Where to Buy Quality Wood for Your Next Woodworking Project

You’re only as good as the products and tools that you use in the world of woodworking. If you have poor quality lumber and wood that you’re using for your project, there’s a good chance the outcome is going to be very unsatisfying. That’s why it is so important to know where to buy quality wood for your next woodworking project.

One of the first places to look online is a website called Wood Finder: https://www.woodfinder.com/

You can use Wood Finder to find local sources for lumber, wood specialties, sawmill services, veneer, and much more. All you need to do is search by the type of wood you want to use with your router table, punch in your zip code, and you’ll see the 10 closest lumber retailers to your home that can meet your needs.

Here are some additional options for you to consider.

#1. Craigslist

There is a materials section on Craigslist that may have several opportunities for you to acquire high quality wood. This option often depends on your location, especially in the US. Those who live in the Pacific Northwest or New England tend to have better and cheaper opportunities to acquire high quality wood than those who live in the Midwest and Southwest.

#2. Your Local Mill

Most communities have a local sawmill tucked away somewhere. These mills are able to obtain a lot of wood for you at a tremendous discount and it is of a better quality than the lumber you’ll find at a large retailer. It’s also priced at wholesale rates instead of retail rates in most instances when you buy direct. There’s just one caveat here though: you’ll need to own a good planer and a jointer in order to take advantage of this high quality wood for your woodworking.

#3. Local Lumber Yard

Smaller communities tend to have lumberyards that only sell wood. These retailers may cost a little more, but you’ll also be supporting local jobs with your woodworking purchase. Most lumberyards store their wood outdoors, so local elements can affect the final quality of the wood. If you do opt for this option, then you may wish to invest 5 minutes of your time to learn how to choose the best wood at your local lumberyard with this guide.


#4. Tree Service or Landscaping Companies

Many tree-servicing companies are required to cut fresh timber as part of their contracts. They have to dispose of that wood somehow, which often means shoving it through a chipper. If you can haul this timber away and have it sawn to your specifications, you can get some fantastic wood on the cheap. Just remember to check for wood moisture before starting on your project.

Landscapers are also asked to cut down trees or remove lumber with their projects. Ask if there is any wood just lying about, collecting dust. You can find some surprisingly good wood this way.

#5. Wood Workers Source

You can also find some excelled wood supplies through this link: http://www.woodworkerssource.com/

Knowing where to buy quality wood for your next woodworking project can save you money and help you create something fantastic at the same time.

Where do you prefer to obtain your high quality wood for your woodworking projects?