Review: Black and Decker 5-Amp Jigsaw

You could spend hundreds of dollars on a new jigsaw. Those premium tools can improve the quality of each cut that you make in your shop or for your household projects.

Or… you could also invest in the Black and Decker 5-Amp jigsaw for a fraction of the price. With its equipped Curve Control technology, you can adjust the orbit of the saw in 1 of 4 customized settings, giving you the personalized cut that you need for many different cutting requirements.

The 5-amp variable speed motor has the capability of reaching up to 3,000 SPM of cutting power, while at the same time being used to make 45-degree bevel cuts. It also comes with an adjustable shoe for stability.

What We Like About this Jigsaw

Can an entry-level jigsaw perform with the commercial or industrial models that are so often recommended? Here is what we discovered when taking a look at this particular jigsaw.

1. Users receive a clear line of sight with this jigsaw. Black and Decker has improved their wire guard with this jigsaw, making sure that the user is able to clearly see where the cutting action is taking place. When combined with the equipped 4 cutting customization settings, it becomes much easier to create the precision cuts that are required for a particular project.

2. It offers a keyless blade clamp. Like many jigsaws today, the blade changes are part of a keyless component with this Black and Decker model. It accepts U and T shank blades that can have you back to work in just seconds. When combined with the adjustable shoe, you’re able to have a stable cutting platform with the specific blade you need for whatever cut you have in mind.

3. It has a vacuum adapter built into the case. You can attach a vacuum hose to the back of this jigsaw, which can reduce most of the mess this tool tends to generate. You’ll need to purchase a step adapter in order to take advantage of this feature, however, so the extra cost may be off-putting to some with this option.


What Could Be Better

1. This particular jigsaw is a little heavier than you might expect. You’re going to be supporting a lot of weight on your wrist and forearm when using this particular jigsaw. If you’re not used to this type of D-grip on a jigsaw, you’ll find that your arm wants to shake just a bit after you’ve finished a couple of cuts. The vibration of the tool doesn’t help matters in this area either. It gets the job done, but you may need to take a couple of days to get used to the tool.

If you’re looking for a little more power, a little more ergonomic comfort and prepared to spend a little bit more, check out this Bosch Barrel Grip jigsaw.

2. The trigger lock is a little sensitive. We found that the trigger lock doesn’t always like to engage. It’s small and trying to press it while engaging with the saw is a bit tricky to do. You can only lock the trigger when the jigsaw is engaged at its top speed. You also need to be careful about how you pick up this saw because of its trigger placement. It is very easy to accidentally turn the saw on by bumping the trigger with your grip.

The Verdict

For an entry-level affordable jigsaw, the Black and Decker 5-amp jigsaw does a great job for cutting consistency and performance. It’s a great learning tool and can support the projects of woodworkers at the same time.