Best Drill Press Table Reviews: The Top Workstations For The Money

Best Drill Press Table ReviewsThe table that usually comes with drill presses aren’t the best. This is why you should look for a replacement drill press table that is capable of absorbing vibration and has a stability and strength that will let you do your drilling work with precision. Check out below which drill press tables we found out there are the best.

Best Drill Press Table 2020 Reviews

1. WEN DPA2412T Drill Press Table

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Make your drill press a workhorse with the help of this drill press table. With its 23-7/8 x 11-7/8 of size, you can get as much as 275 square inches of additional workspace, so you can accomplish those bigger drilling tasks without a hitch. It comes complete with onboard rulers, making way for precise cuts. It has a 1-inch thick MDF body that can take a good amount of beating and load and can provide maximum stability to reduce instances of wobbling.

It has an adjustable fence. Simply slide it back and forth to cater to the needs of the project you are working on. Use the included removable insert to drill through wood without scratching or damaging your drill press table. You can get optimal results when you use a WEN drill press, but you shouldn’t have problems fitting it with any other brand of drill press.


It has a good size that can stretch out your workspace by as much as 275 square inches. You can get more things done with the help of this drill press table.

We like the included rulers. You don’t have to stop and get a separate ruler to measure your wood. This makes way for easier and faster drilling.

We think the removable inserts are a nifty addition. There are no worries that you will damage the drill press table if you drill through the material you are working on.

The mounting clamps are easy to secure. It clamps on surfaces from 5 to 16 inches of width.

It is sturdy and helps in eliminating the vibrations coming from the drill press table.

The sliding fence helps keep the wood you are working on in place.

Your purchase is protected by its 2-year warranty.

Users said they did not have issues assembling it. Since it can be attached to any drill press, you should not have a hard time setting it up.

It has a low price tag, ideal for those who are on a tight budget.


It doesn’t come with a spindle lock.

2. Fulton Drill Press Table Thick and Aluminum L Fence


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This is one of the thickest drill press tables out there. It has dimensions of 15 inch x 24 inch x 1-3/8 inch. It is built to last because the top and bottom are laminated in order to prevent warping, which is a common problem with unlimited drill press table. The material used for the top is smooth, to make way for easier positioning of wood and other materials. It also makes way for easier cleanup.

Compared to others out there, this drill press table has better vibration absorption properties. It has a track mounting system that works with any kind of drill press out there. It has a design that will allow you to mount it through either a slotted or a non-slotted table.


Many people commend how easy this is to mount to any drill press. It didn’t require assembly save for fastening the t-tracks using screws.

Everything about this drill press table feels very solid. It is thicker than many of its competitors and has a smooth laminated surface that truly lasts for a long time. The laminated surface also makes sure your wood will slide out easily.

True to its promise, it does eliminate extra vibrations.

Attachment is tight. There are no extra movements or extra wobbles when you use it. It also comes with a hold down clamp that works in keeping items secure to your table.

The fence is lower with this drill press table. This makes it easier to move it out of the way when not needed.

It is compatible with most drill presses. You can easily mount it to any drill press with its easy-to-use track mounting system. You can choose between the post knobs or the aluminum hold down clamps depending on the kind of drill press you have.


It doesn’t come with any instruction.

3. Woodpeckers Precision Woodworking Tools Drill Press Table

Woodpeckers Precision

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This gives you so much more room to work with its 16 x 23 x 1 inch of size. It is a strong and solid MDF table that has a laminate surface on both sides to make it easier to slide your wood around. Underneath the table sits T-tracks that are held in place by sturdy screws for extra durability. It also comes with a fence that has a laser engravement for quick measurements.

Its surface is no ordinary laminate surface though. It features a Formica MicroDot laminate, which offers a unique texture that helps catch sawdust and provide more surface traction.  It also features a removable insert that you can reduce damage to your drill press table.


The table is made from strong MDF core, which means it should be able to withstand damages and pressure. You can rely on this for a longer period of time to help you with all your drilling work.

The formica MicroDot laminate surface is a nice feature. The small dimples work in trapping dirt to make your work surface cleaner. It also offers a better grip.

Use the insert to protect your work surface when drilling through materials. The insert is removable and dispenses the need for a backer board. If it gets damaged, you can easily replace it using your preferred material as long as it is half an inch thick.

The T-tracks are wide and bolted under the table in order to prevent them from being pulled out when you use the clamp option.

There are laser engravings on the T-track are easy to read.

A lot of people can attest to its great quality. They can easily tell it is sturdy and well-built right out of the box.


Some people might find this a bit too expensive for their needs.

4. MLCS 9765 Drill Press Table

MLCS 9765

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This 7/8-inch-thick MDF/Melamine drill press table is a good choice for the hobbyist. It has a great holding power that should work with your specific needs. No need to do major adjustments once it is installed. You can also install it to any drill press. The fence is completely adjustable.


This is an affordable drill press table that is suitable both for hobbyist and professionals alike.

It is thinner than others but still has a good quality and build.

All the things you need for installation are already included in your purchase. Use the 2 T-tracks included to secure this to a drill press. Installation just takes a few minutes.

It is compatible with almost all drill presses out there.

It is backed by a good customer service.

You can remove the fence if you are working with bigger wood materials. It is easy to detach and put back.

The surface is flat. There are no uneven surfaces that can impede your progress.

This product is completely made in the USA.


There were those who said the clamp mechanism is of poor quality.

Which Drill Press Table is Great for You?

WEN DPA2412TMost Affordable: WEN DPA2412T Drill Press Table. You don’t have to spend so much money to get a good quality drill press table. This product proves that to you. It is affordable but it won’t compromise on quality. It is sturdy, well-made and is compatible with most drill presses out there. Whether you are a hobbyist or a professional, you will surely find this drill press table a great choice.

Thickest and Most Durable: Fulton Drill Press Table Thick and Aluminum L Fence. This is a drill press table you would want to get for heavy-duty projects. It is thicker, so it can accommodate tougher jobs. The smoother surface also aids you in all your projects.

Value for Your Money: Woodpeckers Precision Woodworking Tools Drill Press Table. You might be spending a bit more money on this drill press table, but every penny is worth it. It has a good durability and quality that will make you think this will last for a long time. Even the tracks are thoughtfully designed. The dimpled surface ensures you get more traction for certain kinds of work.

MLCS 9765Perfect for Hobbyists: MLCS 9765 Drill Press Table. This is a great choice for the occasional woodworker but should be good for professional use as well. Although it is thinner, it can still be relied on a for medium-duty jobs. The board material is quite sturdy and is easy to install.

Tips in Finding the Right Drill Press Table for You

MLCS 9765

It’s not about finding the most expensive choice, it is finding a product that is more suitable for your needs. With that in mind, here are the tips you need to consider if you want a good drill press table that will work for your needs:

  • Choose the right size and thickness.

Drill press tables come in different forms and sizes, so make sure you choose one that will give you the right size for woodworking. Check the thickness as well. It should be thick enough to hold the weight of the drill press and won’t bend under the weight of the material you are drilling. Go for a thickness of over one inch, so that it will truly last for a long time.

  • It should be compatible with your drill press.

A good drill press table should be compatible with the drill press you are using. Most of the drill presses you can find today are universally compatible but be sure to check out its specifications, so you know whether it will work with the drill press you have or not.

  • Make sure assembly will go without a hitch.

The best drill presses are easier to assemble. It should come with T-tracks that can be easily bolted. Some of the drill press tables out there have a 2-way attachment function that will allow you to hook it up to any kind of drill press you might have.

  • It should have a good surface that will make woodworking easier

Does it come with a laminated surface? Even the basic ones have a laminated surface but also make sure it has a surface texture that is suitable for the projects you are working on.

  • The clamp mechanism should work without any problems.

Find out how well the clamp mechanism works. Some of the drill presses out there may have difficult-to-use clamp systems. You would want to avoid those. Also make sure the clamp is made from sturdy materials.

  • Be sure to buy one with a good quality and build.

Check the material used for the drill press table. It should be made from a strong composite material that doesn’t get scratched or does not break easily. It is better if it comes with a removable insert so that it protects the main material of the table. The insert can be easily replaced.


The following are the most-recommended drill press tables you can find today:

Now make sure you get the right drill materials to complete your purchase. We have a lot of product reviews and tips that you can use to find the best drill materials for your needs. Do check out our homepage for more information and tips on which ones to spend your money on.