duty, this should be a good choice. It can cut through thicker cuts of wood and it has been equipped with the best safety features.

Tips on Buying the Best Hybrid Table Saw

Hybrid Table

Buying the best hybrid table saw entails scrutinizing your choices through a few important factors. Here are those factors you need to take into consideration:

Cutting Accuracy and Smoothness

The main reason why you are using a hybrid table saw is so you can produce smooth and accurate results. It should be able to cut through any type of wood without a hitch. Difference cuts such as crosscuts, beveled and rip cuts should be achieved by the table saw.  Choose one that has the most accurate miter gauges. While you can replace it when it is not doing its work, you should still look for one that comes with the most accurate miter gauge.

For even more refinement suitable for more artistic projects, consider cutting with a jigsaw instead.


Measured in horsepower, this plays a big role in how the hybrid table saw will function. If it doesn’t have enough horsepower, it will have a hard time cutting through tough materials like wood. This doesn’t mean that you can choose one with a lot of horsepower though because too much horsepower could consume a lot of energy and can prevent you from controlling the device easily. For novice woodworkers, one with a horsepower that is just in the middle should suffice in allowing you to work on wood.

In general, 1.5 – 2 horsepower should be sufficient enough to cut through hardwood of up to 2 inches of thickness. If you need something that is more capable than that, you need to look for one with more horsepower. Just be careful about getting one with more than 3 horsepower as the increase in power can cause a kickback.

Riving Knife

What you would want to avoid when using a hybrid table saw is the kickback. The purpose of the riving knife is to minimize kickbacks. When buying a hybrid table, look for one with this feature. Check to see if this knife has the same curve with that of your saw’s blade. You might also want to consider getting a table saw with a riving knife that has a quick release function.

Adjustable Features

The ability to adjust the blade alignment is a welcome feature. What this does is enable you to find the best alignment that can deliver the best results. You can get smoother and more accurate cuts if you are able to adjust the blade alignment.

Also look for a hybrid table saw that will enable you to adjust its height and bevel. If you can adjust the fence position, all the better. This will enable you to work ergonomically and comfortably. Check to see if there is friction when adjusting these parts as it can be difficulties in the future.


Working with a table saw means you are putting yourself at risk of severe cuts. This is why you should look for additional safety features such as flesh sensor. While units with this feature tend to be more expensive, this will actually enhance your safety as it will sense if the blade is close to coming into contact with skin and immediately stop the machine.

Drive Belt

The design of the drive belt is another crucial factor to consider. Since this is responsible for the shaking and vibrating motion of the table saw when operating, you would want to look for one that has good drive belt design to minimize excessive motion. A lot of expert woodworkers prefer working with a table saw equipped with Poly-V belts compared to just the average V-belt because it minimizes vibrations. The output is also generally better.

Dust Control Function

Having the ability to saw without dealing with dust fumes should be a feature included in the hyrbrid saw you will buy. Some hybrid table saws have dust control features that allow a vacuum to be hooked to the back of the machine. All the dust will go into a bag.

Overall, you would also want to look for one with a sturdy built. Make sure the stand is even and strong to withstand the vibrations from the belt and motor.

What’s Next?

We recommend getting the following hybrid table saws:

Make sure you achieve the wood design you are after with the right tools. Visit our homepage for some product reviews and recommendations that can help you identify the best tools that you need for your woodworking projects.