Review: Bosch 7-Amp Barrel-Grip Jigsaw

A jigsaw should be easy to use. Unfortunately, there are far too many models that make it more difficult than necessary to maintain a clean cut.

The Bosch 7-Amp barrel-grip jigsaw is one of the few exceptions to this rule. With 4 orbital-action settings that provide different blade strokes for users, you’re able to create a smooth cut or an aggressive cut so that you create the final result that you envisioned when you first started the project.

What Are the Features of the Bosch Jigsaw?

The primary feature that we really liked when giving the Bosch jigsaw a closer look was its blade changing system. It’s a tool-less system that allows you to eject old blades, insert new ones, and then get right back to work. The system is a lot safer than many others that are available today because there is never a need for the user to touch the actual blade.

There are these additional features that are worth noting on this particular jigsaw model as well.

  • It features a precision-machined plunging system, matched up with a low-vibration design, that allows you to accurately follow your cut path to create consistent results. This is supported by the barrel-grip design, which allows you to provide balance to the cut without a high level of hand fatigue.
  • There is a large and sturdy die-cast foot with this jigsaw, supported by a steel insert and on-board bevel wrench, so that you don’t have to worry about the performance of this tool or how the working piece you have engages with the saw.
  • It has been equipped with a variable speed dial that allows you to set the maximum speed of your cut. There is also an accelerator trigger equipped that allows you to control the operating speed on the fly. It offers a strokes-per-minute rate of 500-1,300, depending on your settings.
  • The barrel grip gives you more control than say a top handle like this Dewalt jigsaw has.

All in all, if you’re looking for a power jigsaw that gives you the control and movement of a handsaw, then this is a solid choice. You can check out some of the other jigsaws that we like and recommend.

What Could Be Improved with the Bosch Jigsaw?

A jigsaw really isn’t about making precision cuts. Even the older models required you to sand down the cuts after you brought them close to your line with the jigsaw. Yet with this model, there is a certain level of undercutting behavior that can be observed when you equip certain blades to it.

Now we know there are plenty of woodworkers out there that take the shortcut of using a jigsaw to cut joints, but this tool isn’t supposed to be for those critical cuts. What we noticed is that the cuts on the bottom are a little deeper than the cuts on the top, with a range between 1/16-inch to 1/32-inch. Some users have reported up to a 1/8-inch variance.

The Verdict

So for basic jigsaw cutting needs, we found Bosch 7-Amp Barrel-Grip Jigsaw to be incredibly useful, powerful, and adaptable. If you’re trying to make a critical cut or use this jigsaw in other ways than the manufacturer intends, you will likely come away feeling disappointed. This tool does a fantastic job without burning or fraying the cut, so it is definitely worth a closer look.