Review: Bosch CS10 Circular Saw

Are you tired of circular saws that are inconsistent and create jagged cuts? Do you want a circular saw that gives you the features and options you need for a variety of different woodworking projects? The Bosch CS10 circular saw is a surprisingly versatile tool.

It features a 15-amp motor that gives you a consistently smooth cut without hesitation. It also has an adjustable bevel and depth levels that let users be able to cut from a variety of angles.

That’s just the beginning of what this particular circular saw is able to do.

What We Love About It

#1. It provides an unobstructed line of sight. The right-side orientation gives you a nice line of sight for the materials that you’re working on. When this is combined with the composite footplate that is quite strong, you’re able to easily slide along your cut line to create the consistent cut you want without much in the way of chip-outs.

#2. The on-tool wrench storage is nice, but not essential. What the storage provides is an opportunity to keep your blade changing tools at the ready with the circular saw. That’s a nice little feature to have, especially if you tend to misplace the items otherwise, but it really doesn’t add much to the value of the saw in our view except to do this.

#3. You can create a variety of cutting angles with this saw. The best reason to purchase this particular circular saw from Bosch might be because of its adjustable bevel and depth levers. This allows you to take advantage of multiple cut angles for your woodworking needs. The adjustments only take a few seconds to complete as well, so you’re not stuck facing a lot of down time with this tool in your collection. You have a total bevel capacity of 56 degrees and positive detents of 22.5 and 46 degrees.

#4. The weight of the saw is slightly problematic. If you’re not used to using a circular saw, then you’re going to feel the 10 pounds of weight that this tool offers. Much of the weight does rest on your working piece thanks to the orientation of this saw, but you’ll feel it in the wrist after you push this saw around for awhile.

#5. It is setup for a rip guide, but it doesn’t come with one. This was really our only point of disappointment with this particular circular saw. It’s be nice to have the rip guide. You can purchase one independently for it, which we would highly recommend users do.

What We Didn’t Like

We did notice that there is a little bit of play at the front of the attachment base. We had to tighten up the connection in order to create this review and would recommend all users do the same before using this saw. If you worry about portability then a battery-powered circular saw is the one. 

It also would have been cooler if it had the sawdust blower and laser guide like this Skil model, but we’re not complaining, as this Bosch already makes us pretty darn happy.

Our Verdict

On the whole, the Bosch CS10 circular saw provided a positive experience. Take care when using it and it will help you take care of your woodworking projects for some time to come.


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