Wen 3962 Two-Speed Band Saw Review

The Wen Bandsaw cuts like no other tool in your shop can. It helps you repurpose and optimize lumber easily. It is the perfect tool for cutting curves and circles.

Long sweeping curves on your workpiece can create a nice accent or design element. And without the right band saw, this would be a challenge to cut.

Using this bandsaw gives you a bit more control and it reduces the mess because this tool cuts downwards and it pulls the dust below the table.

In this Wen Bandsaw Review I have covered all the features that make this product a good investment.

Presenting the Wen 3962 Bandsaw

In this Wen Bandsaw Review, I would like to insist that this tool is available in three sizes: 9-inch, 10-inch, and 14-inch. But our review covers the 3962 10-inch model.

The 9-inch comes with a 2.8-amp motor and a top speed of 2460 FPM. The 14-inch comes with a 9.5-amp motor and a peak speed of 3280 FPM. The 10-inch comes with a 3.5-amp motor and a peak speed of 2620 FPM.

We will be reviewing the 10-inch model. This is a two-speed woodworking machine, which allows you to run the blade at 1520 feet per minute or 2620 feet per minute.

The variable speed setting is a big advantage, especially for hobbyists and new woodworkers. The two-speed setting allows you to cut a variety of materials.

Furthermore, when you choose the lower speed (1520 feet per minute), you can easily improve the capability of the machine in case it is underpowered.

Another impressive feature that Wen installed is the 6-inch resaw bandsaw. This means you can re-cut up to six inches in a single pass.

When you combine this impressive re-sawing capacity with the remarkably large 9-3/4-inch throat capacity, you can easily attack large workpieces.

In this post, I will be doing a Wen 3962 Two-Speed Band Saw Review, and tell you all that there is to know about the 3962 model.


Features and Benefits

The bandsaw is well-built. When I got it in the package, the entire unit comes assembled except for the table and the stand is not attached to the bottom.

Here is my roundup of all the important features this product comes with:

Small Footprint

The very first thing that I love about this product is the small footprint. I had no issues finding it the appropriate location in my shop.

Also, relocating the machine to a different place in the shop isn’t a big deal. You can easily achieve this on your own.

Two-Speed Setting

The two-speed setting is almost a necessity on this machine as far as I am concerned. A simple cutting job, such as creating curves and circles would need the 1520 feet per minute.

But demanding woodworking, such as re-sawing and cut-off sawing would need the high speed setting (2620 feet per minute).

Variety of Blade Options

This tool uses 72-inch blades, which can vary in size from 1/8-inch to 1/2-inch with respect to the particulars needed.

The original 72-inch blade that came with the bandsaw is engineered to quickly and precisely cut through wood. This blade helps to minimize waste and wood dust by around 30%.

Bevel Cuts from 0 to 45 Degrees

You can easily bevel the 14-1/8-inch by 12-1/2-inch table to an angle of 45 degrees in order to produce angled cuts of up to 6 inches.

Six-Inch Re-Sawing Capacity

This bandsaw comes with a six-inch re-sawing capacity, which is great because it allows you to tackle six-inch thick workpiece with ease.

Packed with All Useful Accessories

This saw comes equipped with:

  • A versatile work-light for illuminating the workpiece
  • A three-in-one dust port for effective dust collection
  • A heavy-duty fence for re-sawing and producing straight cuts
  • A twenty-five-inch stand for elevating the bandsaw

General User Impressions

Most users seem to be impressed by the quality of the frame, which they say is robust, sturdy, and pretty heavy. The heavy part being a concern for hobbyists and first-time users.

Those who are getting into woodworking for the first time really appreciate the re-sawing capacity of the bandsaw. The six-inch re-sawing capacity is just perfect for a novice user.

It appears to be a slightly expensive choice for some users when they compare it to other brands of the same size, such as Rikon 10-inch or Craftsman 10-inch bandsaws.

Most woodworkers appreciate the small footprint of this bandsaw. It doesn’t take much space in the shop, which is great because it doesn’t prevent you from buying other machines.

Re-sawing hobbyists are overly impressed with the generous size of the bandsaw table, and the high-quality fence. In fact, the fence made re-sawing remarkably easier.

As much as I would like to defend the performance of this machine, there are few users who had bad experiences while using the machine.

Some woodworkers claimed that the bandsaw wasn’t capable of re-sawing cabinetry or large pieces of firewood.

Other users had a blade that kept on coming out of alignment, due to bearings and tension flaws. Also, the lack of pressure gauge appeared to be a big deal for some users.

Our Opinion

The very first thing that I would like to mention in this part of our Wen 3962 Two-Speed Band Saw Review is the small footprint and the rigid frame.

It was so easy to get the table mounted and the blade was already installed. I just had to adjust the tension on the top wheel to get the whole thing ready for the job.

This bandsaw runs smoothly because I was able to cut six-inch boards with ease. I was simply ripping the boards down in the middle.

I did have a little side-to-side action with the blade. So, there were times when I couldn’t get a perfectly straight cut. But I think that was partially my fault and I need to work on the type and speed of the blade I am using.

It is one of the most versatile bandsaws I have ever come across. It has a dust port on the backside for dust extraction. The port has three hose sizes (4, 2-3/4, and 1-3/4 inches).

It has a high performing 3.5-amp motor on the back with aluminum cooling sinks on it, which are properly bolted.

I really liked the steel adjustment and angling parts, unlike the plastic parts that come with conventional machines.

It has a very nice LED work-light on it with an on/off switch on the side. The light is highly flexible, I could easily twist it to direct the light where I want it to be.

You will not need an after-market fence with this bandsaw because the one that comes with it is pretty well-made.

It was very easy to move with the side lever, which locks into place once you have positioned the fence on your desired spot.

It has four bolts on the bottom of the table, which make it easy to align the scale with respect to the position of the fence.

My only major concern is the quality of the blade. The blade quality is not long-lasting and you may need a replacement sooner than you may have imagined. Ryobi bandsaw is a direct competitor to WEN bandsaw.


  • Comes Half Assembled Out-of-the-Box: Most of the parts come already assembled, which makes it very easy to set up. It only took me about one hour to completely finish the installation. Also, its small footprint allows for easy installation of the stand.
  • Durable and Versatile Table: The bandsaw table is made of cast-iron table, which is not only durable, but also minimizes vibration when re-sawing. The table is also flat and large enough with a deviation of around 0.003 inches.
  • Comes with Reliable Instructions: One of the things that makes me like Wen products is their instruction manual. It is usually detailed and properly laid-out for easy understanding. Even a novice user can easily make blade adjustments by following the instructions.
  • Creates Good Curves, Circles, and Re-Saw Cuts: I had no issues, creating curves and circles for every project I did with this bandsaw. The re-sawing capacity was impressive for the small workpieces I was working on.


  • Some Parts are Poorly Made: I hate to say this, but I found a broken pin on the flow after a re-sawing session.
  • Poor blade quality: The original blade that comes with saw is a piece of crap as far as quality is concerned. It did make a few good cuts for as long as it lasted, but I had to change it afterwards.


Things to Consider

Choosing the best bandsaw for woodworking requires you to take into consideration a few factors, such as:

Two or Three Wheels

Bandsaws are sized according to their throat capacity, which is the distance between the blade housing that connects the lower and the upper wheels and the blade.

On two-wheel designs, throat capacity is determined by the wheel diameters. On three-wheel designs, the additional wheel is used to increase throat capacity.

While they provide large throat capacity, three-wheel bandsaws place more strain on the blades. You would probably be better off with a two-wheel design.

Bandsaw Blades

This is a very important factor, especially when you want to change the original blade with an after-market model.

The length of the blade varies with respect to the bandsaw machine type as well as specifications. You can determine the ideal length of the blade on the user manual.

The next thing I usually look for is the width of a blade. I use the word width, but it normally comes down to a minimum radius of cut and the maximum capacity the bandsaw can hold.

Therefore, narrow blades are best suited for contour sawing, while wider or maximum blade width are best suited for cut-off sawing and re-sawing.

Product FAQs

Do I Need to Buy a 72-inch Blade or Can it Work with a Slightly Large One?

The 10-inch bandsaw is engineered to work with a 72-inch blade. You shouldn’t buy a larger blade, you may not be able to tension it properly.

Can this Machine Cut 4-Inch Oak?

Definitely it can. I was able to cut through a five-inch oak log to a smaller workpiece with the original blade. But you would need a bi-metal blade for cutting metallic materials.

Do I have to adjust the Blade Guide Bearings every time I Change Blades?

I don’t think it is necessary to adjust them every single time. Not unless it is absolutely crucial to do so, due to poor blade alignment.

Final Thoughts

This is my Wen Bandsaw Review in a nutshell. Everything seems to be quite easy with this product. Whether it is installation, blade change, or adjustments.

In fact, adjustments are the easiest to make because there is a knob for blade alignment on the top wheel. There is also a lock knob that will prevent the blade from coming out of alignment.

Apart from the inability of the blade to retain sharpness, everything on this bandsaw appears to be well-made. If you are interested to know more about bandsaw then read this article on table saw vs band saw.

So, that’s it, my Wen 3962 Two-Speed Band Saw Review. It has proven to be a great little unit. I will do an update review for you in the future to let you know more about its durability.