Review: Craftsman Evolv Table Saw

This is a table saw that gets all of the basics right. It may not offer the advanced features that other table saws have, but it is built to be more of a basic tool. The Craftsman Evolv table saw creates straight, accurate cuts with consistency. The blade is set correctly, cuts smoothly, and has a useful fence that will let you complete your woodworking project with ease.

Here’s What We Liked About the Craftsman Evolv 

This little table saw has an impressive amount of power. This allows it to produce a smooth cut every time, assuming that you’ve prepared yourself to make that cut. In some ways, it could even be described as being “over-powered.”

The miter gauge creates an opportunity to make a quick bevel or corner with relative ease. You may need to secure the miter gauge before you begin your cut to achieve the best possible results, but it is a habit that is easy enough to fall into.

You have safety features that prevent kickback, offered through a simple push-button assembly. The working surface is 17×25 inches, so there’s plenty of space, while the rack-and-pinion height adjustments are sturdy, accurate, and secure.

At a 90-degree cut, you’ll receive a maximum cutting depth with this Craftsman table saw of 3 inches. With a 45-degree cut, you’ll receive a maximum cutting depth of 2.5 inches.

The height of the table saw is also nicely proportioned at 36 inches from table to floor. There isn’t a port for dust collection, so you may wish to take some proactive action in reducing the amount of sawdust that can go flying from this machine.


Here’s What Could Be Improved with the Craftsman Evolv

The main issue we had with this particular saw was its miter slots. They are non-standard, which would make it difficult to use add-ons with this tool. The fit is decent, but not extremely snug, so it may not fit some user needs in this area.

This table saw also tends to produce a little bit of vibration when it is turned on. If the saw is not secured, you may find it dancing its way across the floor of your shop. Make sure that you bolt it down in some way and keep the frame tight to reduce vibrations throughout the entire frame as you work. You may wish to reinforce the lower braces as well to reduce this particular issue.

The table surface is flat and secure, but it isn’t necessarily smooth. This can make it somewhat challenging to make certain cuts with this saw, especially if you’re attempting a dado with just the single blade.

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The Verdict

It is important to look at the Craftsman Evolv table saw in the way it was intended: it is a budget tool that is meant for sawing. It isn’t going to outperform an industrial-quality tool, but it will outperform many other entry-level table saws. This is why we do not hesitate to recommend it today.