Best Reciprocating Saw Reviews: Sawzall & Other Brands Compared

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If you are looking for the best reciprocating saw to add to your construction tool essentials, you came to the right place. This hand-held device is indispensable and can offer a variety of benefits to a contractor, avid DIY-er or handyman. Additionally, it also has plenty of uses when it comes to installing HVAC systems, doing plumbing work, demolishing small structures and doing electrical jobs. Think of it as the jack-of-all-trades when it comes to saws.

There are many brands offering the best reciprocating saw. We made the work easier for you by choosing those from reputable and reliable brands and those saws with a lot of helpful features. Read on to find out which products we highly recommend.

Best Reciprocating Saw Reviews

Check out these highly recommended products:

Find out more about the pros and cons of these products:

1. Worx WX550L 20V Axis 2-in-1 Reciprocating Saw

Worx WX550L 20V Axis 2-in-1 Reciprocating Saw

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This is a 2-in-1 saw that works as a reciprocating saw and a jigsaw. It comes with a pivoting head that you can use to convert it to the kind of saw you need in mere seconds. Interestingly, its motor is positioned on the side, thereby reducing chances of slipping or misalignment. You get smooth operations and efficiency all the time.

You can use just about any reciprocating saw or jigsaw blade out there. Replacement is easy to find. It even comes with a blower integrated into the machine to keep dust and dirt away from your work area.


  • This unit can be used as a reciprocating saw and a jigsaw. If you need both tools but don’t have the money or space for both, get this 2-in-1 equipment instead.
  • The positioning of the motor ensures more consistent results. You don’t have to deal with slipping anymore.
  • You can get a lot of power from this unit. Work on different kinds of materials with ease.
  • The built-in dust blower maintains good visibility as it keeps puffs of dust at bay.
  • You can use just about any standard blade.
  • It weighs only 4 lbs. This makes it easier to carry and use.
  • The Max Lithium 20V battery it comes with can be used with other WORX tools that have 20V of energy needs. You can save a lot of money this way.


  • It is a little bit more expensive than other reciprocating saws out there.

2. Tacklife Reciprocating Saw with Rotating Handle

Tacklife Reciprocating Saw with Rotating Handle

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This unit is in the middle when it comes to price range. With its 7 amps of power, you can get most cutting works done. You can also benefit from its variable speed motor feature. It features 0-2,800 strokes/minute and 1-1/8-inch of stroke length. You can control the speed through an easy-to-use trigger. It has been designed in such a way that excess motions are distributed, so you don’t have to deal with a lot of vibrations. It also offers more flexibility, thanks to its rotating handles. It comes with built-in LED lights to let you see better when working in dark conditions. And since this is made from durable materials, you can be assured that its motor will last for a long time.


  • This unit has a variable speed setting that you can easily control through its variable speed trigger.
  • It is easy to control with its rotating handles and good design that prevents too much vibration. The handles can be rotated in three different ways for more flexibility.
  • It comes with a high-impact polyurethane case to store this unit and prevent it from deteriorating easily.
  • This is one well-built reciprocating saw. There is durable protection installed around the motor.
  • It comes with a 6T and a 14T blade, but you can use just about any blade brand in the market.
  • There are also tools included that you can use to replace the blades with ease. There is a pivoting shoe to make an adjustment on the cutting area.
  • Has a light to easily see your work area. It eliminates the shadows that is created when you use work light.


  • There is a customer who said he didn’t like how wobbly the handle is.

3. Black+Decker BDCR20C 20V Max Reciprocating Saw

Black+Decker BDCR20C 20V Max Reciprocating Saw

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Here is another unit that comes with a variable speed setting. There is a trigger you can easily control to change the speed of the saw. Unlike other reciprocating saws out there, you can change the blade of this unit without requiring additional tools. It features a 3000 SPM motor that packs a punch when it comes to power. One interesting thing about this saw is its electric brake that allows users to get a lot of control over their unit.


  • This is a versatile tool that you can use to cut through any kind of material.
  • It is lightweight and easy to maneuver and control.
  • You can use its variable speed trigger to change how fast or how slow the cutting will go.
  • It eliminates the chances of losing control over the saw because of its electric brake.
  • It comes with a 2-year limited warranty.
  • It is a cordless unit that makes use of a lithium ion battery. Many said the battery is long-lasting and can get a lot of cutting work done.


  • There is a customer who said this one shakes a lot.

4. SKIL 9206-02 7.5 Amp Variable Speed Reciprocating Saw

SKIL 9206-02 7.5 Amp Variable Speed Reciprocating Saw

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Get more cutting jobs done with this powerful unit that has 7.5 mps of motor power. Like the previous one, you can also replace its blades without requiring extra tools. The exterior housing of this gear is made from heavy-duty material, so you can be assured of durability and longevity. You can subject it to rough handling without worrying that it will get damaged. Gain more control over extra vibrations with the help of its counterbalance set-up.


  • This is one of the most affordable reciprocating saws out there.
  • The exterior is built to last. You can subject it to abuse and not worry about potential damages.
  • There is a pivoting foot that you can use to get more stability when cutting materials.
  • It works fast and efficiently.
  • You can change the blades without needing more tools.
  • It is a good all-around-tool in the household.


  • Some said it isn’t for bigger carpentry works.

Why You Should Have a Reciprocating Saw

As mentioned above, there are plenty of uses for the reciprocating saw. But here are some of the reasons why you should have one in your tools:

1. It is a portable tool.

Portability is one of its strongest suits. Reciprocating saws come in corded or cordless forms. The cordless ones offer more portability since they run on batteries and there are no cumbersome cord to deal with while working but the corded ones are still compact and lightweight enough to be considered portable. You can easily keep it in your tool box and stash it at the back of your car for effortless transport.

2. It is a versatile tool.

As mentioned earlier, there are plenty of uses for the reciprocating saw. They are flexible enough to cut through different cuts of materials using different motions. You can cut vertically as well as horizontally. This can be used for cutting through plumbing materials or electrical components. It is small enough to make intricate cuts on wood. You can rely on it to make cutting work easier.

3. It offers variable speed settings.

Most of the reciprocating saws you can find today have a variable speed setting feature aided by orbital action function. This allows you to get complete control over your saw, so you can achieve the best results. If there are more difficult cutting patterns you are trying to achieve, change the speed setting, so you can get the results you want.

4. The strokes it can deliver have more depth.

Longer strokes are faster while the shorter ones can be used for making plunge cuts. You can make strokes as long as 1 ¼ inch and as short as ¾ inch.

5. It is convenient to use.

Since you can cut effortlessly into any kind of construction material, a reciprocating saw is basically convenient to use. It is even powerful enough to cut into drywall and bricks.

With these many uses and benefits of a reciprocating saw, you should never go without it.

Which One Should You Get?

All these products are great options but let us help you decide on the best one that suits your needs:

Great for Multiple Projects: Worx WX550L 20V Axis 2-in-1 Reciprocating Saw. Since this saw functions as a reciprocating saw and a jigsaw at the same time, you can do a lot of different projects with this one. You can dispense the need to buy a separate jigsaw, so although this unit costs a lot more money, you are actually essentially saving more by getting 2 tools in one.

Packed with Features: Tacklife Reciprocating Saw with Rotating Handle. This one has a lot of useful features including a variable speed setting and a built-in light to make it easier to see what you are cutting through. All these features are included in a well-built saw that can last for a long time.

Has an Electric Brake: Black+Decker BDCR20C 20V Max Reciprocating Saw. What sets this apart from the others is that it comes with an electric brake, which works well with its variable speed setting. This actually allows you to get more control over your reciprocating saw.

Great for Household Usage: SKIL 9206-02 7.5 Amp Variable Speed Reciprocating Saw. If you only need a saw for household use, this should have the features you need to get the job done. It also has an affordable price tag.

You may also want to add a couple of saw horses to use with your reciprocating saw. You may also want to learn about other types of saws. Check out these roundup reviews:

What to Look For When Buying a Reciprocating Saw

To make sure you are buying the best reciprocating saw, here are some key features you need to look for:


The amp rating of the reciprocating saw will tell you a lot about the depth of its cutting action. If there is a higher amp rating, you usually get more cutting power. If you are cutting through thicker types of materials, it makes sense to get a reciprocating saw with a higher amp.

Variable Speed Setting

Find out if it comes with variable speed feature. Not all reciprocating saws will have this feature. If it does, make sure you check the different speed settings available. It changes the number of strokes the saw can do in just one minute. Which one you should get will depend on the kind of work you are doing. If you need a unit that works faster, go for one with more and higher options for variable speed setting.

Orbital Blade

Find out what orbital movement it offers. This is the one responsible for the saw’s cutting action. The elliptical blade is essential when it comes to making precise cuts on materials such as wood. If you work with wood a lot, make sure you check the orbital blade movement and see if it offers the features you are looking for.


Decided whether to get a corded saw or a cordless one. A corded saw can have a lot of benefits such as not worrying about running out of power source. As long as you have an electrical socket to plug it in, you can use it readily. In the case of cordless units, you need to make sure it has sufficient battery power in order to work well. On the other hand, cordless units are more portable, and they can be used anywhere, even when there isn’t a power source nearby or even if there is a power outage. There are also no cumbersome cord to get in the way of achieving those more intricate cuts.


Another thing you have to consider is the hand grip. Look for a reciprocating saw that features non-slip handles, so they are easier to work with. Make sure the handles are big enough to hold without suffering from hand fatigue. It should be easy to hold and maneuver, so you can get the cuts you want.

These are just some of the features you need to look for. Generally, the more expensive the reciprocating saw, the more features you can get. If you fancy getting one packed with features, be prepared to spend more money.

What’s Next?

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