Best Workbench Reviews (2020): Garage Solutions, Portable Options & More

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A workbench is the unsung hero in the woodworking community. Although you can, in theory, work just about anywhere with this hobby, side hustle, or career, the workbench is the “office” you need. The best workbench for woodworking is sturdy, has plenty of storage space, and offers an environment of comfort. Some may be portable, but all must give the same result: a firm foundation for your talents and skills.

Our Favorite Workbenches

Workbenches for woodworking come in many different shapes and sizes. It’s important to find a bench that fits in your space, but it is also necessary to find one with the features, storage, and stability that you need. The chart below offers you fast access to the top-rated workbenches that fit this description.

PictureNameOur RatingPrice
PictureNameOur RatingPrice
Black and Decker WM125 Workmate Portable Work Bench 4.0
Kreg Mobile Project Center 4.6
Sjobergs SJO-33283 Hobby Plus 850 Birch Workbench 4.7
Black and Decker WM1000 Workmate Workbench 4.3
Sjoberg Elite 2500 Beech Workbench 4.5
HICO Multi-Function Universal Capacity Folidng Work Table 4.2
Windsor Design 4-Drawer Workbench 4.0
Seville Classics UltraHD Lighted Workbench 4.8
Seville Classics UltraHD 12-Drawer Rolling Workbench 4.4
Keter Folding Compact Workbench Work Table 4.6

Common Mistakes to Avoid with the Best Workbenches

When you’re looking for your first workbench, there are plenty of features you might want to have included with your final selection. Not every feature is a beneficial one, however, so here are the common mistakes to avoid as you go through the best workbench reviews.

  • Getting stuck on the type of wood used. Any wood can be used to make a workbench. Some non-wood workbenches also make for a stable, firm surface. Don’t get locked into needed a specific type of wood or material. Get something that easy to obtain, heavy, dry, and easy to obtain.
  • Too many holdfasts and dog holes. Ever see a workbench that looks more like a colander than a useful space for your woodworking? That’s what having too many holdfasts or dog holes can do to your bench. Look for about 8-12 at most. You can always add more later.
  • Looking for too much depth. A workbench becomes less useful when it is too deep. Most benches are less than 48 inches in depth because it makes it difficult to adequately access your working pieces.

The best workbenches will be affordable, grant you easy access, and have enough room for your stuff. Any more than that and you’ve spent too much on your new bench.

What will it cost me to buy the Best Workbenches?

Workbenches are priced on three factors: portability, size, and materials. Entry-level benches are typically made of plastic materials, are lightweight and portable, but only support a minimal amount of work. These benches can be priced for less than $100.

The average workbench that most woodworkers will find to be useful is going to be priced in the $200-$500 range. In this category, you can pick and choose the specific features that your woodworking needs require.

Premium workbenches are priced above $500. They are intended for professional use or for serious hobbyists who spend a lot of time with their craft.

We think all the models we’ve recommended are excellent, but our pick for the best work bench of them all is the KREG for its portability and versatility.

Let’s Have a Look at The Reviews

Black and Decker

This portable workbench is the perfect solution for those small jobs around the house. It resists warping remarkably well, holds up to 350 pounds, and can be angled to accept a number of different material shapes. The feet have been given a non-skid surface to prevent sliding, which is a definite bonus. It may only be 5 inches by 5 inches in diameter, but it also weighs just 18 pounds. When you’re done with it, just fold it flat for storage. Easily a great value buy.

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This mobile project center offers users multiple work modes so that it can be as versatile a workbench as possible. It folds down in just seconds so you can take it with you just about anywhere. We loved the hole pattern on the table so that you can use multiple accessories or bench dogs with this particular bench. There are even built-in storage trays to hold your parts or small tools. If you’re looking for a portable solution that can substitute as a full workbench, this is the one for you.

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This no-frills workbench solution is perfect for the hobbyist, the DIY expert, or the professional who is looking for an elegant and natural bench. It’s made from hard birch wood, imported from Europe, and offers pre-drilled holes so that the bench is able to provide you with the working surface that you need. It stands 37 inches tall, about 58 inches in length, and has a rugged beauty to it that one normally doesn’t think about when considering a product like this. Make the investment and you’ll be finding any excuse to do more work in your shed.

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Seville Classics

This lighted workbench is more of a permanent solution, giving users plenty of space for their projects and tools. It comes with a pegboard and 23-piece hook set to help you get organized right away. There are two drawers with stainless steel fronts, supported by a powder-coated steel frame and leveling feet, so you can have the level working surface you need. The actual table component is made from hardwood and is 1.5 inches thick. Then, at the top of the pegboard, a fluorescent light gives you the extra illumination your project may need. Easily one of the best work benches on the market today.

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This compact workbench and table folds down to an impressive size, making its storage an easy proposition. It offers multiple uses despite being lightweight, supporting up to a half-ton of weight at any given time. It folds down to just 4.4 inches in height, yet can be assembled in under 60 seconds when there is some work to do. The workbench includes two 12-inch removable clamps, and a working surface that is about 30×30 inches in size. If you’re on a tight budget, then give this bench a closer look.

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The best workbenches will give you the working surface you need for all of your woodworking projects. Grab the one that best serves your needs today and you’ll be ready to be creative starting tomorrow.