Review: SKIL Circular Saw with Laser Guide

Are you tired of circular saws that are too heavy for their own good? Wouldn’t it be nice to use this tool consistently without needing to take breaks because of arm fatigue? The SKIL circular saw with laser guide has been updated as of 2016 to be 15% lighter than previous models, but without compromising the number of features that you’ll get.

This particular model weighs just 8.7 pounds, a tad less than the Dewalt lightweight saw.

This means the SKIL circular saw is still able to provide users with these specific benefits.

  • It provides a 15-amp motor so that you are able to receive an adequate amount of power and performance for all of your cutting needs.
  • Users are given a single laser beam that allows for more accurate cuts.
  • It provides a 51-degree bevel with a positive stop at 45 degrees for a superior overall cutting capacity.
  • An integrated blower allows you to see your cut line clearly without sawdust debris interference so that you have another option to improve cutting accuracy.

As with most circular saws that are manufactured today, it accepts the standard 7.25-inch cutting blades.

What to Expect with the SKIL Circular Saw

This circular saw does not come equipped with an automatic on switch. It has a standard-style trigger that you must engage in order to perform a cut.

The base plate on this SKIL circular saw is made from steel, although the thickness of the base plate might be a little questionable. We didn’t have any cutting issues with this saw that involved the performance of the base plate and it remained in excellent condition throughout our time with this particular saw.

You will need to take into account the curf of the saw when performing a cut for your woodworking projects, especially if you plan to primarily use the laser guide as your cutting reference. We found that if we relied on the laser guide alone and didn’t take the curf into account, the actual cut was nearly a full quarter-inch off from what we wanted.

There is a safety lock engaged with this saw that can be disengaged with one-handed use. It is heavy duty enough for professional use, especially with the 5,300 RPM rotation, while it is easy enough to use for the hobbyist or the DIY homeowner. If portability is a concern then try a small cordless circular saw.

What Could Be Improved with the SKIL Circular Saw?

The one thing we wish this particular saw had as a feature was an electric brake. When you release the trigger of this saw, it will not automatically stop the blade. This means you need to take care when using it so that you don’t accidentally set the saw down somewhere that it could cause an injury or damage to your working materials.

It would be nice if the base plate was aluminum or magnesium. With that said, the steel base plate does reduce the cost of this circular saw, so there’s a little give and take here.


The SKIL circular saw with laser guide gets all of the basics right. It has the features that any woodworker will want, amateur or professional, to get their work done, plus a laser guide and built-in dustblower! For these reasons, it earns our recommendation today, and makes it to our list of top circular saws.