Best Woodworking Vise Reviews: The Top Grips To Buy

Best Woodworking Vise

Sometimes a clamp just won’t do. Those are the times when the best bench vises for woodworking are able to step up and get the job done. A vise might provide the members of Woodwork Nation with plenty of uses, but there is one rule to follow: size matters. If you pick the right vise today, then you may never need to purchase another one again.

In this article, we’ll help you find the model that you need.

PictureNameOur RatingPrice
Irwin Woodworker's Vise 4.4
Shop Fox D4026 Cabinet Maker's Vise 4.2
Eclipse Quick Release Woodworking Vise 4.6
Yost Rapid Acting Woodworking Vise 4.5
Tekton 6.5-Inch Woodworking Vise 4.4
Wilton Heavy Duty Woodworking Vise 4.8
Bessey H-Style Clamp 4.7
Yost Hobby Woodworking Vise 4.9
Yost LV-4 Home Vise 4.4
Wilton 191 656HD 6-Inch Jaw Width Utility Vise 4.9
PictureNameOur RatingPrice

Best Woodworking Vise 2020 Reviews

1. Irwin

This woodworking vise does exactly what you’d expect a vise to do. It holds things solidly and doesn’t mar your working piece at all. The square body of the vise is nice because it allows you to mount it underneath your workbench so you gain some extra work space. The toe-in jaws make sure that you have a firm grip, while the ability to install wooden cheeks allows you to work on highly sensitive projects. Made from forged iron, this is an affordable investment you’ll want to make.

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2. Shop Fox

If your woodworking takes you into the world of cabinetmaking, then this is the vise that you’re going to want to consider. It is 19.25 inches long, 10.25 inches wide, and features a screw length of 15.5 inches. The vise clamps well without movement and we experienced no drift when using the product. No marring of the working piece occurred either. It is a specific tool that not every woodworker may need, but it does get the job done for cabinets.

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3. Eclipse

This cast iron woodworking vise features a quick-trigger opening, which saves a lot of time when you’re finished with a project. The jaw width is 7 inches, while the throat depth is 3 inches, so some woodworking applications are limited with this particular tool. We do like the adjustable front stop and the fact that safety features, like a fused Tommy bar, have been included within the design of this tool. It weighs 20 pounds, comes in 9-inch or 10-inch variations if you prefer, and is guaranteed to help you with your next project.

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4. Yost

This is a rapid-acting vise that has similar design qualities and features to other models found in this category. We loved that it mounted flush to several different workbenches, while the rapid action lever assists in closing the vise in addition to opening it. The height and width of the vise are both 9 inches, while the overall length is 18 inches. This tool gets all of the basics right, featuring an end stop and buttress thread, so you receive the smooth operation that is demanded by your woodworking.

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5. Tekton

Sometimes you don’t need a massive vise in order to get your work done. This 6.5-inch model features 30,000 PSI of tensile strength through its cast iron construction so it can handle virtually anything. The jaws are predrilled for custom pads, while the steel sliding T-bar handle and guide rails provide a sure experience. It mounts to the face of most workbenches with ease and can hold assembly projects without difficult. It’s the affordable bench vise that every woodworker deserves.

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The best bench vises for woodworking must hold your projects safely and effectively. These are the models that can make that happen for you. Plan out the size that you need, make sure it works with your bench, and then you’ll be ready to have that extra set of hands when you need them the most.

Our Favorite Bench Vises

Our List of the Best Bench Vises for 2019

A vise is a pretty basic tool. It sits on a surface and it holds an item for you. Your goal is equally basic. Find the best vise that will provide the best hold and you’re set. These are the top-rated options that will make sure you can get through each woodworking day with ease.

How to Find the Best Bench Vise for Me

Maybe the bench vise isn’t the first tool that you might purchase for your shop, but it should be. With the right vise, you receive the extra helping hand that you often need to complete a project. Vises have two parallel jaws that hold a workpiece still through the use of a threaded level. It’s a versatile tool that can be used for virtually any DIY task you may need to complete.

Woodworkers tend to require a work-specific vise, so there are a couple of options that you’ll want to look at. A bench vise that is 4-5 inches in size will work for general tasks, but a vise in the range of 6-10 inches can support longer working pieces with more stability.

You’ll also want to look at these following features when shopping for the best bench vises for woodworking.

  • Throat Depth

This measurement comes from the top of the jaws of the vise to the top of the slide below it. When you have a throat depth that is longer, then it allows you to hold larger pieces more securely as well.

  • Weight

Heavier vises will provide your working pieces with better overall support. A heavy vise can also affect the balance of your workbench, so you’ll need to think about what your current setup can support and then find the right balance of weight and stability.

  • Quality

hardware toolsSome vises are made with formed steel. Others almost feel like they’ve been made with plastic. If you’re going to be pounding on your vise, you’ll want to make sure it’s been built to the highest possible quality.

Make sure that you verify the dimensions of your vise before finalizing your purchase. The actual width the jaws will open and the space between them is what you need to know. Sometimes this measurement is taken from the outside instead.

We love all the models we’ve tested, but we think the very best bench vise has to be the Eclipse thanks to its quick trigger opening and excellent safety features.

What will it cost me to buy the Best Bench Vises?

Bench vises can usually be found under the $100 price point. You can find some solid options that are priced for $30-$50 in most circumstances, but the cheaper vises tend to be constructed to meet general needs. Woodworking-specific vises tend to be the most expensive.