Best Miter Saw Reviews and Buying Guide

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If you’re looking for the one tool that can bring you into Woodwork Nation for the first time, the miter saw is the purchase to make. There are few power tools that are as portable, versatile, or affordable as the best miter saws. You can use these saws to create trim, create furniture parts, cut framing lumber, and much more.

Our Favorite Miter Saws

Miter saws might be a great tool, but not all of them have been created with equal features or advantages. The best miter saw reviews cover the top-rated models that are available right now, highlighted in the chart below.

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Miter Saw Reviews

1. Hitachi

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This single bevel compound miter saw gives you a 15-amp motor so that you have the power needed to cut through any type of wood. It features a miter angle range of up to 52 degrees, with adjustable stops in a 45-degree bevel range. The horizontal handle offers a comfortable grip. Vibration is kept to a minimum with this saw, while the extended flip fence raises up to 4 inches so you can make molding cuts vertically if desired. Positive stops are activated by the thumb for quick adjustments as well. Easily one of the top miter saws that’s available today.

 2. Dewalt

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This sliding compound miter saw delivers up to 3,800 RPM so that your cuts are accurate, consistent, and clean. There is an exclusive back fence design that allows you to make a 90-degree cut on boards that are up to 2×16 in size. You can make 45-degree cuts on 2×12 boards when needed. What we really appreciated about this miter saw was its dust collection system, which keeps your working surfaces surprisingly clean. This saw is a bit of an investment, but it could be the last miter saw you ever need to purchase. It’s definitely worth a look.

3. WEN

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With a 15-amp motor supplying up to 5,500 no-load RPM, you’ll be able to make short work of virtually any woodworking project with this miter saw. It only weighs 30 pounds, but gives you a cutting capacity that is up to 3.25 inches in thickness and 11.5 inches in depth. The saw includes a dust collection bag, hold down clamp, support arms, and a standard fence. Bevel anywhere up to 45 degrees to the left or miter up to 52 degrees in either direction with this surprisingly affordable miter saw.

4. Craftsman

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Featuring the standard 10-inch blade, what we preferred about this particular miter saw is the telescoping extensions so that you can consistently support longer working pieces. The miter adjustment goes up to 50 degrees and includes common stops for woodworking. This allows you to make accurate cuts on a regular basis, reduce chips and splintering, and creates a final product that you’ll be proud to show off. The dust bag isn’t necessarily as effective as some other models, but it still keeps the working surface clean. It’s an excellent mid-range miter saw that will accomplish a lot for you.

5. Bosch

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This miter saw offers a patented axial-glide system that gives you an incredible amount of precision. It’s a design that also minimizes the footprint of this saw so that smaller workbenches or spaces can benefit from this tool. The horizontal capacity of this saw is 14 inches, with an incredible 6.5-inch vertical capacity – with a crown capacity to match. Uniform bevel and miter scales, made from stainless steel, make it easy to get each cut right as well. The trigger handle even works well for right- or left-handed woodworkers.

How to Find the Best Miter Saw for Me

There are certain features that you’ll just want to have if you’re looking to buy a miter saw today. This allows woodworkers to unlock the full potential of their talents through the design of the saw itself. These are the top features you’ll want to look for when looking at the best miter saws.

  • A Wide Base. The base of the miter saw needs to be somewhat enlarged in order for you to create a stable, accurate cut. The better saws tend to have a base that is 3-5 times larger than the assembly that supports the saw, yet stillhas a balanced weight distribution.
  • Laser Guiding. Whether you’ve never cut wood before with a saw or this is what you do for a living, the laser-guiding feature on certain miter saws makes an accurate cut become possible in virtually all circumstances.
  • A 6 Inch Max Cut. If you’re cutting at 90 degrees, then your miter saw should be able to give you a 6-inch maximum cut on a 0.75-inch board. It should also be able to provide these cuts without leaving a nub on the board.

There are some additional features that are nice to have, but aren’t deal breakers if they aren’t present. A dust collection bag or bin, for example, can make cleaning up a lot easier. A higher quality blade guard adds another level of protection to your fingers. It is also nice to have an internal blade-guard mechanism if you’re just getting started with woodworking.

One word of caution: if you prefer a vertical handgrip, only Makita is currently manufacturing this design consistently at the moment.

Also, you need some kind of support for miter saw and for the material that you’re cutting. So invest in a miter saw stand and a couple of sawhorses and you’re reading to go.

What Will it Cost Me to Buy the Best Miter Saws?

Miter saws are generally priced between $120-$300 in most circumstances. At the lower end of the pricing scale, you’ll typically find smaller diameter blades and bases. These saws are good for small wood pieces and detail work. If you are looking for something more powerful then a good chop saw would be perfect.
Then, at the upper end of the pricing scale, you’ll find miter saws that are packed with features, making it possible to create almost any type of cut. Maybe try a wireless circular saw for portability cut.

The best miter saw will help you upgrade your shop for a price that might shock you – in a good way. It’s time to say goodbye to those old radial arm saws and say hello to the incredible versatility of the modern miter saw. If you wondering what is the difference between a chop saw and miter saw then we got you covered.