Review: Genesis 5-Speed Drill Press

To be honest, the initial first impressions of this drill press were not very favorable. The motor is underpowered compared to most light-duty or hobbyist machines, coming in at 2.6 amps instead of 3.2 amps. It has 5 variable speeds, though the minimum speed is 760 RPM, so it’s slow drilling options are somewhat limited. Yet the Genesis 5-Speed drill press has a table that tilts up to 45 degrees, offers an adjustable depth stop, and features a cast-iron base for extra stability.

It includes a half-inch chuck key and Allen wrench as well.

What Are the RPM Speeds of the Genesis Drill Press?

On most listings, the variable speeds of this Genesis drill press are not published. We decided to measure the RPMs on our own and came up with these results.

  • Minimum RPM: 760.
  • Stage 2 RPM: 1,150.
  • Stage 3 RPM: 1,630.
  • Stage 4 RPM: 2,180.
  • Maximum RPM: 3,070.

It should be noted that the RPM speeds listed here are no-load speeds. It is possible to get the motor to stop if you’re using an RPM that is too low for the materials that are being cut or drilled.

The spindle travel is 2 inches, with a swing of 8 inches, and this is supported by a table that’s a little undersized at 6.25 by 6.25 inches. This all lends to a performance that is quiet and relatively smooth, though the lightweight design does tend to move just a bit when pulling down on the machine. Even if you’ve bolted it to your workbench, there is drift that must be accounted for if you are taking a hard pull on the drill press.

How Effective Is the Adjustable Depth Stop?

We found that adjustable depth stop to stay consistent when working with the Genesis drill press. Unlike some of the other models we looked at, the depth stop did not disengage at any time while using the tool.

We did find that it was a lot easier to use this drill press with smaller bits, even though the 1/2-inch chuck allows you to use larger bits when desired. You receive more consistency with depth using smaller bits compared to larger bits as well. This is likely due to its ability to drill to the center of 8-inch materials.

This drill press is UL-listed and is backed by a manufacturer’s 2-year limited warranty.

Our Recommendation for the Genesis Drill Press

This drill press was able to dramatically improve upon its initial impression, but it isn’t going to compete with most other tools on the market today. It just doesn’t have the power to do so.

For this reason, we would recommend this drill press for light hobbyist work and skill-building. Once you’ve gotten the hang of using a drill press down and can maximize what this tool can do, then you’ll be ready to step up to one of the larger, more powerful drill presses that are available right now.

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