Best Rotary Hammer Drill Reviews (2020): Our Favorites To Work With

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Best Rotary Hammer Drill

Compared to a typical hammer drill, a rotary hammer has much more impact power. It is also more durable, which makes it a great choice for heavy-duty projects. With its multi-function: hammer drill, drill mode or just hammer mode, you can rely on it for a variety of construction tasks. Today, we will show you which of the rotary hammer drills sold in the market should be included in your must-buy list.

Best Rotary Hammer Drill 2020 Reviews

Seriously consider getting the following rotary hammer drills:

Now check out these features of the rotary hammer drills:

1.Bosch Bulldog Xtreme Rotary Hammer Drills

Bosch Bulldog Xtreme Rotary Hammer Drills

The versatility of the Bulldog Xtreme makes this one of the best rotary hammer drills out there. It starts with its 3-in-1 function rotation, which allows users to switch between rotary hammer, a rotation-only and hammer-only mode for maximum versatility. Combined with its variable speed setting, it really is a nifty tool to have around whether you are doing demolition jobs or construction work.

This kit comes with a 1-inch SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer, an auxiliary handle, a depth gauge and a carrying case. Powered by a 7.5 amp motor, this rotary hammer drill is capable of providing a reliable 2.0ft/lbs. of impact energy. It allows users to accomplish both overhead and downward drilling jobs. It also allows users to get their desired angle with its Vario-Lock positioning that keeps the chisel in place no matter what you choose in its integrated 36 different positions.


Professionals and novice workers alike can use this because of its powerful amperage. It has a high impact energy that can do a myriad of things such as drill concrete.

We like the D-handle design of this hammer. It is suitable for both downward and overhead applications.  It makes way for easier usage. It even has a cord turret that pivots 35 degrees for more enhanced flexibility when working on your projects.

Bit changes are easy because there is no need for additional tools.

It comes with a dust protection system, so you don’t need to worry about these dust particles getting in the unit and ruining it.

There were those who used it for more demanding jobs such as removing patio rock flooring and it did the trick.

The support from the manufacturing company is unmatched. It is backed by a one year warranty, 30-day money back guarantee and a 1-year service protection plan.


Some of the users said they had issues with the bits getting stuck every now and then and had to pry them loose.

2. Makita HR2475 1-inch D-Handle Rotary Hammer

Makita HR2475 1-inch D-Handle Rotary Hammer

This Makita rotary hammer tool has it all – convenience, versatility, durability and performance. First, it delivers a lot of power with its 7 amp motor that has 2.7 joules of impact energy. It minimizes wasting energy through its sequential impact timing, which comes handy in timing hammering while in rotation in order to prevent bits from overlapping. It minimizes locked bits, which results to 50% faster drilling.

Just like the previous brand, this one also has a 3-mode operation. You can use hammering with rotation, hammering only or rotation only, whatever suits your needs. It has a 40-bit angle setting, so you can set the bits you are using to your preferred angle or position. This purchase includes a depth gauge, a side handle and a tool case.


What used to take minutes to do now takes just a few seconds with this rotary hammer drill.

It allows you to choose from 3 different modes – hammering with rotation, rotation only and hammering only. That gives it versatility and capacity to do different applications.

This has been equipped with the Makita Motor Advantage seeing in the brand’s entire rotary hammer line-up. This motor offers a full suite of features including dual ball bearing armature and field core interlocking steel laminations. With these features, you get the most efficient energy transfer, so the tool lasts longer even when the user demands more from it.

Bit changes are so simple and easy with this tool. Simply slide the chuck and you are good to.

It doesn’t overpower the user. It comes with a torque limiter built in the system, so it offers more torque control and stability.

When there is no load, it doesn’t vibration, thereby reducing strain on your hands. This also prolongs the life of its internal carbon brushes.

It is quite ergonomic. The D-handle is rubberized, resulting to more comfortable grips.

This is one of those rotary drills out there that takes universal types of bits.

This is backed by a one year warranty.


Some said the clamp has a hard bite. Also, some users also wished it came with a chuck for those who wish to use regular style bits.

3. Ryobi P222 Ryobi One+ Rotary Hammer

Ryobi P222 Ryobi One+ Rotary Hammer

On a tight budget? This should be a great choice then. It still comes with a 3-mode selector. You can use a rotary hammer, chisel only mode and rotational drilling. It is different from its predecessor when it comes to the amount of power it generates. This new tool is capable of producing a maximum of 5,000 BPM and 1,300 rotations in a minute, making this a great tool to use for those heavy-duty applications.

Use an 18V ONE+ battery with this for more efficient and portable drilling. The battery is not included in your purchase, so make sure you buy it separately. It has 2.65 pounds of weight, just right to do overhead drilling or any work that will require you to lift it up a bit.


This is a more affordable rotary hammer drill that still packs a punch when it comes to power. It is so powerful it can deliver 5,000 BPM, which should be enough of hammering force to get through even the most solid of materials like concrete.

It has a nifty chisel adjust mode that allows the user to find the right position and setting for the bit.

It comes with built-in LED light to easily work in dark spaces.

It has a nice and portable design that will make work easier. You will also like the wide handle.

The people who used it have tried using it for a variety of drilling purpose including concrete and metals and it got the job done fast.

It is battery-operated, so you can drill using any angle you prefer without worrying about cords.


Some said the battery life is rather short. You might need to get an extra battery and have it on standby mode.

4. VonHaus Electric Rotary Hammer Drill

VonHaus Electric Rotary Hammer Drill

We recommend this for professionals who need a more powerful drilling machine. This 10 amp motor driller has a lot of power to do high impact applications. It can drill through anything – from solid steel to masonry. Choose from hammer only, hammer drill and drill only functions, whatever suits your needs.

Included in your purchase is a dust cover, flat and point chisels, SDS drill bits, drill grease and chuck and regular chuck drill bits, a storage case and a depth gauge. The drill itself weighs only 9 lbs.


Accomplish any heavy-duty job with this one. It has the highest amperage in this list, so it delivers a lot of power. You can drill through wood, masonry and metal.

It has an anti-vibration feature that reduces hand fatigue.

The auxiliary handle is ergonomic and easy on the hands.

This tool is compatible with different kind ds of bits including SDS and SDS-Plus bits.

It is more affordable than other heavy-duty tools out there.

Many people said the manual that came with it is simple and straightforward. Even inexperienced people were able to use this tool easily.


It is a single speed setting only.

Which Rotary Hammer Drill is Good For You?

For More Heavy-Duty Uses: Bosch Bulldog Xtreme Rotary Hammer Drills. This should be a reliable tool to get if you are looking for one that can withstand a good amount of usage. It can accomplish even the most demanding jobs, so it should be perfect for professional use as well. With its completely adjustable settings, you can find the right setting that will work with the job you have on hand.

Most Efficient: Makita HR2475 1-inch D-Handle Rotary Hammer. If you are looking to speed up your construction process or you want to get the drilling time cut down in half, this is the one you should get. It is the most efficient and it gets the job done in no time. What might take you a few minutes to accomplish, this will finish for half that amount of time.

Most Affordable Choice: Ryobi P222 Ryobi One+ Rotary Hammer. This isn’t hard on the budget, so if you want something more affordable, it should be a sterling choice for you. It gets small to medium drilling jobs done but might not be the best for industrial and heavy-duty uses. But if you need a shallow layer of concrete drilled or need to drill through metal, this should work well for you.

Most Powerful: VonHaus Electric Rotary Hammer Drill. The power of this rotary hammer drill can’t be beaten. It drills through even the thickest of masonry. If you plan on doing a lot of heavy-duty work, this should be a perfect fit for you.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Rotary Hammer Drill

To make sure you end up with the right rotary hammer drill for your needs, here are a few factors to consider:

Power. How much amperage does it use? That will tell you how powerful its motor is. How much power you need depends on what sort of projects you need it for. If you are drilling wood, you might get away with just a lower amperage sold at a cheaper price. But for more heavy duty jobs such as drilling masonry or bricks, you need something that packs a lot of power.

Variable Speed Setting. This feature will allow you to find the right speed suitable for the project you have. If you want a slower speed to avoid getting dust everywhere or causing too much hand strain, you should get one with a variable speed setting.

Bits Compatibility. Make sure it is compatible with different kinds of bits. It should also have a mechanism that will release locking bits, so you can use the tool more efficiently. Some of these drills may only be compatible with a few types of bits, which can limit your usage of them.

Modes. Most of the rotary hammer drills out there come in three different modes. You can switch to one mode at a time, depending on your needs.

Durability. Check what it is made of. Make sure it has a feature that prevents dirt and dust from getting inside. Since you are doing a lot of drilling work, the tool can be exposed to a lot of dust that can get in the mechanisms of the tool and cause it to deteriorate faster.

Anti-Vibration Features. This feature is helpful in alleviating or minimizing hand strain. You can work longer if you are using a rotary hammer drill that has low vibration features.

Price. Also think about how much you are willing to spend on this tool. Will you use it all the time? Get something more reliable then even though it will cost you more. If you are only going to use it for a few projects, find a balance between affordability and quality.


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