Review: DeWalt 5.5-Amp Top Handle Jigsaw Kit

Are you tired of using jigsaws that are too heavy for their own good? Do you want to have a maximum level of cutting versatility while still being able to safely operate the tool?

The DeWalt 5.5 ampt top handle jigsaw kit might not offer users anything fancy in the way of advanced features, but it does come equipped with everything you need to get your next woodworking project completed.

This saw delivers a 1-inch stroke length, which is supported by a top speed of 3,100 strokes per minute. You have access to a dial for 4 variable preset cutting options, so when this is combined with the variable speed controls of the tool, you’re able to create application-specific options that enhance the performance of this tool.

What Are the Features of the DeWalt Jigsaw Kit?

This jigsaw is incredibly easy to maneuver. Part of this is due to the all-metal gear case, providing users with a superior level of durability to the point where it can perform professional woodworking tasks with relative easy. You can set it up to cut angles that range from 0-45 degrees, while at the same time make an accurate bevel cut thanks to the better quality shoe that has been included with the design of this jigsaw.

You’ll also save time with your blade changes thanks to the tool-free design that DeWalt has included. This makes it easier to use this jigsaw with a variety of working pieces or to change the aggressiveness of your cut because it takes just seconds to swap out places thanks to the tool-clamp design of this jigsaw. It will take both T-shank and U-shank blades, but we found the jigsaw tends to work better with the U-shank blades.

Out of the box you’ll receive the jigsaw, a single blade, and a storage bag with this tool. It’s backed by a 3-year limited warranty and users receive 1-year of free service. DeWalt also offers a 90-day money-back guarantee.

We like this model and have featured it along with the Black + Decker 5-amp among our favorite jigsaws.

Crooked Cuts and DeWalt Jigsaws: Fact or Fiction?

We had no trouble creating a clean, straight cut with the DeWalt jigsaw. As long as you have a good grip on this saw, it will stay true. We even tested this saw on uneven boards to give this saw a bit of a challenge. On the thickest boards, we had just a slight burn to the cut, which was easily corrected.

It may not provide precision cuts like other jigsaws might tend to promote, but this is more of an entry-level jigsaw anyway. You can get nice and close to your preferred cut line and then sand down your working project to obtain the final result you want. Cutting joints or other critical work is not recommended with this saw.

The Verdict

The best applications we found for this Dewalt top handle jigsaw are the decorative cuts that come with hobbyist work and certain woodworking techniques. The DeWalt jigsaw is not going to outperform an industrial-grade jigsaw by any means, but for your light- to medium-duty chores that need to get done, it will make quick work of them. This is why it earns our recommendation today.