Ryobi 9 Band Saw Review

If you are new to woodworking and you are looking for a bandsaw that would not break the bank, you would probably come across this model while you are doing your research.

One of the biggest selling points of this model is the price point, which does not exceed four hundred US dollars.

Besides the reasonable pricing, what makes this model great for people getting into woodworking is the small footprint.

There is much about this product that you probably don’t know. In this Ryobi Band Saw Review, I will explore all the reasons why this product is worth your time and money.

Presenting the Ryobi Bandsaw

This is a great bandsaw to have in your shop for a variety of tasks. It is a Benchtop model sitting on the bench. It has a 2.5-amp powerful motor and 9-inch throat capacity.

This product is fairly easy to assemble after unboxing. You just have to follow the instruction manual and get everything fitted together.

The initial setup of this machine isn’t hard. Again, the instruction manual clearly walks you through how to do these steps.

I was surprised to come across negative reviews about the assembly as well as the power of this tool at the time I was writing this Ryobi Band Saw Review.

As far as quality and long-term use are concerned, this is certainly not a precision-built bandsaw. But the modest price point puts this product at the top of its class.

If you can put up with a few design flaws that may arise as you are using the machine, then you can be a proud owner of a bandsaw that does the job as claimed by the manufacturer.

On the other hand, if you are a professional who will do much more with the machine, I suggest you spend more on a high-end model that will provide failsafe performance and durability.


Features and Benefits

In this part of my Ryobi 9 Band Saw Review, I will explore all the features that make this product great for any woodworker.

2.5-Amp Induction Motor

It features a decent induction motor that has an amperage rating of 2.5 amps, which is great because it can generate speeds of up to 2500 feet per minute.

The motor is also rugged and simple in construction, which means it can be operated in any environmental condition.

Throat Capacity

This is the distance between the blade and the post that connects the lower and upper wheels, which is always somewhat less than the wheel diameter.

A bandsaw’s throat capacity is the maximum width of cut the saw can handle, which is exactly 9 inches for this Ryobi bandsaw.

This cutting capacity is more than enough for general purpose work, such as cutting curves in stock of different thicknesses.

The 9-inch throat capacity is accompanied by a maximum cutting height of 3-5/8 inches at ninety degrees, which is suitable for small workpieces.

Blade Tracking

There is a blade tracking sight window, which is a great feature that allows you to effectively track the blade for greater accuracy.

Well-Built Bandsaw Table

You can’t complain about the quality of the table as long as you use it with the correct workpiece size.

The table also tilts in more than one direction, which is great because it allows you to handle a greater variety of angled cuts, including dovetails. A WEN bandsaw is a good alternative.

It allows for smooth table-tilt adjustment where the table engages the trunnions. You just have to make sure that the table locks securely at any angle without flexing.

Blade Guides

The blade guides of this product are of decent quality because they help keep the blade on track.

They have good guide blocks that provide side support and thrust bearings that stiffen the blade and prevent it from jumping and shifting.

The upper blade guides are connected to a guidepost that adjusts up or down to accommodate different stock thickness.

Ergonomic and User-Friendly Design

This bandsaw has cabinet access handles, which allow for easy access to the wheels in case you want to change the blade.

It also comes with strategically positioned adjustment knobs, which allow for smooth blade alignment. There is also a lock lever for maintaining the alignment of the blade.

General User Impressions

Most users, myself included, were impressed by the inexpensive price point of this bandsaw. It’s easy to get into woodworking with a tight budget when you buy this product.

The Ryobi shipping period is considered one of the fastest by some users, and the product arrived in good shape.

Users who have a small shop or workshop were impressed by the small footprint of this machine. It is compact and perfect for Benchtop operation.

Unboxing and assembly of this bandsaw didn’t seem to be a problem for most users. Most appreciated the instructional manual during the setup of the tool.

Some users complained about the usability of this product, especially when they attempted to cut workpieces that were slightly larger in size.

The one thing I realized about this machine when I was using it is that you are not supposed to overload it in any way. It is mostly suitable for small projects.

The quality of the blades wasn’t a big issue for most users as long as they are fine-tuned, but finding an after-market replacement blade isn’t easy.

Some woodworkers also complained about the lack of a fence, which means you have to either find an after-market fence or make a wooden one on your own.

Our Opinion

Now, it’s time to share my views in this Ryobi 9 Band Saw Review. The most impressive feature of this product is the inexpensive price point, which is suitable for tight budgets.

And besides the pricing what makes this product great for those new to woodworking is the size. Many people don’t have room for a full-sized model.

I really appreciated the four holes on the base of this machine, which made it easy for me to bolt it down to my workbench for ease of use and more stability.

This product is a nine-inch bandsaw, which means you have a nine-inch clearance between the blades to the housing on the left side of the saw.

This throat capacity keeps the saw compact, but it also limits the size of the large boards that you can cut. The cutting height was only 3-5/8 inches at a 90-degree angle.

This particular model operates on a single-speed with a built-in motor that runs the blade at 2500 feet per minute. This speed wasn’t very suitable for some tough woodworking projects.

As for the materials, the bandsaw is mostly made of metal, while the two doors that house the blade are made of plastic. This is common for such a cheap price point. It is also considered as the best metal cutting bandsaw.

But one thing that I wasn’t too crazy about was the plastic blade guide. I did like that it runs on a rugged pinion system, but I didn’t like that it was all plastic.

The bandsaw comes with a decent size table made out of aluminum, which also features a rugged pinion system for tilting the table from zero to forty-five degrees.

It doesn’t have an LED work light for boosting visibility in low light conditions, but it has a blade view window for tracking the blade without opening the door.


  • Good Quality for the Money: It does a sensibly good cutting job for its inexpensive price point. I could cut wood and aluminum with very few challenges.
  • Easy Tracking of the Blade: You do not need to be a professional to be able to track the blade. You can easily do so through the blade track window.
  • Rapid Set Blade Tensioning System: You can easily adjust the tension to increase the effectiveness of a blade that has started to grow dull.
  • Small Footprint: This bandsaw will barely take any space in your shop, which is a good thing for hobbyists who have limited space.
  • Comes with a Durable Dust Port: The dust port allows you to connect a hose for effective dust removal.


  • Does not come with a Fence: This was quite disappointing, considering that most bandsaws are sold with a fence. But I couldn’t complain more because of the cheap price point.
  • Getting a Replacement Blade isn’t Easy: Finding an after-market blade for this bandsaw might be more challenging than you had imagined.
  • Possible to Receive Defective Parts: The first model I received had a deformed base, I had to request for a return and get a new one.


Things to Consider

There are so many bandsaws on the market, but not all of them will be a suitable fit for your application. As such, I would like to point out some important considerations that will help with your search:

Bandsaw Size

Bandsaws are engineered in a variety of sizes. They are classified by the diameter of their flywheels. Benchtop machines, such as the Ryobi have smaller wheel sizes.

The larger the wheel size is, the greater is the distance between the rear housing and the blade. This distance is referred to as the throat depth.

I normally find a large throat depth to be an asset, simply because the bandsaw can cut or saw wider workpieces or deeper curves with ease.

Bandsaw Blade

It does not matter how powerful your bandsaw is, if it does not have a high-quality blade it will not reach its peak performance.

Choosing the ideal after-market bandsaw is a matter of matching the following:

  • The thickness of the blade
  • The width of the blade
  • The number of teeth
  • And the tooth profile

There are three main tooth profiles: skip tooth for re-sawing, hook tooth for general cutting, and standard tooth for tight curves. In general, anyone’s favorite bandsaw blade depends on exactly what you are cutting.

Product FAQs

Does this Bandsaw Have Variable Speed?

No, it only runs on a single blade speed of 2500 feet per minute, which is mainly suitable for working on small workpieces.

Does this Model Take Too Much Floor Space?

This is not a floor-standing model, but a Benchtop. So, it will only take a limited space on your work table. Also, you can choose to bolt it to the table or not.

Is this Model Capable of Re-Sawing Wood?

It has a maximum cutting height of 3-5/8 inches, which isn’t enough for re-sawing. You would need at least five-inches of cutting capacity for re-sawing.

Final Thoughts

I hope our Ryobi Woodworking Band Saw Review has provided you with all that you needed to know about this great woodworking bandsaw.

I had a good experience with this tool. I think it is a great bandsaw, which is perfect for those getting into woodworking with a small budget.

I didn’t have many bad experiences with this product, except for the lack of a fence, the cheaply designed plastic parts, the lack of variable speed, and the difficulty in obtaining a replacement blade.

But I didn’t expect it to be the most satisfactory model on the market, considering how little I spent on it. Overall, this product has good quality for the money.