Best Floor Drill Press For Woodworking (2020): Reviews Of Our Favorites

Drilling is not a walk in the park. To get this part of our job done, you need to have the right tool. A drill press gets any drilling work done. When it comes to drill presses, you have two basic options – the floor drill ones and the benchtop versions. If you are looking for the former, you came to the right place.

There are a lot of good options out there when it comes to floor drill presses, so you will never run out of ideal products to buy. But make sure you choose the one that suits your needs and has all the right features that can help you get started in your drilling work.

We made sure you get the best features by checking out all the products out there. Read until the end of this article for our suggestions on which ones to buy.

Benefits of a Floor Drill Press

Why buy a floor drill press, you ask? There are a lot of reasons why you should get a floor drill press but basically, if you work with longer pieces of materials, you definitely need to invest in this one rather than the benchtop version. It can accommodate longer pieces as you have more work area to press.

Additionally, if you work with metals a lot, a benchtop drill might not cut it. Floor drill presses tend to have thicker columns, so they provide more support. You can also drill effortlessly, thanks to the stiffness between the work table and the drill quill. When you are working with heavier materials such as metal, increased stiffness is actually important. That might not be the case for wood but if you also work with metals, you are better off with a floor drill press.

Many experienced woodworkers also say they are able to do so much more with their floor drill press than with their benchtop one. Since you get bigger chucks, have more stability and deeper quill drive, you are able to do more.

The accompaniments of a floor drill press also result to better accuracy. If you are working on projects that tend to be more sensitive when it comes to accuracy, the floor drill press is a better option.

That is not to say you can simply disregard the benchtop drill press. It is still a good option. It just really depends on your particular needs.

Best Floor Drill Press 2020 Reviews

Look no further than the following floor drill presses:

Here are the reasons why we highly recommend these floor drill presses:

1. AmyAmy Floor Drill Press

AmyAmy Floor Drill Press

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There is no need to break the bank to get a decent floor drill press. With this one, you can get all the features you need for drilling without spending so much money. Aside from its great price tag, there are a lot of features it can offer including a copper plug readjustment that ensures precision when drilling holes. There is also a spacing function as well as a transparent pointer for additional accuracy.

You can use its included adapter sleeves if you need to fix the grinder or the drill. It has 4 clamping points and a bottom bracket made from cast iron to ensure stability and security while working.


  • This is one of the most affordable floor drill presses out there.
  • It features 0-90 degree rotatable. If you need to drill slant holes, this should be a good option for you.
  • Base weighs about 4.2 lbs. only.
  • This unit has a cast iron base for more extra stability. The base is heavy enough to prevent the press from wobbling when using it.
  • It drills holes smoothly and easily.
  • Everything feels sturdy. You can tell it is going to last.


  • Some said they wished the clamp is bigger, so it can work with a variety of tools.

2. Generic Lukcase Floor Drill Press

Generic Lukcase Floor Drill Press

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You never have to worry about your drill falling apart at first use because this is designed to last for a long time. Whether you are working with surfaces, rounded pieces or boards, you can be assured that this drill press will serve you well.

Unlike other drill presses with the same caliber, this is actually an affordable choice. It also comes with all the parts and accessories you need in a drill press stand. Get the right press depth as well as accurate drill height with its adjustment features. Now, you can say goodbye to over-drilling risks as you can easily change its drilling position.


  • This drill works with different sizes of drill collars.
  • It is well-built and has a solid base.
  • You can get this drill at an affordable price range.
  • A lot of users were satisfied with its durability.


  • Some said the column tube needs to be a bit sturdier.

3. Shop Fox W1680 1-horsepower 17-inch Floor Model Drill Press

Shop Fox W1680 1-horsepower 17-inch Floor Model Drill Press

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With a motor size and power of 1 HP, this is the floor drill press you can rely on for tougher drilling needs. It is a heavy-duty press that is better for those who need it for their workshop. It is built on a cast iron frame for extra durability. The quick-adjust handles are coated with rubber for easier usage and more resistant to wear and tear.

The 14-inch diameter table can be tilted. With this, you can drill even 90-9 degrees angle. You can also work ergonomically as the table height, angle and rotation can be adjusted with ease.


  • The adjustment features of this floor drill press are some of the best. Since you can adjust the height and the angle, you can find the best position to work on your projects.
  • There is a chuck guard that can protect you in case debris or a moving part come flying your way.
  • You can easily make tool changes with this.
  • Rather than a simple on and off switch, this one has a paddle switch. It is a safer and more convenient way to turn your drill press on and off.
  • It is a powerful floor drill press. You can work on a variety of materials such as wood and metal.


  • Some said they have difficulties aligning this unit.

4. Jet J-2500 15-inch ¾ Horsepower Floor Model Drill Press

Jet J-2500 15-inch ¾ Horsepower Floor Model Drill Press

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You will be hard-pressed to find a floor drill press more ideal than this one. It has a cast iron head that resists damages easily. Get more accurate results, thanks to its large quill.  The head casting has a ball that is lubricated all the time so that you can ensure smoother operations and a longer-lasting drill press.


  • Everything about this floor drill press is well-made. The parts feel sturdy. The steel column has a good diameter as well, so it provides support even when working on heavier wood or metals.
  • The table tilts at 45 degrees. You can get the best position when working on more intricate projects.
  • The base and column are sturdy.
  • It works quietly.
  • Take advantage of its 2-year warranty.
  • Set-up is fairly easy. Even new users were able to get it done easily.
  • There are no risks of a runout with this one.
  • You can adjust the speed setting. Changing the speed is also comparatively easy.


  • This unit can be a bit heavy.

Which One Is the Best Choice for You?

Now which of these recommended floor drill presses is the perfect fit for your needs?

For the Hobbyist: AmyAmy Floor Drill Press. If you are looking for a drill press that should work with a hobby shop or even your home drill pressing needs, get this one. It doesn’t have a lot of upscale features but for its price, it does a good amount of drilling work. It is quite well-made, so you can get more uses out of it.

Great for Small Projects: Generic Lukcase Floor Drill Press. If you don’t really need an expensive floor drill press to work on smaller projects, you should consider getting this one. It is inexpensive enough for people on a tight budget but should still have the features that you can use to work on tougher projects.

Ideal for Heavier Uses: Shop Fox W1680 1-horsepower 17-inch Floor Model Drill Press. If you need to work on multiple projects and you want something more powerful and more reliable, invest on this one. It is more expensive, but it has the capability in drilling tougher materials like metal. It is also durable and stable.

Accurate Results: Jet J-2500 15-inch ¾ Horsepower Floor Model Drill Press. You can rely in this drill press for heavier drilling needs as well. It doesn’t disappoint when it comes to its accuracy. It is made from materials that can last for a long time.

Tips in Buying the Best Floor Drill Press

So, what exactly is it you should look for in a floor drill press? Here are buying tips that might come handy

1. Check if it comes with a depth stop.

A depth stop is a nifty feature that is often found in drill presses that ensures all the openings in your press have the same depth. If you are boring multiple holes and you need to make sure that all these holes have the same depth, this feature is indispensable.

2. Look for one with a horsepower that can provide you with the drilling efficiency you need.

This will largely depend on your needs but for floor drill presses, most people need higher amperage to get the job done effectively. Also, if you need the drill press to use on materials other than wood, you should look for one with more horsepower, so it is capable of cutting through tougher materials like metal. More power also means less stress on the bit part of the drill. This means you can expect your drill to last for a longer period of time.

3. Measure how much space it will occupy.

The downside to floor drill presses is that they usually take up more floor space. To make sure that it isn’t going to occupy more space than needed, check its floor area measurements. Make sure it has just the right size that will seamlessly fit in the space you have allotted for it.

4. Consider weight.

Floor drill presses are undoubtedly going to be heavier than a benchtop drill. However, you can still compare weight and determine which of the ones sold in the market today are lighter. They are easier to move around. In case you need your floor drill press to be more portable, get those that are lighter and are easier to move.

5. Make sure it comes with the accessories you need.

Drill presses typically come with a set of accessories that you will need to get your drilling started. Find out what is included in the kit you are thinking of buying. The accessories you need should be included, so you don’t have to spend more money buying these separately.

In addition to these, you also would want to consider other factors such as price, brand reputation and warranty. Look for a floor drill that is within your budget range but still has the features you are looking for. It is also important to get one from a brand that is trusted by many and has been around for a long time. See to it that it comes with a reasonable warranty that will cover the costs of repair or replacement in case something is wrong with the one you got.

What to Do Next?

Make sure you have the right tools for your woodworking projects. With power tools in tow, you can get the most accurate and precise results. Do check out our homepage for more suggestions on products you can buy as well as buying tips that will help you find what you are looking for.