Review: WEN 5-Speed Drill Press

Are you tired of overpriced drill presses that under-perform? Do you want to invest into an affordable drill press that still offers you the features that your woodworking projects require? The WEN 5-speed drill press isn’t the largest tool of its kind on the market today, but it is one of the best drill presses that you’ll be able to find. It includes a 0.5-inch keyed chuck and on-board key storage.

We tested the five variable speeds that are offered by this tool and found the RPM ratings to be accurate. You’ll receive RPM speeds of 740, 1,100, 1,530, 2,100, and 3,140. The spindle travels up to 2 inches as well, complimented by locking linear depth stops that are very easy to read. The end result? Users receive drilling operations that are accurate, consistent, and repeatable.

What Are the Additional Features of the WEN 5-Speed Drill Press?

  • It features a worktable that is 6.5 by 6.5 inches in size. The worktable is also height-adjustable and gave bevel up to 45 degrees in both directions.
  • The induction motor is 1/3 HP strong, giving users just enough torque and power for light- to medium-duty woodworking projects.
  • It has a total swing of 8 inches, supported by the 120v 60 Hz motor.
  • The base is constructed of cast iron, which really helps to prevent the walking that other drill presses tend to do at this price point. Bolt holes are available in the base to mount it to your preferred benchtop as well.

Although this may be the smallest of the drill press options that are offered in the current series manufactured by WEN, it is still a surprisingly strong and versatile tool. It weighs just 36 pounds, is supported by a 2-year limited warranty, and you can still rotate the drill press up to 80 degrees so you can use it off the workbench for longer working pieces as well.

What Could Be Improved with the WEN 5-Speed Drill Press?

We found the actual working depth to be about 4 inches, which is consistent with the 8-inch swing that comes with this particular drill press. Advertised depths of 6 inches or greater are, in our opinion anyway, greatly exaggerated. This makes the tool useful for smaller applications, but can limit the amount of woodworking that you can do.

We also found that drilling through metal with this particular drill press can be a little difficult at times, especially with thicker metals. Thin aluminum did well, especially with titanium drill bits, along with light steel, but anything more than that may require a drill press upgrade.

If you’re just getting into woodworking or you’re looking for a small benchtop drill press to compliment your needs, then the WEN 5-speed drill press will get the job done. It was fun to use and we highly recommend it.

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